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See what Maggie accomplished in her first 5 weeks of personal training at reFORM Studios

We know change is hard. We know change is scary. And we know that sometimes we want results YESTERDAY and get impatient with the process necessary to change our health and fitness. Today we want to share a success story of encouragement, hope, and triumph with you! Changing your body and health for the better can be a reality, and can happen sooner that you probably think with a little commitment and some guidance from us. Maggie is a great example- she began training 3 days a week for 30 minutes with us in October, eating better on her own and focusing mindfully on her health, and look what she's accomplished already! aggie weightloss success story personal trainingbody transformation success story personal trainingMaggie is just the latest example of a client working with us to completely reFORM their health, fitness and body image! By the numbers, she lost 8 lbs and 9 inches when these progress pictures were taken, and she's still going strong! She's inspiring others to take the first step after seeing that real change is possible for a real woman, wife and full time employee who has struggled with weight her entire life. If you're not sure where to start, take the first step and come in for a free consultation. We take our clients through fitness programs piece by piece and step by step, so that before you know it the small successes weekly add up to a big overall change in your health and appearance! What are YOU waiting for? You could be our next success story!
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