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Shape up before the Holidays with 2 different small group training classes at reFORM  Studios

halloween candyIf you managed to survive the pumpkins and the candy, but are dreading the pies and cookies and inlaws (oh my!) in the weeks ahead, never fear! reFORM Studios has 2 different small group training class options beginning the week of Nov 5th! Back on the calendar is reBURN: The Aftermath, our HIIT total body blast at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This class is interval-based to get maximum calorie burn while mixing it up and always doing different exercises so you never get bored. You'll be in the capable hands of Heather for 5 weeks, twice a week for 45 minutes! Class is $120 for the series but limited to 8 people. Sign up via email or at the studio today to save your spot! womens boxing glovesAnd also back by popular demand, Eugene 'Bubba' Lloyd is bringing back his special blend of combat fitness, T.K.O. Max! From beginner to advanced, T.K.O. Max at reFORM Studios is a 1-2 punch for those wanting to elevate their fitness journey. Practice and perfect your offense and defensive skills all while torching calories and chiseling your physique. This class will be held on Thursdays at 6:30pm, and runs once a week for 6 weeks beginning on Nov 7th. T.K.O.Max costs $120 for the series. Bubba only has room for 5 though, so save your space now by calling or emailing us! We can't wait for more small group fun to begin here, and help everyone get fit before the holidays arrive! Come do a holiday shape up class with us!

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Send us a suggestion- if we get enough interest we can always add more group training sessions to our schedule! reFORM Studios Personal Training, 1081-B East Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405     843-284-3340

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