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Run faster, Reduce injuries, Race more efficiently with a consultation from YOrun in September.

Looking for help to improve your running or biking? September is your perfect opportunity, and will also be the last month of 2013 that our technical exercise specialist, Ben Yocum of YOrun, will be easily available for consultations. The weather is cooling down and races are heating up! Even if you are just a weekend warrior who wants to make runs easier or make sure your bike is fine tuned for your body, a one-time meeting with one of the professionals we've brought into the studio to offer this level of service may be just what you need to make some easy fixes and improvements in your mechanics. Ben has also worked with Olympians and many competitive athletes, so if you're looking for ways to drop fractions off your splits and really fine-tune your mechanics, he has that expertise. YOrun running mechanics analysis How does YOrun help you fix your running or biking form? Ben uses slow motion video analysis and a special computer program that helps him analyze the physics of how you move, from the angle of your seat on the bike to the distance your feet strike from your center of mass in your runs. He'll show you exactly what you're doing now, and explain some things to improve upon. His running consultations are $80, and bike adjustments and fitting is $100.

How effective is this kind of technical breakdown of your running?

One current client sent this last week: "Today was an awesome day! Either you are a genius or I am just a quick study. My Map My Run wasn't chiming in except on the mile so I didn't have exact time. Only got in 23:12 but I ran 2.59 miles! Avg pace 8:59 which I thought was awesome. Felt good. Worked on not over exaggerating but keeping tall and pulling my knees out front. Good day. I could have run more." -George, Charleston SC.  Another client from last fall posted this comment to YOrun's facebook page: "Many Thanks to Ben Yocum. We started working together in August to improve my running form and efficiency. Just completed a Tough Mudder on Oct. 27th and the training plan and coaching paid off! Went from 10 minute miles to 8 minute miles w/out pain and injury. Highly recommend Ben's knowledge and methods - he rocks! See you at the finish line!" -Derek, Summerville SC.

Contact Ben of YOrun to set up your running consultation or bike fitting

September is the last month he'll be easily available due to his professional coaching commitments, so act now if you want the benefit of a specialist's assessment! Email him or call him at 803-467-9967 today.

Looking for a different type of help with your fitness?

You can always contact us at reFORM Studios for a general (and free!) fitness consultation and assessment with any of our other highly qualified personal trainers. reFORM Studios, 1081-B East Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405   843-284-3340

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