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Is it okay if I give you some of my thought rambles for the week? It’s all health-related, but there’s no cohesive structure. Maybe you won’t be as concerned about this as my inner English major is... i love peanut butter1. I am a peanut butter hoarder. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, but I recently moved into a different office. This necessitated some cleaning and organization, during which time I discovered multiple stashes of peanut butter. I don’t even EAT that much peanut butter, much less while I’m at work because I’d probably get it all over myself. I think my subconscious is preparing for a nuclear winter. 2. My job has really ramped up over the last several weeks, and I remember why I decided the summer would be a good chance to try to get back into the swing of things with nutrition and exercise. My whole day is packed, from the time I get up until the time I get home in the evening. I know to schedule time for eating and exercise, but it’s also a challenge not overloading my calendar. I can’t operate on back-to-back meetings and appointments, so it’s been interesting trying to balance what has to happen for work with what has to NOT happen in order for me to remain sane. 3. Have you ever done an assisted pull-up? reFORM has this contraption that’s a little like a rubber band on steroids. The object is to stretch it to the floor, step into it, and use the elasticity to help lift your weight to the bar. Katrina helped me climb into it, but her assistance didn’t stop my legs from swinging wildly out in front of me while I clung desperately to the bar. We had to pull out my feet and start over again. I’m pretty sure there’s a youtube video somewhere. Alas, my day was not over with after indignity. plank on stability ballI’ve gotten pretty good at planks, so we moved to doing planks on the stability ball. (Search Google images—it’s pretty entertaining to see how happy these women look while they’re doing this exercise. I’m convinced they’re all on drugs.) After two sets, Katrina decided to throw in a “twist.” Do a plank and then slowly move the ball forwards and backwards. I managed to move it forward, but I didn’t manage to stop it. It rolled completely out from under me, sending me into this circus-pose backbend. And my trainer? Rolling on the floor laughing for a solid minute. And I’m totally okay with that, even though I’m convinced she picks these coordination-required moves because she knows I have no coordination. In short, it was an America’s Home Videos sort of workout. That's it, my friends.  Be well, stay safe, and stay away from the rubber band on steroids.  Just a piece of advice from me to you.

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