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This is your brain on exercise... Just Kidding

Laura shares funny tales from week 8 of reFORM School Personal Training

garfield i don't do morningsHave I mentioned I’m not a morning person? I’m not. Sadly, pathetically NOT. And yet I’ve found it necessary on occasion to do some morning exercising because, otherwise, no exercise will happen because of my schedule. When I’m running at 7:15 in the morning, things always feel a little surreal, like I can’t believe I’ve actually motivated myself to get out of bed, get dressed, and get moving. And I think, very literally, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Needless to say, my performance isn’t the best during these early morning forays into healthy land. My pace is a little slow, but I do still manage to get through the entire run. So this past Saturday, when it was in the 70’s and downright cool, you can imagine how much more motivated I was to hit the pavement. It was like magic! I ran a 9-minute mile to start, an unheard of pace for me. “I must have jet packs in my shoes!” I thought this to myself quietly because people in my neighborhood get a little sketched out by other people running around and talking to themselves. It was a great run, and I felt great when I got back to the house. Until I sat down. When I stood back up, my legs felt like lead, and I could really tell that I’d worked a bit harder than normal. As I headed to the shower, I picked my shoes and socks up off the floor, since I’d kicked them off when I got home. The shoes went into the closet. The socks went into the laundry basket. Except the socks didn’t go into the laundry basket. I threw them in the trash. It was not intentional. All my jet pack brain could seem to remember was that the socks were supposed to go somewhere, and the trash can was the first thing I came to. not responsible for lost socksSo let that be a lesson to you, reFormers. After a hard workout, make sure you’re thinking clearly and not tossing out perfectly good items of clothing that are meant to go in the laundry room. Although, I may have just solved the greatest mystery of all time, “What happened to the matching sock?”

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