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Personal Training Program Revelations

Laura shares her observations in week 7 of her reFORM School Personal Training Program.

woman toned arm personal training1. I have biceps and triceps! I mean, clearly they’ve always been there.  They’ve just been hiding. I picked up something heavy-ish in the office the other day, looked at my arm, and did a double-take. Definition! Whoop whoop! 2. Apparently, I’m a salty sweater (“sweater” as in “person who perspires,” not the article of clothing). I assumed all people, like me, sweat a lot when they exercise and that it was salty, often causing eyes to burn during a heavy workout. Yesterday, after a 30-minute reForm workout, I did a bike ride in the “balmy” Charleston weather. Okay, so maybe for a little while I pretended to be Lance Armstrong without the performance enhancing drugs…but overall, I would have called it a moderate workout in some seriously steamy weather. When I got home, I wiped my forehead and came away with a gritty film. Salt. If I had never heard of this phenomenon, I might have freaked out. But being a compulsive Googler, I checked it out and found out than no, not everyone sweats the way I do. Apparently, if you are a big water drinker who doesn’t eat a ton of salt, this is not uncommon. Interesting. 3. When the hair colorist is grilling you on what sort of highlights you’d like and you say “whatever,” you should legit be prepared for “whatever.” My hair is a very interesting assortment of colors right now. 4. I can wear my belt one notch tighter than earlier this summer! Whoop whoop! 5. Linen pants stretch as you wear them throughout the day, so when you’re working out regularly and you put them on in the morning and they fit well, you should be aware that they may not fit by the end of the day. Seriously. Like, I’m typing this at my desk and I’m a little concerned about getting up and walking around. 6. I can run 2.25 miles not only without stopping but while feeling pretty darned good. That’s a lot better than feeling like an elephant is sitting on my chest. In short, it’s been a pretty good week, but I reserve the right to change that opinion if my pants fall off or I turn into a pillar of salt.

Cheer Laura On as she completes her 12 week reFORM School Transformation Program!

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