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No More Diets: A Public Service Plea

Laura reflects on her early years and the 'Diet mentality' in week 6 of reFORM School

More traveling this week, although, this time, with way better food and a lot more exercise. I also had different traveling companions, one of whom was a 9-year-old girl. Confession: I struggled as I watched her eat. Her daily diet is horrific, and I wasn’t in a position to help her make better choices. She equates vegetables and healthy eating with “dieting,” snacks constantly on processed foods, and can’t finish a meal without dessert. She is very overweight, and though her family is bothered by this, nothing is being done to put her on a better path. In short, she’s a health and nutrition disaster in the making. As bad as all of that is, it has an additional level of meaning for me. I see my own childhood reflected in hers, and I can clearly see what her life will look like from a health standpoint. Either her family will allow her to continue eating the way she has eaten her entire life (which will likely result in obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and/or high blood pressure), or something will happen to trigger different and better choices. My life could have easily gone the first route, but in my twenties, I finally figured out what healthy eating really looked like. Moreover, I realized it had to be something far beyond a diet. It had to be a lifestyle choice. But here’s the kicker—making healthy choices is hard, and it’s always going to be hard for me. When you’re brought up in a culture that doesn’t emphasize physical activity and a well-rounded, nutritious diet, it’s difficult—sometimes impossible—to figure out how to live a life that’s completely counter to everything you’ve ever known. One of the most frustrating pieces of my 9-year-old friend’s life is I know that, even if she overcomes the bad habits, she will probably always struggle with her weight, body image issues, and in making consistently healthy decisions. Grown-ups: let’s be done with DIETS. Your body is your life, and it deserves to be treated in a way that will safely carry you to the end of many, many days. Let’s stop passing our insecurities and poor choices down to our children. Instead, let’s give them a gift far greater than fast food, doughnuts, and ice cream. Let’s give them a future full of energy and a healthy relationship with food. We need that sort of life; we deserve that sort of life.

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