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Recently, I came across an excellent blog post on how to decipher those seemingly cryptic nutritional labels. Personally, I went from being absolutely clueless to actually understanding and valuing the information I gained. Before I consciously educated myself on understanding the panels, I used to stare at them and wander off into a world of unicorns and sugary edible rainbows! On a serious note though, as I became more aware about minute things like the ill-effects of refined sugar, excessive sodium intake etc, I started growing more nutrition conscious.

deciphering nutritional labelBeing able to decipher nutritional labels not only helps one decide which product to choose at the grocery but also, helps understand the entire concept of feeding oneself healthy. Honestly, I believe it is true what they say -  Fitness is 50 % exercise and 50 % kitchen-cise! After all if we're gonna bust your butts at the gym, we want the results to be visible and not hide behind our unhealthy diets! Remember, no amount of exercise can out do a bad diet! So here's a link that definitely simplified and helped me understand nutritional labels. Beyond that, ask any questions you have to your trainer, or sign up for a free consultation to pick our brains! Here's to eating healthy, being fit and learning together... Click away -

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