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Work conference proves disaster for healthy plans

Laura shares challenges in week 5 of reFORM School

Quick—I have 20 free minutes! I’m attending a conference this week and came here with the best of intentions. I was confident of being able to find reasonable vegetarian options, since the conference organizers had the foresight to ask us about dietary preferences. Katrina assigned me an easy workout that’s great for small spaces, and I intended to get out and do some running. All of these plans fell apart as soon as I was handed my itinerary. long day at workWithout going into ridiculous detail about the conference, let me say that this one is not typical. I do not get to choose sessions. I’m assigned to them and expected to attend them all. Sadly, they’ve booked us from 8 a.m. until late in the evening, with some activities lasting past 10 p.m. The content is great, but I’m friggin’ exhausted. Faced with the prospect of either working out at 6 a.m. or 11 p.m. with a full day of activities in between, I quickly realized my best-laid plans were going to be difficult to put into action. And my vegetarian options? Lots of bread, cheese, and pasta. Crap. It took a couple days, but we figured out when and how to sneak off to find different food options. But the exercise? It SO hasn’t happened. I keep telling myself that this isn’t the end of the world, and I’ll pick up almost right where I left off when I return to the real world Sunday night. But—I admit—it’s left me a little nervous. I travel a lot for work, including several weeklong trips during the year with similarly packed schedules. This is another one of my life’s realities, and it’s part of the reason why I had difficulty coming up with a regular workout routine on my own. This time is a little different because I already have sessions scheduled next week at reFORM, and I’m dying to get back to my running schedule (as opposed to thinking I will die if I have to run). My only option in this situation is to do the best I can, and sometimes that means having patience until I can get some sense of normalcy back in my life. It also means not letting guilt worm its way in, since that inevitably does more harm than good. In the meantime, I’ve learned some new stuff and made some new friends—all things equally important as making healthy life choices. For now, I’m happy with my secret stash of protein bars to replace the bagels-only breakfasts we have here, and I’m looking forward to stretching my legs on a run next week. Seeing Katrina after a week of not working out? Um…yeah. Totally looking forward to that, too!

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