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Looking at the whole picture on measurement day

Laura shares results from week 4 of reFORM School

hate the scale I despise weighing myself. I mean, I positively loathe it. I have a system, though. It must be first thing in the morning before I’ve had coffee or breakfast. Preferably after I’ve used the bathroom and preferably naked. Yes, people, I’m letting my freak flag fly for you this week. I realize how utterly ridiculous this process is. I realize the multitude of things that can make someone’s weight fluctuate from day to day, but I’ve conducted this ritual for an absurd number of years and it’s a little hard to break the habit now. I was taught to be a slave to the scale from a very young age. The numbers themselves meant more even than the food we put into our bodies. Not surprisingly, this led to some pretty unhealthy dietary habits and self-image issues. And it’s a hard mindset to break. We condition ourselves to believe that one number is healthy while another is not, but that number just can’t encapsulate an entire picture of your health. I don’t typically weigh myself weekly (perhaps because of the elaborate nature of the process), but throughout this summer, I’ve only been discouraged when I did. The thing would not budge, and each time, I could only think about the hours I spend a week working out and running. Granted, I’m to a point where I enjoy it and appreciate the stress relief, but still—the goal is to get myself in better shape. So, you might imagine how thrilled I was when Katrina told me it was time to do my measurements again. So, so excited. grumpy cat excitedInsert face of Grumpy Cat here. Joy of joys, we started with the scale. It was late afternoon and she wouldn’t let me take my clothes off (can’t imagine what the problem with that was). And sure enough, I was only one pound lighter from my original measurements one month earlier. I knew, though, that this wasn’t the end of the story. Earlier in the week, a family member told me I looked like I’d lost weight. Honestly, I was stunned because I’m only noticing subtle differences. My awful response was, “God, I HOPE so!” Also, my partner said my arms were looking more toned (see ya, jiggle!). So, as disappointing as that number on the scale was, I was still hopeful when she whipped out the measuring tape. tape measurement losing inchesThere’s a lot a standard scale doesn’t tell you, and my story was better than I’d imagined. I’ve lost 4 inches people. 4!! That was the total lost from measurements of my chest, waist, arms, and hips. I knew I felt better and that my clothes were looser, and I knew other people were noticing. But if I’d only relied on the scale—as I did from such a young age and as so many of us continue to do—I would have assumed I was imagining things. Thank goodness for muscle! It’s turned my dreary scale progress into a very optimistic picture. It also means that, next time I get to box, I’ll be able to pack more of a punch. But more importantly, it’s also a reminder that our true picture of health cannot be painted by our weight alone and that weight loss doesn’t necessarily equate to a healthier me. Progress—even if it’s not the progress you imagined—is still progress.

Cheer Laura on as the continues the next 8 weeks of reFORM School Personal Training and Transformation program

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