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New Small Group Training: The Aftermath Workouts

reFORM Studios offering shorter, more intense small group classes

small group training workoutsLooking for a way to heat up your workouts but pressed for time? reFORM Studios is changing up the format of it's Tuesday/Thursday small group bootcamp workouts to bring you reBURN: The Aftermath! Join professional trainer Joey Mailley for this new class, beginning Tuesday, July 23rd at either 6:30am or 6pm for this new workout designed to maximize fat loss.

The Aftermath: What it is

  • 30-45 minutes small group class, 5-8 people
  • workouts fueled with speed and intensity, a fast track to weight loss
  • featuring exciting, fast movements, functional training, and plyometrics
  • movements generating explosive power, from sprinting to snapping a fly swatter
  • a lot of buddy training exercises and partner work
  • 5 week class, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 sessions for $12 per class
Whether you want to start your day off with a great burn, or hit it hard after a long stressful day of work to sweat it out, reBURN: The Aftermath is a great workout. We must have a minimum of 5 people registered for the 5 week period to offer classes, so share with your friends and make sure to sign up today by calling or coming by the studio! [caption id="attachment_1392" align="alignleft" width="300"]reBURN the Aftermath Workout Amy and Marissa experiencing The Aftermath[/caption] After a sneak preview, client Amy shared, "That workout was rough! Sill smiling tho!" You can expect to work hard, but have fun with reBURN: The Aftermath workouts. See how much you can burn in 5 weeks of our new small group classes!   Email Joey or call the studio to register at 843-284-3340.

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