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Finding an exercise enjoyable: Boxing

Laura discovers boxing in week 3 of reFORM School training

womens boxing gloves Attention, people! I have discovered that I like boxing. I'm not sure how good I am (after all, I almost knocked my own self down a couple times), but you should be aware of this discovery should you choose to mug me in a dark, downtown Charleston alley. That's assuming you recognize me based on these blog posts. Which you won't. But I digress... I always rolled my eyes at people when they said that one of the secrets to exercise is finding something you enjoy. I tried yoga. It's supposed to be soothing and stuff, but all I ever did was fall over during Warrior III. Oh yeah...I also thought about what I was going to have for dinner. It would have all been very effective if the goal had been to come home with bruises and a head full of menus. I'm shocked I didn't suffer a spinal injury during my first and only aikido class. Despite the fact that I really enjoy biking, I managed to fracture my leg while doing so. (Sadly, I was at a standstill, waiting for a stoplight to turn green, but still....I'm not sure cycling is the healthiest choice for me.) I can't stop running, but I can't say I'm a fan. (What twisted part of me doesn't like running but has a hard time going a day without at least a jog?) I have a couple predispositions that make exercise challenging for me: I don't really like it, in general, and I'm the world's biggest freakin' klutz. What I DO have is a willingness to try new things. And honestly, I guess somewhere deep in the pit of my ungraceful little heart, I do believe that almost anyone can find some form of exercise they enjoy. Granted, it helps if you can also do that exercise without ending up in the hospital, but perhaps beggars can't be choosers. So, thanks Katrina and reFORM for introducing me to a form of exercise that, just last week in a conversation with a friend, I was talking about and said, "That's ridiculous and SO doesn't sound like something I'd like. I teach NONVIOLENCE!" I hereby retract that statement, but if I ended up accidentally punching myself or someone else in the nose, well...don't say I didn't warn you.

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