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Laura shares lessons from Rainy Days in week 2 of reFORM School

charleston rain floodingI initially signed on with reFORM because I wanted a little more structure and accountability when it comes to exercise. After all, I do better when I plan my meals and schedule blocks of time for exercise. So last week, when the heavens opened up during high tide, I thought, “Self, you should probably leave early.” I thought an hour would be sufficient, maybe even overkill. An hour-and-a-half later, I dragged myself, wet and muddy, back to my office to wait out the water and traffic. Those of you who have ever been caught in a torrential Charleston rain will probably not be surprised that I never made it further than several blocks away from my office. I was so bummed! I HATE having my workout schedule interrupted, but this was certainly not the first time it’s happened. I hate early morning cardio, but there are days when I’ve had to be up and running earlier than I’d like because I knew there would be no time later. There have been several times lately when I’ve had to pass up social events because I had to get a workout in. No worries—my life is still full of friends and outings and fun, but I have gotten more committed to blocking out time just for me. And here’s the reality of the situation: in August, my schedule is going to go right back to the crazy, go-go-go it always is for most of the year. My best workout intentions are going to get sidetracked, so the day of my cancelled workout session was a great lesson for me. What do you do when the weather/work/school/family/life derails the best of intentions? Katrina emailed me a 30-minute workout that required minimal space and no equipment. She promised it would be fun, but clearly we need to have a talk about how we define “fun.” What it WAS was CHALLENGING, and to some degree, I DO find that fun. On that rainy afternoon, I locked myself in my office, cranked up my music, and got my workout in. It was awesome (if not a tiny bit painful)! I sweated to death and never moved outside of the 5 feet of free space just in front of my desk. When I finished, I packed up, walked to my car, and effortlessly drove home. My moral of the week? Scheduling is great and sometimes necessary for me, but adaptability is probably even more important. There have definitely been stretches of my life where it felt impossible for me to find the time or space to exercise, but I’m not sure that’s ever truly been the case. It might take some help to figure out a plan, but it’s definitely possible. Certainly more possible than driving through downtown during a high tide downpour…

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