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Guest blogger Laura recaps Week 1 of reFORM School Personal Training program

weight liftingOnce upon a time, a young twenty-something spent three days each week in the gym. She was heavily outnumbered by men who made themselves look absolutely ridiculous by trying to bench press far too much weight, causing them to grunt and carry-on, but it made them feel macho. The young twenty-something…okay….we’re talking about me…was particularly thrilled when the macho guys offered to pick up something heavy for her, and she could politely say “no, thank you” while quickly sliding weights on and off the weight bar all by herself. Cut to now. I cannot lie: my first real workout with Katrina was painful. We worked on biceps and I don’t know what else, because all I could feel were my biceps. I couldn’t even completely straighten my right arm for a couple days. I whimpered and whined. My friends laughed. It wasn’t pretty. The next time I went back to reFORM, Katrina asked me how I was feeling. At this point, I still couldn’t straighten my arm. I don’t remember how I responded. It might have contained an expletive. Katrina recommended a light run the next morning to (and I quote) “alleviate the aftermath” of my upcoming leg workout. I’m pretty sure I looked appalled. I took up running again shortly before finding my way to reFORM, and I’m so grateful for that. The leg workout wasn’t bad at all. Challenging? Yes. (Because I don’t want you to think you were too easy on me.) But breaking in my major running muscles before beginning training helped me out in the short term. My arms, however, had lifted nothing heavier than a full grocery bag in quite awhile. I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’ve found a rhythm that has me craving my daily workout, whether it’s strength training, running, or cycling. In my days, weeks, and months of ultimate laziness, I forgot what it felt like to NEED to exercise, but now that I’ve found it again, it’s gratifying. And I’m relieved. I never want to go so many years again without a regular exercise routine, but it’s comforting to know that it’s not an impossible thing to get back once you put it aside.

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