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Minor Injury and Pain Management Seminar

YOrun/reFORM Studios are offering a pain management seminar to discuss common exercise-related aches and pains, prevention and treatment.

pain management seminarAre you a weekend warrior that suffers from overuse aches and pains? Not sure if a nagging pain you experience when working out is normal, treatable, or preventable? Join us for a Minor Injury and Pain Management Seminar, hosted by reFORM Studios and presented by Coach Yocum of YOrun, on Wednesday, June 26th at 6:30pm. This learn by doing session will teach some basic techniques for managing those nagging aches and pains we all experience from over use, going just a little too hard, moments of clumsiness, etc. We'll discuss some basics on injury prevention, but the vast majority of this 1 hour pain management seminar will cover: How and when to use ice, heat, compression, self-massage, stretching; how to use a cardio workout to reduce soreness; proper exercise technique and the value of complete warmups, and so much more. Cost to attend this Pain Management Seminar is $15 if you RSVP online below or in person at reFORM Studios,  or $25 at the door the day of the event. Join the Facebook Event to submit any questions you'd like to have answered at the Pain Management Seminar on June 26th. Register Here:
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