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Introducing Scott, winner of the reFORM and WIN weight loss challenge at the local Piggly Wiggly

SScott local BIggest loser winerCongratulations to Scott Sauls of the North Charleston Piggly Wiggly for winning the Piggly Wiggly reFORM and Win challenge! Scott lost 12.7% of his body weight in just 12 weeks, reached his goal for the challenge, AND won $1450 in the process as part of the reFORM and WIN Contest!

How did he do it?

When we asked Scott how he succeeded in the contest, he said these key points were critical to his success. Scott's tips for success:
  • Mind Over Matter. Keeping a positive mindset and making conscious choices helped him daily.
  • Do something everyday to keep active. Even if it was a small amount of time, daily movement and developing the habit of moving helped him lose steadily.
  • Eat the right foods. Food selection was more important than calories, and planning ahead made it easier to make sure he ate healthy food rather than convenience foods like the 'Vending Machine Cuisine.'
  • Control Portions. Learning and then following appropriate portions makes a difference.
  • Used a trainer for accountability. Scott met weekly with Tina to add resistance training into his routine and boost his metabolism and energy, and plans to continue training until he reaches his next milestone of 100lbs lost.
Congratulations to Scott, and to the other participants of the local contest, who collectively lost 138.5lbs in 12 weeks of the reFORM and Win Challenge! To learn more about the reFORM and Win corporate wellness program offering, check out our page here, and if you'd like to organize your own contest among friends,  family or coworkers, contact us today!

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