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New Years Resolution fitness training2013 is just around the corner! We know many of you may be considering a fitness or health goal for your New Years Resolution in 2013, and we also know just how tough some of those resolutions can be to stick to without a little help. The team at reFORM Studios wants to help you stick to your health resolutions this year, and so we're offering a special for those of you ready to commit to reaching your goals, with our help!

Get your 13th week of personal training FREE in 2013!

Commit to a 12 week training plan with one of us here at the studio by January 4th, and we'll add your 13th week for FREE, plus give you a free reFORMED t-shirt! What can you accomplish in 12 weeks? Here's a sample of what some of our reFORMers have achieved:
  • Dropped two dress sizes (size 14 down to size 10)
  • Run their first 5k or 10k (thinking about the bridge run?)
  • Impressed their doctor with improved cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure measurements.
  • Transformed from slightly 'fluffy' to lean and toned!
If any of these ideas sounds like your 2013 reSOLUTION, then take advantage of our 13th Week Free offer by January 4th!  Come visit us at the studio, or call us to set up a consultation to talk about your 2013 reSOLUTION and how the reFORM Team can help you get there! Call us at 843-284-3340 to get started. We're excited about 2013 and the possibilities for our reFORM family! Looking forward to celebrating your success.

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