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Happy Holidays from the reFORM Studios Personal Training team

We offer a few healthy holiday tips for you this busy season.

'Tis the season... for rushing around, crowded shopping trips, lines at the post office, and an endless list of holiday parties, socials and events added to your already chock-full calendar! For many of us, as much as we enjoy the holidays and time with friends and family, its a very stressful time of year. The reFORM studios team of personal trainers wanted to offer a few healthy holiday tips for maintaining your health (and sanity!) this busy holiday season.
  1. Take 5-10 minutes to yourself every day for quiet time. Just breathe, relax, sip a cup of hot tea or meditate and escape the madness for a few minutes.
  2. Make the most of your running around- speed walking the stores can be a mini exercise if gym time is in short supply! (PS- we still have a free bootcamp Saturday the 22nd and 29th at 10am if you need to get out of the house!)
  3. Eat before holiday parties, so you can have a nibble or two without attacking the buffet and overdoing it on the unhealthy treats.
  4. Keep a few healthy snacks on you, in your purse, car of office, to tide you over when surprises pop up.
  5. Refocus on the message of the holidays, and give thanks for the positive elements in your life. This will make it easier to deal with the unfortunate occurrences of hectic holidays, like people cutting in line or aggravating traffic.
  6. Laugh! Find something fun or humorous every day, it helps keep your spirits up and blood pressure down!
We had a little fun ourselves this past weekend- take a peek! Wishing you the best for the holidays, and we hope to see you at the studio for a workout soon! reFORM Studios personal trainers jumpingreFORm Studios personal trainers humor

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