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12 Week Weight loss Contest and Wellness Program

weight loss challenge and contestAre you ready to Lose It in 2013 and reFORM and WIN?! reFORM Studios is offering a special weight loss challenge and contest to the Charleston area. If you've been wishing you had the motivation or opportunity to compete in a Biggest Loser-style challenge to finally get some weight off, reFORM and WIN is your chance, and 2013 is your year! If your employer is not participating in our program, we invite you to join as an individual and challenge yourself to drop some extra weight in our 12 week contest! Here's how it works:
  • reFORM and Win begins the week of January 14th
  • The contest costs $100 to participate for the entire 12 weeks
  • You get lifestyle and stress management tips, motivation, nutrition, and exercise plans weekly via email
  • You must come get measured and weighed in weekly at the studio
  • There will be free and discounted fitness offerings, education, prizes and incentives along the way for your activity and progress.
  • Complete the 12 week challenge and receive a free t-shirt
  • Grand prize winner, based on percentage of body weight lost, will receive a Cash Prize equal to 50% of all participants entry fees! If 20 people are competing, the prize is $1000! If 50 compete... $2500!!!
It's that simple! All you have to do is come by the studio to sign up and pay the entry fee, recruit some friends to enter the challenge with you and increase the potential prize winnings, and get set for 12 weeks of healthy, fun weight loss with the support of the reFORM Studios team! Want to organize a workplace reFORM and WIN contest? Contact us to get your employer on board and make reFORM and WIN part of your workplace wellness program! Get excited, you too can reFORM and WIN!

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