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New small group training begins soon- Combat Specific Instruction

Mixed Martial Arts 6 week course planned

combat specific instruction training kickboxingJoin us for an exciting new small group training offering at reFORM Studios personal training! Our newest resident fitness expert and certified kickboxing instructor, Eugene Lloyd, has an extensive background in different styles of combative training, including boxing, kickboxing, and self-defense.

Join us for a preview of this new class on Friday, December 14th!

Reserve a space in a half hour preview class at either 5pm or 5:30pm. Email us today to reserve your space- participation is limited! The Combat Specific Instruction (C.S.I.) Series will run as a 6 week course, with once a week hour long workouts. The focus is to condition you for combative arts in a fun/intense atmosphere along with teaching proper technique and safety. Classes will have 4-6 participants on a reservation basis. The series costs $120 for 6 weeks of instruction, and will begin in January. Curious? Try the sample class, and reserve you space now for the series which begins in 2013! Gift certificates also available for this series, inquire at the studio.

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