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Rebecca recaps week 4 of reFORM School

After getting back on track after my stomach bug, I got attacked with seasonal allergies this week! I never get sick and I'm so frustrated that this keeps happening during my ReFORM School!  I think everyone is catching a cold or allergies, so at least I'm not alone and sweating out some of the toxins will hopefully help release some sort of sickness from my body.  It makes me feel better anyway. running legs 5kSince we're heading into the holiday season, I have a lot of travel coming up to NC to see my husband's family.  His sister suggested we sign up for a 5k she's running in a few weeks.  I am not a runner.  I have never been a runner. My husband and his sister are avid runners, basically going almost every day for a run.  I have always been a fast walker, but when I try to jog/run, I have this burning sensation in my chest, my ears hurt, I'm puttering along and after about 1/2 a mile I feel as though I'm going to collapse.  I actually would like to be a runner, so I have decided to start trying to jog more with my walks, especially since I have a goal to reach with this upcoming 5k. I have also signed up for the running clinic ReFORM is having on Tuesday. I am hoping to gain some insight on what I may be doing wrong and what can be fixed to make the running process for me more enjoyable.  I am proud of myself that yesterday I jogged for the longest I've ever jogged without stopping!  All of my other working out with my trainer,  Tina, has gotten me stronger and stronger!  

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