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Shelley shows off the success from her personal training program in reFORM School

[caption id="attachment_852" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Shelleys after photos showing personal training success Shelley 'after' in her 'before' jeans! Photos by Samantha Stone[/caption] Our first reFORM School participants were treated to some great photo shoots after the completion of their 12 week personal training programs, to showcase how far they've come and as a fun reward! Photographer Samantha Stone captured some great shots of Shelley at the studio, including this one where she is wearing the jeans from before she began the program. When she showed us how many inches she had extra in those old jeans, she exclaimed in partial amazement, "you could fit a small person in there!" Congratulations to Shelley on reaching her goals and making major improvements in both fitness and a healthier lifestyle. She's looking great, and inspiring others with her success and candid blogging as part of reFORM School. Ready for a fun after photo of your own? Come in today (yes, why wait?!) for your free consultation to see what programs we offer might help you see success.

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