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My workout with Tina on Wednesday wasn't my best. In fact, she just had me lifting weights and I had to keep breaking because I felt really nauseous during the entire workout. I thought for sure it was my Crohn's Disease acting up, but instead, it ended up being a horrible stomach bug. I lost 4 and a half pounds of water weight in one day from being sick, which was not fun at all! Luckily, I had a day of rest before I had to train with Tina again. I was still feeling icky, but went to work out anyway and was so glad I went and I don't feel like I wasted the week! As I was leaving, I saw all of the past ReFORM School participants celebrating the end of their 12 week programs. It was so motivating to see all of the other participants that stuck with it and had success with the program! It made me wonder what I would look like at the end of my 12 weeks! I've regained my strength and hydrated to feel so much better. My core is still somewhat sore and unfortunately it does take longer for me to get over "bugs" because of my Crohn's Disease and having a weaker immune system. It was a challenging week, but I know that I can make up for it by working harder next week. My goals are to start eating cleaner, I need to make a conscience effort to not eat junk! I also need to step up my cardio throughout the week when I'm not working out with Tina. The before and after photos of the other previous participants have me motivated to keep moving, keep eating better and keep getting stronger & healthier each day! Here's to week 4!!

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