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Rebecca recaps Week 2 of her reFORM School 12 Week training program

When week 2 started, I was motivated because at the end of the week, my husband and I were going on vacation to the mountains!  I can tell that I am getting better than I was last week. During the first week, Tina had me try a plank, mountain climbers and a move where you "swing your feet" and I couldn't even do it!  This week? I did it!!! I was so surprised and proud of myself! Diet has still been a challenge for me.  I have a major sweet tooth, especially at night while I'm watching tv.  I've really tried to write everything down and that is helping.  A friend of mine does little mini exercises during the commercial breaks of her favorite tv shows and I think I might try that to keep my mind off of eating sweets. My vacation to the mountains was a great break from my normal routine.  My husband and I tried fly fishing and went hiking in the mountains.  I lived in Boone, NC for 4 years going to school and never went hiking while I was there, but now it's so much fun! I can't believe I'm already heading into week 3!  Time is going by so quickly!

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