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Shelley Completes Week 11, Heads for the HomeStretch

wearing smaller sizes"Lots of good things happened this week.  I got my dress back from the seamstress and it looks great! The pockets are gone and now there is just a smooth seam where there used to be bulge. I look so different in the dress now than when I started! I am down about 9 pounds and I definitely feel great. So great in fact that I went for my long run this week. It went very well! I did have a little soreness in my knee, but nothing some ice can’t fix! It’s so much better than my hip joint and knee pain that would last for days! I’m going to continue to work on my exercises and stretches to help my body adjust to long runs. I’m working my way up to running 10 miles before the half marathon. I’m going to give myself this week to continue to increase my short runs as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to reach that 10 pound mark. I can definitely tell I am down a size in all my clothes. I’m wearing jeans I haven’t been able to comfortably wear in over 6 months! It’s such a great feeling to reform your body for a better you. I’ve already picked out my next goal piece of clothing that’s about a size smaller than I am now. I can’t wait to get started!" Make plans now to come and celebrate Shelley's accomplishments as part of reFORM School on Friday, October 26th at 6:30pm at the studio! RSVP to our Facebook event, and help us congratulate her on all her hard work. PS- you can start your own 12 week transformation with us! Call to set up a complimentary assessment and let us put together a program to help you reFORM. 843-284-3340

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