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Rebecca recaps Week 1 of her reFORM School Program

"I was so ready to get started with my first week at reFORM school with my personal trainer, Tina Arnold.  I officially started on Thursday, October 4th and I found my first week to be challenging and exciting. My first day was just an assessment of what I can already do, so Tina knew how in or out of shape I am. I have to say, when she told me to do a push up (no girlie push ups here), I nearly collapsed on the floor after doing about 7 "half" push ups.  I gave it all I had and didn't give up, but I had to keep reminding myself you have to start somewhere! The next morning, my arms, legs, abs, and butt were so sore, but I had to go in for a real workout that evening. In the rest of my first week, I got to try some boxing with pink gloves, which I absolutely loved!  I got to work out with kettlebells for the first time and quite enjoyed that as well!  The best part is, the thirty minutes goes by so quickly so even if I hate doing something (ahem, I'm talking to you - burpees & pushups), I can handle it and give it everything I have in that moment. Rebeccas new shoesI have been trying to keep up with doing my cardio work outs during the week at home when I'm not working out at reFORM or doing pilates.  Since my old tennis shoes were hurting my feet, I treated myself to a new pair of Brooks for my first official week of sticking to  the program. I also finally took my before photos and while I'm super embarrassed to share them with you, it's just the start of my journey and I plan on having amazing afters to share with you that I will be proud of! before photos personal training Look out week #2!" Ready to start a transformation of your own? Even if your personal goals are different than Rebecca, so much can change in 12 weeks! We're still accepting reFORM School participants! Call us today to discuss your goals and see if this is the program you've been looking for! 843-284-3340  

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