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Reaching a goal doesn't mean you have to quit

Marie reassesses her progress and goals as her reFORM School program wraps up

"As I’ve gotten closer to the end of the 12-week program I’ve realized I’m not done. So this past week I spent time thinking about my next goal, my next move, and what else I can do to further my progress. I would like to lose more inches and 11 pounds in the months leading up to 2013. As I see the numbers on the scale go down it makes me feel like I can go even further. My current goal of wearing my size 10 pants is just around the corner. I tried them on and the button works. My butt looks great in them. I need to lose about a quarter inch to half inch in the waist and it will be perfect! So my next clothing goal centers on a pair of holiday pajama pants that I have never worn. (I let my sister wear them recently since it was the only thing I had that would fit her.) reindeer pajama pantsLast Christmas I went shopping with my great friends Dana and Casey in Myrtle Beach. I found the cutest pajama pants in Old Navy, but I couldn’t find my size. They didn’t have them online anymore. I found them in Charleston, but not in my 2011 size. I love pajama pants and I wanted this pair. I ended up buying them a size smaller and decided this pair would be worn during the 2012 holiday season. I’m getting so close. In order to make this happen I plan to pair up with my friend, Debbie, and participate in buddy workouts led by Katrina. Debbie inspired me to try the whole running thing with the C25K App. I am in awe of Debbie’s strong spirit and I enjoy her company so I think we’ll be good for each other. We’ll be a cheerleader for each other! I know I have a lot of work ahead of me and it’s so important to surround myself with those with similar goals! Bring on the 2012 holiday season!" Come celebrate Marie's completion of reFORM School with us on October 26th and witness her addition to our wall of fame, as well as the unveiling of her progress photos! Congrats on your amazing work Marie, we look forward to helping you reach your next goal!

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