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Shelley progresses in spite of setbacks

Shelley recounts week 9 of reFORM School

no pain"This week I have mentally really wanted to work out hard core, but my body had other plans. Last week after my long run I noticed that I was sore in my right hip joint for almost two days. I tried to rest it, work on some exercises/stretches to help, and wait a while before running again. I was able to do a couple short runs during the week, but on Saturday my body said "enough!" While attempting to run a 10 mile run on Saturday morning, I started having some pain in my hip joint that just kept getting worse. Since the pain prevented me from running, I decided that I should not go to the boot camp later that day. I was really counting on burning extra calories that day with working out twice, but I knew if I pushed myself too much it would cause more problems long term. I was feeling a little bit defeated, but that was before I got on the scale. Even with some set backs in working out, I was strict enough with my diet and got in enough short exercises that I lost two pounds! running girlIt just goes to show you that even if things don't go according to plan, if you work hard in every way you can then you will still see results. I feel great after resting up with week and I'm ready to hit the ground running...literally!!!"   Cheer on her final few weeks with some positive comments, and plan to join us to celebrate the completion of Summer's reFORM School Program on October 26th!

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