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October Referral Perks offered

Yes, its true, referrals are a business's best friend! So in preparation for the coming holiday season, we're getting a head start by giving thanks (and a whole bunch of perks and free sessions) to you and your friends! In October, we're giving everyone who you refer to us 1 Free Session with no strings attached. This is our way to give thanks for your trust in us, and give you props for being so generous that you'd like us to treat your friends to a free workout :) No sense keeping a good thing secret, right? For you- If you refer 10 friends to us this month, regardless of whether or not they come visit us, we'll thank you with a free e-book of some of our favorite recipes! If your friends decide they like us as much as you do, and join us for some additional workouts this month, you'll get a free session for every friend who joins the reFORM Family! And we'll be keeping tally this entire month of who is helping us spread the word and inviting friends in for free workouts (bringing friends to Saturday bootcamps counts!), so we're also giving away a nice big thank you at the end of the month for our top referrer, regardless of how many of your friends make it in to visit this month. And this is in the form of a Massage Gift Certificate for you! So let the October Referral-palooza begin- on your next visit ask for a referral form and let us treat your friends to some great workouts!  

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