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In week 4, Marie faced some tough challenges as her schedule completely changed when school started back up. We checked back in to see how she managed to combat some of these challenges in week 5 of her reFORM School transformation training program.

Marie bounced back from the challenges of week 4 with a great week 5 of training

"During week 5 I made it to the gym for cardio once, saw Katrina 4 times, and went for 2 long walks in my neighborhood. I was less grumpy, made sure to drink lots of water, and went to bed on time. The second week of being back to work was much more bearable. However, I did ask Katrina to ignore my exterior appearance because I was in fact very happy to be at the studio. capri jeansI wore my size 12 jean capris a few more times during week 5.  I wore them around the house every chance I got. I don’t think I washed them until a stain appeared. Wearing my jean capri pants to the first “Jeans Friday” at work is one of my short-term goals. Some where during week 5 I realized the color of these circa 2007 jean capris might be outdated.  I really didn’t want to buy a new pair of pants just yet, but I felt the pair I owned was seriously in need of being replaced.  I found a pair on sale at the outlets and I had a coupon so it was meant to be. During week 5 I had to deal with guilt about leaving work at 3. It’s partially why I only made it to the gym once. In years past my car was one of the last cars in the parking lot and now I have to be one of the first to leave. My evening schedule depends on me leaving at 3. I am used to putting work first. I thought I had worked through this concept with myself over the summer. I’d already decided to put me first and yet I still felt the guilt of leaving work on time. Seeing a full parking lot as I drove away was strange.  My motivation for week 6 is fueled by the compliments from the sweet women at work that have noticed how much weight I’ve lost so far. My goal for week 6 is to leave work when I am supposed to in order to make it to the gym on time! I will be wearing my updated jean capri pants on Friday. Bring on week 6!" To read more about Marie's goals and progress, visit her reFORM School Profile, and be sure to cheer her on with comments of support!

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