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Shelley celebrates small victories in Week 4 of reFORM School training

plate of great healthy food at the potluck"I have had some major wins this week!! I got two of my closest friends involved in the healthy potluck at reFORM Studios this past Friday. It was awesome to see how excited they were to come up with healthy dishes to bring to the potluck. They really enjoyed trying new and different foods that they probably never would have fixed themselves. I was a little hesitant to ask them at first just because it’s a big change to what we normally do when we get together. It just goes to show you that when you ask people to step out of their comfort zone to support you and your commitment to a healthy life, they will surprise you! Not only did I expose my good friends to healthy eating, I was able to get my boyfriend to participate in exercise. You may think this is really no big deal, but getting him to do any type of physical activity is a major win! I know that I’m making him sound like a couch potato, but actually he is the exact opposite. His job includes manual labor, so at the end of the day the last thing he wants to do is exercise. I convinced him to go on a mile jog with me, which is a huge step in the right direction. My own personal win is completing my long run for the week. I have been training for a half marathon for about two months. It started out with short, frequent runs throughout the week. But lately, I should be running from 5 to 8 miles each week. I have missed the last couple of weeks of long runs do to prior commitments and having company in town. But this week I decided that I would have to recommit to my decision to run a half marathon. I got up at 530am on Saturday morning and ran my first 5 mile run for the month of August. I know I have a long way to go to reach all of my goals, but this week definitely helped me get back on track to completing my goals. I can’t wait to continue having more wins every week!" Read more about Shelley's reFORM School Transformation journey here, and also follow our other participants weekly as they report back on their progress and challenges!

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