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Join our Health Talk Saturday August 18th

spine and central nervous system healthWhat: Health Talk and Informational Seminar When: Saturday August 18th, 11am Where: reFORM Studios in Park Circle, 1081 East Montague, Ste B, North Charleston, SC 29405 Come learn about the importance of the Human Nervous System and how a fully functional nervous system, free of interference, can make a difference in the health and wellness of you or anyone in your family. Come with an open mind to learn about a fundamentally different outlook on TRUE HEALTH. Feel free to bring family or friends who are suffering from pain or dysfunction, or anyone who is searching for more information on how to maintain the function, health, and wellness of their body for the rest of their lives. This free talk will take place right after our free bootcamp workout on Saturday morning 10am! It is being presented by Dr. Randall Lindstrom. Please feel free to come early for the workout and stay for the talk.

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