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reFORM School Update from Shelley

Shelley shares as she continues her progress in week 2 of reFORM School

"Easy does it is my motto this week. Slowly but surely I am sticking with it! I have lost another pound this week and I'm so glad to be going in the right direction. It may not be a huge dramatic change, but it's a change no less. So many people want what the commercials offer... the "10 pounds in 2 weeks" promise. But everyone knows that those are not typical results. On top of that, it can create a rebound effect later down the road and actually make people gain more weight back. I am not completely satisfied with my body, but I am definitely doing something about it. I set small-term goals and stick with it to see them through. reFORM Studios bootcamp workoutsThis past week my goal was to start boot camp. I went on Saturday and I LOVE IT! To those who have thought about doing the boot camp but haven't had a chance to go.. do it!! You will thank yourself. It's 10am on Saturdays so you can sleep in and still make it. This coming week, my biggest struggle is going to be my boyfriend's birthday. I will be around a bunch of people eating out and having cake! Lucky for me though, I will be having guests stay at my house so they are just going to have to eat the healthy food that I have. Also, I'm in charge of making the cake (Adam wants pumpkin pie). He may not know it but I'm making a healthy version! I bet they won't be able to tell the difference. Wish me luck with all the temptation I'm about to face!"

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