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Bring a healthy dish to our Potluck this Friday

Here's a chance for you to showcase your culinary inventiveness! Or if you're a novice but would love to experience new, healthy foods, bring something fresh and simple and take advantage of the recipe exchange! healthy potluck recipe exchangeOur resident Food Ambassador Madalyn is hosting another great Healthy Potluck and Recipe Exchange evening on Friday August 24th at 7pm at the Studio! The big idea is to hit up your local farmers market or CSA, do a little research, prepare a great dish, and come with the printed recipe to share with everyone at the potluck! We encourage experimentation and use of any local produce or locally sourced food to be healthier and more sustainable, but this event is even for the food novice to have a chance to experience some dishes you might never try on your own! The last potluck for Food Revolution Day was a great success, and scrumptious, so you won't want to miss this event! RSVP to Madalyn with what you're bringing or call her for more information. 302.222.4071 Also check out our Facebook event page for updates.

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