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Marie reports on progress noted in week 3 of reFORM School training

"Week 3 went by fast.  I lost another inch around the hips and ¾ inch in the waist. Guess who can fit into her size 12 capri jeans today? That’s right, me! I can actually wear them in public now. I’m not sad to see my size 14 capri jeans disappear. I started to see the number on the scale go down more this past week. I haven’t seen 156 since… I don’t really know the answer to that. Katrina suggested I add green peppers, mushrooms, and onions to my eggs in the morning. It’s more like an omelet even though it’s certainly not shaped like one. losing inches goalI am in need of new work pants every school term so I went to the Old Navy website and checked out the sizing charts. I wanted to know the hip requirements in inches for each size. The chart states if the hips are 40 inches around then size 10 should work. It made me contemplate if I was loosing the inches in a timely manner. I have 24 more sessions left in my 12-week transformation. I am currently 43 inches in the hips. I have at least 3 more inches to lose over the next 8 weeks. I can really do this! I will have to push a little harder since an inch has been my loss each time. I return to a regular work schedule Monday and I have to admit I am a little worried. I have a new position within the school and I will be completing 12 hours of graduate credit between now and next spring. I mapped out my obligations for the next 2 weeks. My schedule is tight. I even warned my husband I might be tired and cranky among other things the next two weeks. Adjusting to my regular work schedule is never easy. I am a creature of structure and routines. I’m crossing my fingers all the workouts in the summer prepared me for my commitment to my new lifestyle of cooking often and exercising regularly even during a busy workweek. I’m hoping my exercise will keep me energized and happy as I start this new school year. Bring on week 4!" Congrats Marie on continued progress- more inches lost! We're cheering you on to your size 10 goal. See more of Marie's progress here, and meet the other reFORM School participants!

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