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For those who think the transformation achieved through personal training is easy or just for the super-human, check out what Rachel has to say about her real-world challenges and successes when trying to get active and change her lifestyle as part of reFORM School.

Rachel give feedback on week 2 of her reFORM School program

"I am thoroughly enjoying my workouts with Katrina. My memories of having a trainer in college while on the equestrian team are flooding back. I was in great shape in makes me know that I CAN be in good shape again. It may be harder now because I'm older and I've had children, but I loved having a trainer then and I am loving it now.  I am so happy to be part of reFORM School and working with Katrina.
With that being said, Katrina told me from the get-go that I needed to be honest when I wrote about me experiences while training with her. So, here goes.
I have been amazed at how sore I have been.  Just when I think Katrina has made me work every muscle I have, she surprises me and the next day after my training session I am SO sore - sometimes in places I didn't even realize I had muscles. Katrina tells me that my muscle fibers are being awakened. Wow - we are waking up muscle fibers that have been sleeping for a long time! I think this shows that Katrina is very good at what she does.  She knows how to make each training session similar, yet different and how to mix it up so that I am working every different muscle.
I get bored very easily with working out. This is why I have found out that working with a trainer motivates me. I am held accountable for showing up and doing my workouts and Katrina keeps it interesting! Thirty minutes of hard work fly by.  However, this brings me to something that is hard for me. Cardio on my own is tough. I haven't figured out how to truly motivate myself. It's not as much "fun." Five minutes feels like fifty-five minutes...ugh.  I have lots of excuses, such as: I don't have time...It's too hot....I'm tired.  The good news is that I am starting to see small results just working out with Katrina. I'm starting to feel an inner desire to do the cardio I know I need to do.
Food -glorious food. I love to eat food. I dislike preparing and cooking food.  Again, this has proven to be tough for me.  Sometimes I'd rather not eat than bother cooking something. It makes me sound lazy, I know, but I really think it stems from a lack of self-confidence in the cooking department.
Other things I have clothes fit differently. Not necessarily looser, just different. I think they look better on me than they did previous to training with Katrina. My husband makes me laugh...he jokes it's because "maybe they fit like they are supposed to fit!" Maybe he's right? :)
I've also found out that I LOVE boxing. Who knew?! I was so surprised at how much I would enjoy it. It is such a stress reliever! And it's fun!! I love how I am learning that exercising can be FUN! It's doesn't have to be a chore.
One last thing I will say - and this will be something I end every post with: "It CAN Be Done!"  A little insight on this short, yet powerful, phrase: My dad always had a sign sitting on his desk with that very phrase. My sisters and I grew up hearing that "it can be done!" Yet, I find it so interesting that I have for a lot of my adult life felt like "I can't do it...It can't be done." That's another reason why I signed up for training sessions with Katrina. I want to not only look better, but I want to feel better physically and psychologically.  I feel confident that exercising and getting healthy will help me manage my anxiety and my random bouts of depression. So, can I do this? Can I commit to a healthier lifestyle and to exercise? You bet I can.
It can be done motivationIt CAN Be Done!"

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