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We wanted to share some more feedback on reFORM School participants who are just getting started on their 12 week transformation program. Read on to see what Shelley had to say about her first week of training!

Shelley recaps Week 1 of reFORM School training

"After my first week in the reFORM school challenge, the main word that comes to mind is SORE! My lats are sore, my abs are sore, my quads and hamstrings are sore, my arms are sore… and even my neck is sore! Who knew so many muscles could get such a wake up call in such little time? As annoying as it is to be sore with every move, it serves as a CONSTANT reminder of the hard work I have done thus far and the goal I have in mind. It’s as if the sore muscles are my “support team.” When I’m driving in the car and I turn to check the other lane my muscles say “yes Shelley, you still need to be focused on your goal, keep going!” When I bend down to pick up a piece of paper I dropped they are saying “don’t forget, every day is another challenge and you will succeed!” That’s the good news of the week. The not so good news is that there is no “sore feeling” equivalent when it comes to nutrition. When you exercise, the side effect is sore muscles that make you feel accomplished. When you eat right during the day, the only effect is having to wake up again the next day and do it ALL OVER AGAIN! I think I have discovered that I am a person who likes to see or feel some type of result when working hard to achieve a goal. Nutrition has always been the biggest struggle for me, and I think it’s because I don’t get any immediate results. But as we all know, an easy and immediate result with weight loss is a BAD thing. So I got to thinking, the closest “sore feeling” I get when eating right is a slow and steady increase in my energy level. It’s not as in your face as sore muscles screaming at you, but I can definitely tell that my energy throughout the day remains STABLE in comparison to how I used to feel. I don’t get the afternoon drag feeling as much anymore. There is never a time where I am starving or a time when I feel stuffed…just a consistent feeling of using food as fuel in order to help me accomplish my daily tasks. So it may not be a change in my scale or even my measurements, but changes are definitely happening! 1 week down, 11 more to go!"

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