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Curious how some of the participants in our reFORM School 12 week training program are doing? Check our Marie's Week 2 recap!

Marie's Week 2 Training Recap

"Katrina and I briefly discussed the benefit of being self-aware during week two.  We were discussing why people might seek out a personal trainer. For me it has been a stubborn journey. I am the “I can do it myself” kind of gal in every aspect of life and if I need your help I’ll ask. I was raised with a sense of independence, but I think part of that so-called independence gets me in trouble sometimes. Once I decided to lose weight and joined a gym it took me six more months to realize I couldn’t do it on my own. I tried going to the gym with friends or my husband, but our schedules didn’t always match up. When I was with someone I was more inclined to use the weights and complete an AB work out. When I was by myself I would commit to cardio and then avoid everything else. My gym offers workout plans, assistance at the machines, and other things. Do you think I sought out these options? Nope. The woman that talks to everyone and anything felt anxious about all this. Why? I don’t think I have allowed myself to arrive at the answer yet. Does it matter if people are watching me use the weights? It shouldn’t. Who cares if I can only lift 10lbs? Does it matter if I don’t know how to use the machine before I walk up to it? It shouldn’t. I know how to read diagrams and directions. Some where inside it does matter. You know all those steps we take to get ready to even exercise? We decide we are going to in fact exercise. We buy exercise clothes and shoes. We drive ourselves to the gym. We go inside. We pick something we are comfortable trying. Well, I’m convinced we go through all that again in some form once we are in the gym staring at all the options. We have to make additional choices and make more decisions. All the gym options are as important as choosing water, healthy food, and sleep. I wasn’t making any decisions about the gym options once I was inside. I had too made options apparently and choose only one, cardio. Before joining the gym my husband suggested the personal trainer idea at least twice. Every time I responded negatively to the idea. I can do it myself, remember. I got this. Thank goodness in June I realized “I don’t really got this.” This self-awareness has allowed me to take my commitment of a healthy lifestyle to a new level. I have felt changes in my body that I didn’t know were possible. I am building the upper body strength I’ve always wished for, but didn’t know how to achieve. pink boxing glovesOh and I tried boxing. Did I mention I am in love with boxing? I learned how to follow through with an uppercut, a jab, and a hook. I told my husband, “I would like some boxing gloves, please.” He is always talking about how Katrina is ‘working her magic,’ so I think I may just get those gloves I asked for ever so sweetly. Now it’s August and I am getting my classroom ready for this school year. I have a new classroom so I am putting in extra time to make it fantastic. My husband was shocked when I told him my plans to continue with my commitment to working out once the school year is in full swing. It’s a time thing. How will I get it all in? It’s not an easy balance, but the choice is easy at this point. I have made up my mind and it’s stuck on my new lifestyle. I can’t wait for next Friday. I never thought I would be excited about being measured around my hips. Bring on week 3!" Inspired?! Read more from our reFORM School participants on the reFORM School pages! Want to start a transformation of your own? Call us today! 843-284-3340 for a free consultation to discuss your goals.

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