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School is in session! Welcome to reFORM School, a special 12 week interactive training program designed to help participants achieve a measurable goal in that time-frame and share their experiences while working towards their goal. You could be next to get reFORMEDWe'll introduce  you to each of the participants, and let you follow their progress and cheer them on! Each participant is training at the studio 3 days a week for half an hour, following a cardio workout plan on their own, and working on healthy eating, and will be journaling their experiences with the program here on the website. They have chosen a specific goal, and will be tracking progress towards that goal weekly and monthly, with photos, measurements, and other benchmarks specific to their goal. At the end of their 12 weeks, we will share a photo montage and video interview, and celebrate their achievements! Visit the new reFORM School tab on the site to meet the participants and follow their progress. If you'd like to participate in your own 12 week reFORM School program, contact us to get started! Email us or call the studio at 843.284.3340.

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