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Our recent Food Revolution Day Potluck was so much fun, we're going to make this kind of event a regular occurrence at the studio! Stay tuned for future dates and details, but here's what you missed and what you can expect the next round! Everyone had a lot of fun raiding the local farmers markets leading up to the event, and selecting some fresh ingredients to use in their dishes. Some of us got to try things we hadn't had a chance to taste or cook ourselves before! So we decided to turn these events into a recipe share opportunity! We asked everyone who brought a dish to send us their recipes, and will be featuring them on our website as Recipes of the Week in the coming weeks. Future events, we'll have printed or emailed copies ready for all attendees! Take a look at some of the lovely dishes. [caption id="attachment_186" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Check out some of our fresh healthy potluck dishes!"]healthy food revolution potluck dishes[/caption] The crew that was able to join in the foodie fun had a great time- hope you can join us for the next food and nutrition event! potluck attendees Thanks to Madalyn for organizing this first event in honor of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day! It's an idea we are going to take and run with at reFORM Studios!

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