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We're starting our recipe sharing with you! We will begin to share recipes from our own personal favorites, client experiments, and potluck recipe exchanges with you here on our site weekly. Today we want share a recipe from Kelly, because she has been raving about these ever since she tried them. blackbean cakesBlack Bean Cake Recipe 2 cans black beans 1 onion cayenne pepper green pepper red pepper minced jalapenos minced garlic pam spray balsamic vinegar salsa 1. Cook and drain black beans. Place in large mixing bowl and mash with fork. 2. Saute Garlic, peppers and onion (with Pam) - add to beans and mix together 3. Add in cayenne, jalapenos and any other ingredients that you may like in there. 4. Place in fridge for about an hour. 5. Mold into patties and saute (with Pam) until the outside is a little 'crispy'. 6. top with balsamic and salsa and serve

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