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Inspired by Bob's video and transformation photos, another client who has been working with Katrina since January wanted to share her before and after photos and see them side by side- and what a difference there is in a short time! Beth sought out some help when her Navy uniform started to fit a bit too snug, and she didn't want to give in a buy a bigger one. A few months later, after training twice a week with Katrina and attending bootcamps and doing additional workouts on her own, and making some changes to her eating habits, look at these results!!! Beth shapes up with personal trainingIts true- only 15 lbs on the scale, but in a couple months of work and following a program, Beth has toned up and shed body fat, and is now ready to take on some more challenges- she has decided to compete in the Wilderness Challenge this fall with a team of guys from work! We're excited to share her success, and show what small but consistent efforts over time really can achieve. Nice work Beth!

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