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It's a great season to work out in the park! [caption id="attachment_112" align="aligncenter" width="584" caption="Lauren mid-kettlebell swing"]Lauren personal training with kettlebell in the park[/caption] The mild weather and beautiful days have made working out in the park and outdoors so enjoyable as we prepare to open doors to a studio location this summer. It's amazing how much you can accomplish with a few pieces of equipment and your own body weight to work on toning and trimming down- Lauren lost 2 inches in her waist in the first 5 weeks of training! We're looking forward to starting up group bootcamp workouts and keeping you in the loop as we find a new home. In the meantime, our very own Tina is running evening bootcamps under the Ravenel Bridge and on Daniel Island most weekday evenings- if you want to join give her a call and check out her scheduled workouts! 843-906-7675 to see about joining her group fun, or you can contact the studio at 843-284-3340. We hope you're enjoying this spring weather as much as we are! [caption id="attachment_113" align="aligncenter" width="584" caption="Hampton Park, one of our 'Outdoor Gyms'"]Hampton Park, one of our personal training locations[/caption]

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