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reFORM Studios is a different kind of personal training and fitness studio. We aim to make a difference not only for our clients through training, coaching and support, but also to the local community that we are a part of.

Among the things that set us apart:

  • No big fancy equipment. At reFORM Studios, we start by using your own body weight to train you, and focus on core stability, strength, and coordination. We have small equipment we add into your program, but everything you learn here you can use on your own for the rest of your life.
  • We are committed to your results, and what’s best for you as an individual. We personalize every program for the individual, no cookie-cutter programs here. We reevaluate your progress and your program monthly, to make sure we’re giving you the service and professional training you need.
  • We feature local artists. Our studio spaces show off some of the great talent in the lowcountry, with rotating exhibits and artworks for sale as well as display. And the artists attend our events, so you can meet them! Our studio is not a stuffy, smelly boring gym environment- it’s a place with real atmosphere, where coming to workout is a pleasure.
  • We foster new relationships. Come early to your next session, and meet the person training before you. Stay late, and meet the person training after you. Join a bootcamp, and make a bunch of new friends. Social support and a positive network of people who understand your goals is a huge part of helping you reach them at our studio.
  • We’re always looking for new opportunities to educate and connect our clients and the local community. Healthy eating potlucks, how-to shop a farmers market, pre-and post-natal training seminars, running form clinics, chiropractic and massage events, and more are all in the works and part of our events calendar. Have an idea or a topic you want help on? Let us know, and we’ll connect with the professionals to set up an educational event.

Healthy potluck dinner hosted in our studio

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