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Cathy Green


“Before I started training, my life was full and busy. Until 2018 I worked as a customer service representative for a large cement plant where I dealt largely with customers and clients. I have a background in Environmental Technology and worked in the lab prior to my latest role. I had a corporate position and wore many hats, not only at work but at home as a devoted grandmother, mother and wife.

I began to start focusing my attention back on myself for the first time since I took on the role of being a mother and grandmother. Years back, I had tried working with a trainer, my background in fitness has always been "on again off again." I began taking my training seriously, so when I started, my goal was to be 100% in and be in the best shape I could possibly be. My age was a motivator for me now, not a deterrent. (I’m a grandma after all!)

Exercise is extremely important to me this time in my life because I watched my Momma decline in health. She had Dementia which was related to high blood pressure, strokes, Diabetes. These symptoms could have been prevented with exercise and healthy nutrition.

The thought of training felt selfish at that point in my life, I have always been selfless. That and time and money were the main reasons I didn’t take action sooner. Now that I realize it is not selfish to do something for yourself. It benefits everyone. But until you fully believe you are worth it, you will have too many excuses.

There are always challenges when starting something new or making a change, but I have found the time, I MADE TIME, to fit in my fitness routine. I got up earlier and started earlier. I prepared meals ahead of time.

I have learned to be a morning person and be more prepared. Two things I did not have before I started. I have learned to fit training and cardio into my day. There is enough time in the day for me.

Months into this process, I’ve realized my view of myself and health and fitness is changing; It is not just about weight loss, it is a state of mind and well-being, that cannot be taken from you. You are in control. There are so many factors that we cannot control, just react to. The fact that I can control what I put in and put out is empowering.
At this point my future has never looked brighter! I am so optimistic. This is not a reckless sense of optimism but an earned confidence that hard work and determination equal results.

I am stronger in all my relationships, family, work etc. I communicate my feelings more effectively. I put myself in the equation. I no longer feel guilty.

I would say to anyone considering making a change to their health and fitness that you are a testimony when you live a fit and active lifestyle. You are saying without saying anything at all. People have noticed and approached me. I am living by example. It is never too late to start.

I am excited for this next journey, to be working for myself and others at the studio! I have put in long hours for a company, I am ready to do what it takes for me and mine. I am not afraid of hard work. I feel that I can inspire others with my changes and be a mentor.

I envision an atmosphere that is welcoming and not intimidating. There is a place for those to go and be accountable and empowered. To grow from the inside out. The studio is located in my hometown. I grew up there, it is home. I love how the area has grown and embraces everyone. I want the studio to continue to reflect the community and grow.”


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