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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Training For Confidence

    Training For Confidence

    How to use fitness to influence your life
    I went for a 13 mile run Saturday. No that’s not a typo. No it wasn’t a race. No I didn’t earn a medal. No, I didn’t lose a bet. No nothing was chasing me. ;) I went for a 13 mile run because I committed to a goal (racing a half marathon in hilly Nashville with my sister at the end of the month) 6 months ago and after 3 months of twiddling my thumbs I decided to prepare for it adequately. I went for a 13 mile run because I ran 12 miles the week before, and I’m pushing myself to do just a little more, every week, to build my confidence. I’m not talking about confidence in my ability ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - A Year Of Change - April's Story

    A Year Of Change - April's Story

    Taking back power over her body.
    The April you meet today is a stronger, more confident, more empowered woman than the one who walked through our doors a year ago. The journey to where she is now is just a part of her story, which will continue on, but we’re excited to share the difference a year has made for her! April works in a local hospital in a role that has her at a desk on a computer all day, and before we met her, her home life was similar- spent gaming on a computer screen or sitting around. “I mostly sat around doing a lot of nothing and feeling sad I had no energy for anything else.” She wasn’t exercising at all. She had a gym membership, but says ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Dealing with health saboteurs

    Dealing with health saboteurs

    What to do when your friends and family don't make it easy to stay on track
    I want to take a detour from our usual positive mindset messaging to address one of the uglier sides of working with people to achieve their health and fitness goals: That is the saboteurs among our loved ones, friends family and coworkers. It’s an unfortunate part of human nature that when we see somebody else exceeding one of our instincts is going to be to coax them back to where they were before. How this shows up in health and fitness could be a loved one surprising you with cakes, cookies and sweets, making comments that you’re losing weight too fast or that they think you’re ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Do you seek inspiration or abdication?

    Do you seek inspiration or abdication?

    What to you take away from seeing other fitness success stories?
    One of the greatest things about working with people towards their health and fitness goals being able to share success stories and progress made by those we work with. I love getting to share that someone’s figured out how to reprioritize her schedule, fit in fitness, take a fresh look at meal planning and grocery shopping, and make a plan for a healthier life. And I love when the results they achieve, even in a short time, go on to inspire others that they too can make some change. Things become a slippery slope though when you see somebody having success that you want to duplicate EXACTLY. As in you want to have ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Are YOU the Hero You've Been Waiting For?

    Are YOU the Hero You've Been Waiting For?

    Are you a damsel in distress, or are you a hero in your own life?
    Let me start today’s note with a spoiler alert: when it comes to your life and your goals, no one is coming to save you. That may sound harsh. But what I mean is you already have everything that you need to take action and be proactive in the pursuit of your goals and dreams, so you don't NEED to wait for someone to come save you. And furthermore, you also have the responsibility to do so. You can take and seize the power to change your own life. You can and should be the hero of your own story. This may sound like I've been watching too much fantasy or GOT, but I really want to encourage and ....

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  • Overcoming the Emotional Struggle with Weight Gain: Lauren's Story

    A trainer is faced with new challenges of motherhood and the emotional toll of 45 lbs of extra weight
    Lauren has a background you might expect of a personal trainer: She grew up playing sports and being interested in fitness, and went on to play collegiate volleyball in upstate New York. After moving to Charleston, she then learned to share her interest and passion for fitness and health to others as a volleyball coach and personal trainer. She was no stranger to hard work and setting fitness goals for herself, but when she and her husband decided to start a family, she found herself faced with some serious health challenges. Very quickly after becoming pregnant she was ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Rebecca's Journey To Health

    Rebecca's Journey To Health

    Our January Member of the Month is Rebecca D from Mt.Pleasant!

    Rebecca D. is a busy work from home mom who had an initial goal to lose some weight because she was having some health issues. She was very tired all the time and she was starting to be diagnosed with a lot more medical issues and suspected autoimmune diseases. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, PCOS, a possible thyroid condition, her blood pressure was going up, her heart rate was elevated… she was really starting to have some challenges and as much as she tried different medications from her doctors, the meds all ended up having side effects, which she felt was no real solution for what she was experiencing. In ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - What we are and what we are not

    What we are and what we are not

    4 Ways a Personal Trainer is Different
    I’m not a doctor. I can’t prescribe a pill that will make all your bad moods go away and plaster that over with a nice neutral medically induced happy. What I can do is put you into a super positive, welcoming environment with other women to build you up, support you, encourage you, and make you laugh so your mood is instantly elevated. I’m not a plastic surgeon. I can’t change what you physically see in the mirror instantly. What I can do is help you change the way you see yourself. I can help you discover your strengths, celebrate your progress, feel empowered, and take control over your body and your fitness again. ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - The first step to change

    The first step to change

    I stumbled across this quote in my morning reading. The first step toward getting somewhere is deciding that you don’t want to stay where you are. That was originally from J.P. Morgan. And it got me thinking. As a coach in both the business and the fitness world, I’m in front of people every day who want something different for their life. They want to be successful, they want to achieve certain things. Want to be healthier, they want to be leaner, they want to look differently, they want to feel differently, they want some sort of different outcome for their world. And yet not everybody gets what they want. Have you ever set a goal you didn't achieve? (we all ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - How to make commitments not resolutions

    How to make commitments not resolutions

    It’s that time of year again… New Year’s. Which means for many there are the celebratory New Year’s resolutions to kick off January 1! And yes, statistically so many resolutions die before the end of January (i think the number is about 2/3!) because of the way they were set with an imbalance of intention or a lack of clarity on what the cost and plan to achieve the resolution would be. So after years of coaching in both the fitness and the business realm, I want to share this tidbit with you: Instead of resolutions, set commitments. What I mean by that is not that you just set a goal or resolution and call it a day, but you have to think about how ....

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