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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Healthy Hurricane Food Prep

    Healthy Hurricane Food Prep

    Woah! A hurricane is coming, and you are trying to figure out how to plan for possibly being without power and stocking up on non-perishables, but afraid your health adn fitness goals are going to take a hit. Have no fear- there are some healthy options you can plan to have around to fuel up well but also weather the storm- Here's reFORM Studios' Founder Katrina's preferred list of foods: Water.
    You've already see the posts about water fling off shelves, but staying hydrated if potable water becomes an issue is really important for your health. Buy bottled if you can, fill old milk jugs, freeze containers of tap water now and store in your freezer (will also help keep temps cool), and ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - You are Wonder Woman

    You are Wonder Woman

    You, lady, yes you! And not just in the beautiful sense (though you are!). I love coaching women because our gender is pretty spectacular- we take care of everyone in our world, family, friends and community. We invest ourselves in our work and add value to the world. We see beauty all around us. We fight fiercely for what we believe in, and we have a knack for tapping into a deep reserve of strength and grace when needed. It's that last part that excites me the most- seeing a woman discover how physically strong and capable she is in addition to the mental and emotional strength she always leaned on. This is not about becoming a gladiator or Amazon necessarily- but ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - What are you sacrificing?

    What are you sacrificing?

    Probably the hardest thing for me to do as a coach is when I have to put my Tough Love hat on and help people face the truth when they aren't showing up to be successful. It's a tough thing to have a frank conversation and directly address the limitations we impose on ourselves, specifically the excuses we allow ourselves to make that prevent us from keeping our commitments. A friend of mine who is also in the coaching industry posted a great video the other week addressing this one concept. What she said was something I wanted to share with you because it resonated. She said if we don't make sacrifices for our goals, our goals become our sacrifice.
    I want ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Know you ARE capable

    Know you ARE capable

    How many times have you hesitated committing to something because of the amount of work it was going to take to reach your goal, and the doubt you felt about your ability to get everything done or to be successful? How many times? I'd imagine for most of us this happens more often than we care to admit. I've definitely seen it in my own personal life both with fitness as well as with business and other goals. But here's the thing. Doubt is a dream killer. It has no substance, it just prevents us from achieving the greatness that we're capable of. Because that's the truth. We ARE capable. If someone else in the world can accomplish something, there are no earthly or other ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - How long does a workout need to be?

    How long does a workout need to be?

    No time to workout? How long does a workout need to be to be worth the time and effort? Well that depends. How long does a workout need to be to be effective? Some of this is determined by your goals, but in general to have a positive impact on your overall health and fitness, workouts as few as five or 10 minutes can have some benefits for you. So let's debunk the myth that you have to be at the gym for hours just to make progress towards your goals. Here’s the benefits of shorter workouts: As few as a 4-5 minute quick interval session can have benefits such as improving your cardiovascular system, and boosting mental energy and clarity. When you get your blood pumping, all ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Running Relationship Status : It's Complicated

    Running Relationship Status : It's Complicated

    My relationship status with running: Its Complicated. Running and I have always had a complicated relationship. It has definitely waivered from hate, to almost love, to despise, to muddle through it, to hate again, and then slowly around appreciation and a rare form of what might almost maybe be construed as love. I always wanted to love running. It's the most simple, no-nonsense form of exercise you could possibly do. You literally need no equipment. Even shoes are optional depending on where you're going. It features the human body at its most natural, its most elemental, and at its most potential. And yet... Once I got into High School, engaged in other sports and athletics, I ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Why You Need to Fall In Love With Yourself Again

    Why You Need to Fall In Love With Yourself Again

    I know it seems like a strange topic on a health and fitness blog, and not one that I had planned on writing. And yet there it is. I've come to the realization that most people don't take enough time to reflect on how amazing they are, the best parts of themselves, and let themselves fall in love with themselves and their life again. This revelation comes on the back end of a 48-hour immersion in memories my personal past and history. Hours of waiting through knick knacks and photographs. And my take away from it? One of my many, however an important one I think, is that I was a pretty incredible kid, and therefore I'm a pretty incredible adult. When I look back up photos of myself, ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Focus On The Positive

    Focus On The Positive

    I am not a fitness model. I don't have shredded abs and I don't post gym selfies or my insane workouts to impress the masses. I am not a size 2, nor will I ever be. I still get self conscious being invited to the beach or pool because of having nothing to hide behind besides a tiny piece of spandex. But I can lift some pretty cool weights. I can run a few miles and actually enjoy it. I can do other cool things too, like swing my increasingly hefty nephew around, carry 10 bags of groceries in a single trip, and lug a 50 lb handbag around town in preparation for the Armageddon or hurricane worth 7 days of survival inside and still make it look fashionable and not like a ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - 6 Lessons Learned From A 30 Day Fitness Challenge

    6 Lessons Learned From A 30 Day Fitness Challenge

    I've been blogging a lot lately about commitment, motivation, holding yourself accountable, and setting different expectations of yourself, not just for the outcome you want to achieve but for the daily actions that will be necessary to achieve the outcome. I thought I better walk the walk, so I challenged myself to my own 30-day fitness commitment. I have occasionally attempted 3 week and 4 week programs in the past, but like many people I usually get a little distracted halfway through. So I thought it was time to see what it would look like to actually truly be 100% committed to something, instead of just my normal moderation approach. I learned some interesting things ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Outcomes versus Actions

    Outcomes versus Actions

    We talk a lot about goal setting in the health and fitness world, because of course setting goals is easy and everybody has something you want to achieve. But what I think sometimes gets lost in this discussion is the fact that many times when it comes to your health and fitness a goal is just an outcome that you can't directly control. What I mean by that is that whether or not your body changes and adjust to the degree that you have set a goal has nothing to do with that particular goal. It has everything to do with the actions you take and the behaviors you change in the process of moving towards that goal. A goal is just an outcome. You can't just manifest it, as amazing as that ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - What Story Are You Telling?

    What Story Are You Telling?

    We are all storytellers at heart. That's one of the great threads of humanity, from even way back in caveman days with cave paintings. We were telling stories. Well that's all fine and good, you may be thinking, but what does this have to do with my health and fitness? One of the things I want you to consider is what story are you telling yourself? I wonder if you'd ever stop to think about it. Because that's actually one of the most important stories that will be told. That's because it's a story that's going to shape your life, and your future. Now stay with me for a moment. What I mean specifically is the power of the language you're using to yourself. I've always been ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - 100 Percent Committment

    100 Percent Committment

    I want to talk about commitment. I read an interesting article today about being 100% committed to something you want to achieve. Now most of us like to land in the 95 and 99 percent committed range. We want to believe in moderation. We want to give ourselves a little bit of slack as long as we're doing really well most of the time, we feel okay with it. But this article posted interesting perspective and that is a little bit unusual especially when it comes to the health and fitness world. The point is that when you commit 100% to something it's actually easier to stick to then when you only commit 99%. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Let me explain. It has to do with a little ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Recommit to your Resolutions

    Recommit to your Resolutions

    I have something REALLY exciting to share with you today! 92% of people who set New Year’s Resolutions don’t follow through on them. By March, it is very common for people to fall off track, get discouraged, and completely abandon their goals. We are committed to making sure that doesn’t happen to you! And that’s why we created our Recommit to Resolutions Guide! This is all about helping you get clear on what it takes to get back on track with your goals...and stay there for good! Click here to download your free guide
    and recommit to your own resolutions. Give it a read and then email us with a recommitment to your goals so we can support and hold you ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - You Don't Need Motivation

    You Don't Need Motivation

    Motivation is unnecessary.

    A lot of people of asked me recently “how do you maintain motivation to stick with a fitness or health program, or see a project all the way through to its end goal?” There are a lot of great thoughts, speakers and soundbites on the subject of motivation. Zig Ziglar for example has a memorable quote about motivation: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing - that’s why we recommend it daily.” To an extent I agree, because he’s framing motivation as a habit and not an emotional state. Everybody loves a good motivational quote or saying, loves to be inspired, loves to have an ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - The Self Care Crisis

    The Self Care Crisis

    How many women do you know who think nothing of getting up a few hours early to take a friend to the airport, or to help a kid with a special school project? How many women do you know who will drop everything to go help a friend for a few hours, but they don't ever make the time for even an hour of health and fitness for themselves? What about you? Do you find yourself saying yes to getting involved in the community events and organization's boards, to putting hours in for work projects and for charities and for family and friends, but you never make the time to take care of yourself? Why is that? Why is it that we either put ourselves last on the priority list, or we don’t ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Stress Eating : How To Kick The Habit

    Stress Eating : How To Kick The Habit

    Bad habits, we've all got them. And much of the discussion from friends and clients last week was this one question: how do we break the habit of eating when we're stressed? This is a very common concern, and I feel like there's probably a few different approaches depending on your personality. But let me give you a rundown of a few things to try. 1 - In a perfect world, we can alleviate your stress! What it is that is causing you to have the munchies? What are you reacting to? I think first you must accept that stress is not a real living thing, it's only your reaction to situations in your life. So therefore you have complete control. This is an important realization. So I think ....

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  • Goal Setting Exercise

    It was an amazing opportunity to get to take the stage at the Center 4 Women Act.Aspire.Achieve. Annual Conference! I know there was so much great content from the other speakers, and everyone was in that room for different reasons. I enjoyed getting to dive into some actionable goal setting and takeaways with you all, but as was mentioned, we barely scratched the surface of making an executable plan in all the different facets of our lives to truly move forward in an empowered, happy, fulfilled way. As noted, below you can click to download the complete 57 page goal setting workbook, which includes those daily action cards for accountability and tracking purposes. I recommend blocking ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - A personal trainer is NOT a magic pill

    A personal trainer is NOT a magic pill

    As a follow-up to last week's post about the workout not being the key secret to success, I thought it important to point out a common misconception that I think some people have one choosing to hire a personal trainer. I bring this up because getting honest here if you’re considering hiring a coach will either set you up clearly for success, or if we don’t address it, will set both you and your coach up for a disappointing relationship. Here it is: Hiring a personal trainer is not a magic pill. I'm not sure how this notion came to be, but it seems that there are people in this world who believe that by hiring a personal trainer, and making that transaction, and showing ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - The secret to success: It's not the workout...

    The secret to success: It's not the workout...

    Today I'm going to let you in on a little secret. It's something I'm not sure many people are consciously aware of, although they probably have noticed in their lives. In the health and fitness industry, as a personal trainer and fitness coach, what most people look for when they're coming to us for training services is a good workout. It’s the magical workout that's going to miraculously make all their fitness goals be realized. That special combination of exercises, of intervals, of strength training, cardio, all these wonderful magical pieces that come together physically in your 30 minutes or an hour or two hours and completely transform your body and therefore your life. ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Will you fit in here?

    Will you fit in here?

    When you go to set a new health or fitness goal, or get the news from your doctor that you're at risk of health issues, and you know you need to do something to get help to start exercising, the first question most people have is where can I go that'll actually like? Or better yet, where will I actually fit in? Which people are my people? We thought we'd take the guesswork out for you and list 10 possible ways that you know you'll fit in here at reFORM Studios.
    Does the thought of going to a big crowded gym make you feel something between revulsion and terror? If you can't even stomach the thought of going to a gym, you know you'll never show up, you hate trying to wait for ....

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  • January 17 Client of the Month is Rebecca

    Congrats to our amazing Client of the Month for January 2017, Rebecca F!!! Meet Rebecca F Occupation: Nurse, mom Age: 40 Notable results: Down 15 lbs, and dropped from size 12 to size 6! Also has completed DOZENS of 5ks!
    We asked Rebecca to share a little in her own words about her progress with us. What made you decide you wanted to start a program?
    I was wearing a size 12 and even those were getting tight, and I refused to move up to a larger clothing size. Also my kids love water, but I felt uncomfortable wearing a bathing suit. What results have you achieved since starting your program?
    I have lost almost 15 lbs, gained muscle and confidence, trimmed off almost 8 ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Why You NEED A Coach

    Why You NEED A Coach

    I know you've got some goals. You might have some fitness goals, some business goals, some personal goals, financial goals even perhaps? Most of us set goals and aspire to achievements in various aspects of our lives at different points in our lives. And I think that's great, I'm a big proponent of personal growth! I believe if you're not trying to improve yourself, or read something new, or learn something new, you're missing out on some of the finer points of life and what you really can do with the one that you're given. However, I also believe that most people set goals but very few of them reach them, and for good reason. When we set goals, it's because we haven't achieved what ....

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  • Rethink That Big Goal You Just Set

    Rethink That Big Goal You Just Set
    Okay okay, I know in the most recent post we said Not Another New Year's Resolution, but I also know you're going to set some goals anyway. And frankly that's okay! I would never suggest that going through life without goals is the way to go about things. I will suggest however that if you're determined to set a big goal or any resolution, that you think about it in a slightly different way. And also take the time to put first things first! So many people rush ahead to set a big goal, based on what they see as a lack or not having the things they want currently. Everybody focuses on what we call the gap between where they are and where they want to ....

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  • Not Another Resolution

    It’s time set a goal and get serious about actually achieving it. Enough already with the New Year's resolutions where 3 days in and you've already slipped up on and haven't followed through. Why do we constantly set ourselves up for failure this way year after year? The trick with setting a goal, especially an ambitious one that requires a lot of change on your part, is that setting the goal is just not enough. You have to actually have a more intentional, almost engineering approach to how you're going to achieve this wonderful change for yourself. You may have read all sorts of goal setting books and blog posts with tips and tricks, but I want to break down one very simple ....

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  • De-stress and Keep Your Sanity During This Hectic Holiday Season

    It's supposed to be the season for joy and the season for excitement, but for many people it becomes a season of stress, pulling your hair out, and no free time for yourself! Is this enjoyable or something look forward to? Not usually! So how do we fix it? How can you focus on getting back to enjoying the holidays in the spirit they were meant to be enjoyed, and minimizing your stress during a very busy season? Here's a short list of some fun ideas! One of the most obvious is to (#1) tune into the spirit of the season.
    Pick your favorite holiday music station and enjoy listening to something that's light-hearted and uplifting. Admit it, it's hard to stay angry when you're listening ....

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  • December Client of the Month

    Name: Lauren Mitchell Age: 27 Occupation: Math Teacher Lauren was a unique case.. while most of our clients come to us because they have some weight they'd like to lose, Lauren came to us with the goal of putting on weight and getting stronger. Since joining us in August, she's been able to put on over 8lbs of pure muscle! She's stronger, her muscles are more defined and she's even trimmed off 1.5" from her waistline in the process! Read more below from Lauren herself: What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    After years of trying to work out on my own, I conceded to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.. and no internal motivation to do it. I ....

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  • Surviving the Holidays

    Have you heard the statistic that the average American gains 7-10 pounds during the holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year's? There are even memes out there like "What I got for Christmas? I got fat." Holiday weight gain, wearing fluffy sweaters and feeling a little bit fluffy underneath the sweater have all become pop cultural reference. But it doesn't have to be your reality! With some quick thinking, some planning ahead, and a little bit of self-love, you can avoid becoming a statistic this holiday season! And it won't be that hard. You can still go to holiday parties and celebrate with friends and family, you can still have a life, you just need to make a few adjustments ....

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  • Have Patience With Your Body

    I know we live in the world of instant gratification... We believe that everything should happen yesterday, and that magical ridiculous crazy body transformation results are possible in as little as three days, or 7 days, or two minutes a day! We've been hyped up on instant results to the point where I think we expect miracles every time we try a program. The tough reality is that our body is a complex machine. It is absolutely possible to make it amazing changes, but you have to give all the systems time to adapt and adjust. Can you see impressive results in a week? Sometimes! Especially depending on how much you change and what you're specifically working towards. But I think ....

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  • Avoiding Guilt Calories This Holiday Season

    We all know what happens… Maybe it's from what we’ve read about heading home for the holidays or family gatherings. And that's how it’s going to affect our health and fitness goals that we've been so good about sticking to all summer and fall on. But then comes family. And Aunt Iris's fruitcake. And your grandmother’s special cookies that she made just for you. And everything else homemade and made with love, that is being offered to you with that look in their eyes, as if you don't eat it you're officially saying you don't love them! Okay, that's an exaggeration but isn't that how it feels? It’s definitely how these calories over the holidays start to ....

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  • NOW: The Perfect Time for YOU

    The perfect time is now. I know what you're thinking… “Now is a terrible time. I've got too much to do. I'm too busy. I don't have an ounce of free time on my schedule. How could I possibly squeeze more into my daily schedule? Time to workout? There's no way I have an hour to two hours a day to get to the gym and get something in and sweat and then get cleaned up again and get back to my to-do list. Time for cooking something healthy? That's a joke. I'm lucky if I can even remember to eat right now.” Does this sound familiar? I would imagine that for many of us, it does. This is probably the internal monologue that goes on in your head when you ....

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  • October Client of the Month

    reFORM's October Client of the Month

    Name: Stefanie Varner Age: 31 Occupation: Works at CPM Federal Credit Union & Mom of 2! Stefanie reached her max weight and decided she needed to take action for her health. She works full time at CPM Federal Credit Union, is married, cares for her 2 kids and grandfather, so finding time for herself was a struggle. She started at reform in July and since then has experienced increased energy, strength...and the inches are melting away! She is always positive in workout sessions, strives daily to achieve her nutrition goals using the tools learned in the TakeDown Challenge and even started her own online challenge group to encourage others! ....

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  • 5 Most Common Soreness Myths - BUSTED

    What's the deal with getting sore from workout? Should you be sore from a workout? Should you skip a workout if you are sore? We see a lot of our clients a little bit confused about this whole situation. Especially for women once they finally start strength training. I have news for you: you should be a little bit sore from your workout! And that's a good thing! And that is certainly no reason to not do the next workout! So here are the top 5 most common myths about soreness, busted: Myth #1: You should never be sore
    First, when I say sore I don't mean debilitated so that you can't function or move. That’s just pushing it too far and that's not what we're after every ....

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  • Road Trip Stretches

    Long road trips can be rough on our bodies. To prevent your body from tensing up or getting to tired by the time you reach your destination, it's important to stretch your muscles every 2-3 hours. This helps relieve tension and keep your blood circulating. Before you hit the road (or if you're on it now, reading this, AS A PASSENGER!) consider adding these stretches and exercises to your travel plans: While in the car you can...
    (for passengers only please, drivers please keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road!) 1.Contract your abs by pulling the belly button towards the spine without holding your breath. Hold for two seconds, release and repeat 16 times. (this one ....

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  • Happy National Women's Health & Fitness Day!

    Today, thousands and thousands of women across the Nation are celebrating being strong amazing women. The purpose of the day? To encourage women to take control of their health: to learn the facts they need to make smart health choices, and to make time for regular physical activity. National Women’s Health & Fitness Day is a great opportunity to take a minute from busy work and personal schedules and focus on your health & well-being.
    Here is 8 of our TOP– Healthy & Happy Habits for Women to follow:

    1. Have Breakfast (hopefully you've already had yours today!)
    We have probably all heard this one before…yet people still tend to fail ....

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  • Do you focus on the gap?

    If I asked you today on the spur of the moment how you felt about the progress you're making towards your goals, what would you say? Sometimes, through the lens of an instance, we focus first on the gap, the distance we are away from our goals, as our measure of progress. So we often feel like we're not where we want to be, or at least not where we SHOULD be. We focus on the gap, and wonder why haven't we crossed it yet? How are we ever going to cross it? Why don't we feel like we are getting closer? And naturally, a little frustration, doubt, and maybe even fear sets in. We feel we are lacking. We maybe feel we are lazy. We possibly feel that we are a failure, because we ....

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  • September Client of the Month: Susie Dalton

    Name: Susie Dalton Age: 50 Occupation: Office Manager at Garnet Express Logistics In just 2 months, Susie is off to a great start! She came to us needing guidance to get healthy and to avoid the pitfalls of an unhealthy lifestyle. So far Susie has lost over 8lbs and 5 inches! The best part is that she's getting stronger, her clothes fit better and she's not tired all the time. We are incredibly proud of the progress she's made. All of her effort has paid off and we're excited to see more results from her. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I wanted to get healthier, to look better. I needed guidance and accountability and wanted to avoid health ....

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  • August Client of the Month: Heather Carpini

    August Client of the Month!! Name: Heather Carpini Age: 36 Occupation: Architectural Historian With the support and encouragement of her husband, Heather came to us this past April wanting to have more energy and feel more confident with her body. Well, we're happy to say that all of her effort and consistency has paid off. In such a short amount of time Heather has lost over 12 inches from her body, with 5 of those inches coming from her hips and over 11 lbs. Numbers don't lie, but to top it all off, Heather has more energy and has gained more confidence in herself. There's no stopping her now, congratulations Heather!! What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a ....

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  • To Eat or Not To Eat

    To eat or not to eat? Breakfast that is! That is the big question. For many people breakfast seems to be an afterthought. And yet the old adage tells us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? So which is it? In truth, that depends a little bit on you. But as a general rule eating something within a couple hours of waking up is a really good idea. So why should plan ahead before dashing out the door without eating? Well here's a few good reasons. 1 - Prevent that mid-morning energy slump! Do this by having a satisfying breakfast including protein and healthy fats. To keep your energy revved up and stable all day, it's great to start out with a balanced breakfast. I'm not ....

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  • The Silent Treatment: How to Quiet that Devilish Inner Voice

    Everyone has positive intentions when it comes to their health and wellness. You set some great exciting goals. You buy some new workout gear or new membership. You block the time on your calendar. You have great expectations. And then... That little voice pops up. Usually not in the first day or two, usually after something a little bit more emotional or one of those longer days that just makes you a bit more tired. And it whispers tiny snippets of negativity. "You don't really need to do that today you can do it tomorrow." Or "One little bite won't hurt." Or "Go ahead and sleep in you can get to your workout later today." You all know what I'm talking about. It's that devilish ....

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  • Why Fad Diets Fail

    Admit it. You've given in to the hype about the 3-Day cleanse or the 7-Day Flat Belly diet or the Atkins diet or any other of the various “quick fix” diets. You probably tried more than a few because you always hoped that the promises they made would ring true. Even though a tiny little voice in the back your head was telling you “that's not the way your body works.” So how do we get ourselves off the fad diet roller coaster? Let's start with being honest with ourselves. When you do one of those crash diets, you're actually losing a little bit of water weight and maybe even some precious muscle mass along with it if you restrict your calories too far. Is that ....

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  • Fitness On The Go

    Congratulations to you! You settled into a great routine at home that includes eating healthy foods, planning ahead and fitting in your workout. And then... You have a trip either for family or for work. Now what? Is all your hard work down the drain? Absolutely not! Healthy living is all about habits that you can maintain and it’s about making smart choices regardless of the situation. Here's a few quick tips for staying fit on the go. First - Plan ahead! Depending on where your destination is you can plan ahead by identifying when and how you will stick to your health and fitness goals. Does this mean packing workout gear so that you can use a hotel gym? Does this ....

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  • Overcoming Obstacles

    Wouldn't it be amazing if everything in your life went perfectly according to plan? How easy would that be for you? Sounds awesome right? Well as we all know, that doesn't happen. Life Is Life, and there will always be things outside of your control. It's often too easy to let these little hiccups throw you off but there's a few simple tricks you can use to help yourself stay on track towards your goals and towards making intentionally healthy choices. Accept the situation. While having to deal with it may be stressful, you don't have to let it rule you. And I promise whatever happened, it's not the end of the world. This is where a little bit of self-awareness and also ....

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  • June Client of the Month: Leslie Jones

    June Client of the Month!
    Name: Leslie Jones
    Age: 37
    Occupation: Trident Tech IT Department
    This past April, Leslie Jones came in for a consultation. She was hesitant because she had tried other things on her own to lose weight and get healthy but never really got the results she wanted. Fast forward two months and Leslie was already down 28.2lbs and 13.75 inches! She was ecstatic! She kept going, ate healthier, cut out all the sugary drinks and stayed active both in and outside the studio. Five weeks later, Leslie was down another 17.8lbs and 11.75 inches.. bringing her down a total of 46bs and 25.5 inches!! Leslie is a serious rockstar and we’re so proud of her ....

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  • Matching Effort to Results

    How hard do you really need to work to reach your goals? I think there's a lot of confusion about how much effort a person needs to put into their health and fitness routine. The truth is it all depends on their individual goal. The amount of work required for somebody to be completely shredded and ripped and ready to go on a bodybuilding stage is completely different than the amount of effort necessary for somebody to feel confident in a pair of jeans and have the energy to chase after their kids. The degree of difficulty is infinitely different the more specific your goals are. I think it's important to get real about these different levels of effort. Many people seem to think ....

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  • Get Clear And Get Committed

    I think it's time we had a heart-to-heart. You say you want to change your body, your fitness or your lifestyle and you take a few steps in the right direction but then you still allow yourself to slowly slide back into old habits, back into excuses, back into the way things have always been. And then you wonder why that fitness program isn't working or that exercise routine isn't working or that diet plan isn't working. I'm here to tell you fitness is something you're going to have to commit to. You may not want to hear it. And I know we're proponents of everything in moderation and the 80-20 rule, but let's be honest with ourselves. “Moderation” sometimes becomes something that ....

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  • Joyce Martell promoted to Community Growth Manager

    PRESS RELEASE- reFORM Studios Personal Training announces new addition to Management Team reFORM Studios Personal Training has announced that Joyce Martell has joined their team as the Community Growth Manager and Lead Personal Trainer. Joyce has been working as a trainer in the Summerville location for just under a year, and in her new position she will incorporate her varied marketing and business skills as well as continue to providing semi-private personal training to clients. Joyce brings a fresh perspective of personal training and business, having worked in the retail and healthcare industries and most recently completing the Fitness Specialist Program at Trident ....

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  • Lift Like A Lady

    Don't be afraid to lift heavy, ladies! I wanted to follow up on my post about getting rid of the light, cutesy paperweights as part of your workout routine. I still find that so many women are afraid to lift heavy for fear of what they think it will do to their bodies. So I have a news flash for you - you're already lifting heavy in your everyday lives and you don’t even realize it!
    I’ve got a couple of great examples for you. Care to t ake a guess at how much your purse weighs?? I have seen so many women I know lugging around 10, 15 and 20 pound purses filled with everything under the sun. Most of us do this every single day without a second thought. So if your dumbbells weigh ....

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  • Break Up With Your Paper Weight

    Ladies, it's time we break up with our cutesy, little dumbbells. I'm serious. When it comes to strength training and fitness, there is absolutely no need for women to be treated like delicate, dainty flowers. We don't need cute, little workout equipment. Cute workout clothes, on the other hand, are totally acceptable! But we've done ourselves a disservice by buying into the notion that little 3-pound and 5-pound weights are appropriate for a woman, so we don't get too “masculine”. I'm here to tell you that biology says otherwise. And not only that, but there's an empowering feeling that goes along with lifting some real weight. You discover quite literally your own strength, but it ....

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  • Opportunity Knocked - Founder Katrina Featured in Pink Magazine

    reFORM Studios Founder Katrina Cobb was honored as one of the Featured Women in Pink Magazine's May Charleston issue! "Change is the one constant in life. Some people adapt easily. Others do not. But Katrina Cobb, owner of Reform Studio in North Charleston, sees change as opportunity, which has become her life’s theme."... Read more Pick up your May copy at newsstands around Charleston for free, and read the online version here ! ....

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  • Starving for Success

    It’s the good old “Age of the internet”! So much information at your fingertips. And in many cases this is a very great thing when it comes to health and fitness and particularly dieting advice. While the internet does contain some great information, it also seems to be perpetuating many myths when it comes to your health and fitness. The truth is that people put all sorts of ideas and thoughts up without ever fact checking to see if they're correct. With the plethora of “advice” the internet has, it’s actually helped to keep some dieting and fat loss myths alive. One of the biggest myths that we see people get caught up in when they're trying to change their habits and lose some ....

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  • 133lbs Lighter in 28 Days

    Recently, one of Charleston’s most well-known personal training studios, reFORM Studios, helped local company Stealth Concealment Solutions take on the TakeDown Challenge™, a nationally recognized nutrition weight loss program. As the first corporate wellness TakeDown Challenge™ participants in the Charleston region, they have some impressive statistics to share. As a group of just 15 participants they lost a combined 133 lbs! Here’s what Elizabeth M, the “biggest loser”, has to say about her experience with Challenge: “I noticed that my energy levels were low and the stress I was constantly under was taking a toll on my joints. I really wanted to improve my overall health and ....

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  • Cookin' Up Some Abs

    Are ABS really made in the kitchen? If you've been following the fitness industry for the last couple years you may have seen this or other similar quotations. The great debate is almost as big as the age old question, “which came first the chicken or the egg”. So what really is more important in terms of getting the body that you want? Is it healthy nutrition or a is it a solid exercise program? The truth is you're going to need both. But to really burn the body fat and change your body composition so you can see all the muscles you're working on with your fitness routine, you absolutely need to be paying attention to nutrition. It's just pure science, plain and simple, the only way to ....

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  • The Right Fit: Choosing the Trainer for You

    You finally decided to get off the hamster wheel of diet and exercise programs that start and stop and start and stop. You’ve decided to hire a personal trainer to help hold you accountable and ensure you reach your goals. This is a great first step! But now what?? Most of us don't have a personal trainer in our back pocket. For some of us we may not even know where to look. So here's a short list of steps to help ensure you find a great personal trainer that will help you and be a great fit. Step 1
    - Do your research. Just because someone is a trainer at a gym or says they are a trainer on social media, does not
    make them an excellent
    personal ....

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  • 5 Steps to Becoming a Personal Trainer

    How to become a life-changing personal trainer in 5 easy steps. Step 1) Pursue another normal career, work like crazy, get stressed out, get unhappy. Put your health and fitness on the back-burner and experience all the pain and added stress it creates. Well, maybe this isn't really the first step but that was my first step. And it's been an important part of my journey and also the journey of many of my coaches and best personal trainers that I know. Step2) Decide that you are ready for change. Research health and fitness, research exercise science, research good nutrition. Put yourself through the program and maybe even hire a personal trainer. Start to take small steps and ....

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  • Non-Scale Victories

    There are many reasons to start a fitness or nutrition program. The most popular we hear about are losing weight or feeling better about ourselves in terms of body confidence. But what about reducing certain health risks associated with an unhealthy lifestyle? For some of us, myself included, it's often the internal benefits of healthy living that tend to be the most important goals. One area in specific that living healthy can have a positive impact is your heart health. There are some schools of thought that believe we are given a set number of heartbeats for a lifetime and we know when we're stressed and unhealthy our resting heart rate is actually increased, so if in fact we only ....

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  • March Client of the Month for North Charleston

    March Client of the Month for North Charlest
    Name: Elizabeth Gilbert
    Age: 45
    Occupation: Super Mom of 2

    Elizabeth has been training with us for almost a year and half and has gradually been making amazing progress! It wasn’t until Fall of 2015 when she really learned how to balance out healthy eating along with staying active that the pounds really started to come off! She is now down 40 pounds and 25 inches!!! In her words, “I’ve lost a toddler!” She is able to be the physically active mom she wants to be to her two children and continues to work towards her goals!
    What made you decide you needed to start a program?
    At the time my 2 year old ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - 4 Weeks to a More Confident You

    4 Weeks to a More Confident You

    Calling all Charleston Ladies that want to feel SEXY, STRONG, and ABLE TO TAKE ON THE WORLD! We've revamped and are relaunching our Fit and Lean Project for 12 local women! What is the Fit and Lean Project? It's a 4 week program designed to have you feeling more fit, more confident, and more energetic in just 28 days. The best part is no gimmicks, shakes, potions or pills are involved- just quick and fun workouts (just 30 minutes!), simple lifestyle and nutrition tips, and the support of an all star team of trainers who truly understand what you're working towards. You get to train with us 3x per week in either of our private studios in Park Circle or Summerville. The project kicks ....

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  • You Are Not Your Stretch Marks

    Ugh! Stretch marks! Those unsightly, daily reminders of how “flawed” your body is. This might sound a bit dramatic but my guess is it’s not far off from what goes through your mind when you see or think of your stretch marks. Last week on the blog we shared founder Katrina's personal story about a 10-year struggle with body image as she worked her way back to health and fitness. Regardless of your age, shape or size, body image is a real challenge for many women. Stretch marks are one of those challenges because there has been such a stigma built up regarding them. Here's the truth: YOU are NOT your stretch marks. Stretch marks are like any other scar. They are merely a ....

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  • Getting reFORMED: Katrina's Personal Success Story

    Last week we shared a little bit about the Grassroots origins of Reform Studios. (If you haven't read that blog post click here à

    ) But we thought it only fitting to tell you a little bit more about founder Katrina's story because that's a bigger piece of the puzzle. Here it is in her own words. "The truth is, I am every single one of our clients. What I mean by that is I went through a long period where I was overweight, I was not eating healthy and I was living out of a suitcase on the road working too many hours. I developed a really negative body image because of how I used to live. I always compared myself to my former athletic teenage years ....

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  • Grassroots: How reFORM Studios Got It's Start

    We're not yet historic, but we're making history! It’s easy to forget how quickly we’ve grown as a business until we’re reminded by someone who asks us how this whole reFORM Studios thing got started. This week we thought we’d share a little snippet of our studio history. reFORM Studios is a 100% homegrown, local, woman-owned business. It began almost by accident when the founder Katrina made a career change and soon found herself training clients in a park on her own and looking for a home for a new idea. Flashback to about 6 years ago when Katrina was working in an architecture firm in San Francisco. Her younger sister, who was a personal trainer at the time, had moved ....

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  • North Charleston February Client of the Month

    North Charleston February Client of the Month Name: Nicole Joyner Age: 45 Occupation: HR Specialist for CCSD Nicole has been training with us for 6 months and during that time has taken control of her underactive thyroid by getting healthy and in shape. She is down 15 pounds and 15.75 inches and feels better OVERALL. With her outstanding progress, we are honored to name her our North Charleston Client of the Month for February!! What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    My weight was steadily going up because of an under-active thyroid and I needed some guidance as well as education about how to get it under control. What results have you ....

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  • Summerville's February Client of the Month

    Summerville's February Client of the Month!
    Name: Stacey Orton Age:38 Occupation: Mom of 2 Stacey initially joined us back in November for our Skinny Jeans Challenge where she lost 2 inches in just a month and became our Skinny Jeans Winner. With the goals of gaining strength and losing more inches she decided to commit to a longer program. Stacey is definitely committed to her goals and since November has lost 3.5 inches (over 3 inches from her waist alone) and 5.23% body fat. We are so happy we could help her in her fitness journey and we can't wait to see more progress from her. Congratulations Stacey on being our February Client of the Month! ....

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  • Accountability: Tie Commitment to Results

    I'm not sure how or when it happened in our culture but somewhere along the line we decided that we needed to be a sort of one-woman army. That we had to be a “do it all ourselves”, “don't need help from anybody”, “I can handle everything on my own” kind of Amazonian warriors. We started to believe that asking for help is a sign of weakness rather than a sign of strength. And I think this strange cultural idiosyncrasy is just one more thing holding each of us back from reaching our goals and our true potential. Think about it. It’s impossible to do everything on your own, right? Instead of trying to “reinvent the wheel” wouldn’t it make more sense to use proven methods, have ....

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  • Gratitude: The Best Attitude

    Continuing with the theme of taking better care of yourself and showing yourself a little bit more love, one of the ways that we could do this is in managing our levels of stress better. Admit it, we all carry a lot of stress on a daily basis, some of us just happen to be better at finding ways to manage it than others. Everyone handles stress differently, so rather than tell you to go for a run or workout or meditate as a means of managing your stress, today I want to share with you something even simpler, that anybody can do, anywhere, in just a few minutes. This could have a profound effect upon your overall stress levels. What is this little stress busting miracle? It’s ....

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  • Banish Negative Self-Talk

    It's February, the time for love is here and spring will be here before we know it. Now, whether you're single, in a relationship, just got out of a relationship or “it’s complicated”, it's time for us to address the elephant in the room. I'm talking about how you treat yourself regardless of your relationship status. Speaking specifically about all of the negative self-talk that has become such a commonplace problem in our culture. It's true what they say, that before you can love anyone else, you really ought to start by loving yourself. But we all have that little voice in our head constantly belittling or diminishing ourselves and our accomplishments. You aren’t the first person ....

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  • F.L.Y: First Love Yourself

    It’s February, love is in the air, Hallmark is going crazy and everything is pink and red. So much attention is focused on romantic love this time of year in the fitness coaching world that, just for a moment, we’d like to focus on self-love
    . Because let's be honest you must love yourself first before you can truly be able to give of yourself to somebody else. And while loving yourself might sound easy in theory, sometimes it's much more difficult in practice. Part of loving yourself is accepting that it's okay to want to move forward and
    letting go of the fear of moving backwards. One way in particular in which we see women sabotaging themselves and demonstrating a ....

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  • First reBOOT Obstacle Course of 2016

    Our first reBOOT Obstacle Course of 2016 was a SUCCESS! We had a great turn out for the cool, brisk Saturday morning that it was and everyone who attended was pumped and ready to crush the course. We mapped out a 1.5 mile course that started at our studio and took our participants around the half mile Park Circle, finishing back at our studio. We had a total of 12 obstacles throughout the course that included everything from bench step-ups to bear crawls and crab walks to various exercises in between and ended with a final sprint to the finish through several tires. By the end of the course, participants were dripping beads of sweat, breathing heavy and chugging water! We loved seeing all ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - January Client of the Month for Summerville

    January Client of the Month for Summerville

    Summerville Client of the Month for January - Dana Eilrich
    Name: Dana Eilrich
    Age: 42
    Occupation: Operations Officer

    We welcomed Dana to reFORM Studios in September 2105 with her goals of losing weight and inches after recovering form neck surgery in June of last year. Since joining us she has lost over 4.6lbs, 10 inches (including 3 inches from her waist) and dropping 3.62% of body fat!! Not only are we impressed with her progress but we are delighted to be a part of her journey. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I was recovering from neck surgery and needed to lose weight and inches. What results have you ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - North Charleston January Client of the Month

    North Charleston January Client of the Month

    North Charleston Client of the Month of January is . . . Kim Stephens!!!
    Name: Kim Stephens
    Age: 45
    Occupation: Senior Designer at Live Oaks Consultant
    In May, Kim joined our studio with the goal of wanting to fit back into clothes that she outgrew. Fast forward some months later and she has trimmed off 8.5 lbs, 11.2 inches (3 inches from her waist alone!) and she’s down 5% of her body fat! She’s also back into a pair of jeans that she hasn’t been able to put on for 3 years! We’re so proud of Kim and all that she’s accomplished so far. She continues to kick butt in all her workouts both in the studio and at home. We cannot wait to see what else she ....

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  • Planning & Time Management: The Recipe for Success

    What would you guess is the number one obstacle we see, as fitness professionals, why people cannot reach their health and fitness goals? Would you think its problems eating and not knowing what to do? The truth is the number one challenge we see with our clients every day is time. It all comes down to time management. Proper time management skills can make you more efficient and make your day smoother. But it's tougher to accomplish that it may seem. We live in a very hectic world and there's always things coming out of left field that we feel we absolutely need to handle. Combine that with years of bad habits and we have the recipe for disaster. We also are not making ....

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  • MyFitnessPal

    Whether you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) person or you go the route of working with the coach, making the decision to change your health for the better is the first step towards a big lifestyle change. So congratulations if you’ve decided it’s something you’re going to work on and improve this year. But where do you go from there? If you're on your own, one of the simplest tools when it comes to healthy weight loss and making serious, healthy changes is to start with a food journal. While many people enjoy the process of writing things down using paper and pen, a tool that comes in handy (and tends to be more convenient for a modern, very connected culture) is an app called ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - New Year, New Goals

    New Year, New Goals

    It's a new year and so of course it's a time where everybody starts to look at what goals, milestones and accomplishments they want to achieve this year. I want to challenge that notion today and encourage you to think differently about how you set goals for the New Year. Rather than looking at one specific accomplishment you’d like to achieve, be it to lose 30 pounds or a complete a half marathon or save $5,000, I want to encourage you to think about what your life would look like in the grand scheme of things—if you made 2016 the best year of your life. Can you envision that? What would that even look like? What would your typical day look like? How would you feel on December 31, ....

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  • 2015: A Year in Review

    2015 was quite the banner year when we look back at how far reFORM Studios has grown, especially here in the Lowcountry. Crazy to think that just a year ago we only had about 60 clients. We had one small studio with just a handful of trainers. In just 12 months we have accomplished so much. Some of my favorite highlights include bringing on two new trainers at North Charleston, Christy and Tanisha, who actually started off as a client herself. It's so fulfilling to have our clients now helping inspire others change their lives. We also added an Award-Winning National Nutrition program to our menu. And in just 2 challenges, we helped the Lowcountry lose over 500 pounds! We ....

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  • Summerville's Mr. December - Client of the Month!

    The Summerville Client of the Month is Marty! (One of our TWO Mr. Decembers!) Name: Martin "Marty" Rhodes Age: 51 Occupation: Sales Representative for Cheerwine After seeing his wife's progress at the studio, Marty decided to hop on the healthy train and get back in shape! He joined the Summerville reFORM family in July and since then has made some serious progress! He's lost a whopping 31.2 lbs and 17.5 inches (6.5 from his waist and 4.75 from his chest!) He's also noticed that his golf swing and range in motion has gotten much better due to the strength training at the studio. We're so incredibly proud to call Marty our Summerville Mr. December! What made you decide you ....

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  • North Charleston's Mr. December - Client of the Month!

    The North Charleston Client of the Month is Rob!
    (One of our TWO Mr. December's!) Name: Rob Cluxton Age:42 Occupation: Chief Operating Officer at Joye Law Firm Rob joined reFORM Studios in August with a goal in mind to lose as much weight and inches as he could before his wedding in October. To supplement his training program, he also joined the TakeDown Challenge in September. By the time his wedding came around, Rob had already dropped a significant amount of weight and inches and looked so great celebrating! In total, Rob has lost 30lbs, 14.75 inches and just under 5% body fat! We're so proud of him and can't wait to help him reach his bigger goals! What made you decide ....

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  • Summerville's November Client of the Month!

    Name: Juli Levine
    Age: 40
    Occupation: Retired US Navy
    Juli is one of our Founding Members at our Summerville studio location and when she first joined, she was hesitant but was pleasantly surprised by the crazy results she was getting from her personal training program! Since joining us in August, Juli has already dropped over TEN (yes, 10) inches overall, 4 of which came from her waist alone PLUS 12 lbs total! She's been kicking butt in all of her workouts and not only has she lost pounds and inches, but she's gained some serious strength: her first recorded plank with us was only for 1.5 minutes and now she's able to hold one for over 4 (with goals of getting it to over 5 ....

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  • N. Charleston November Client of the Month

    The November Client of the Month in North Charleston is
    Christina Anderson!
    Name: Christina Anderson
    Occupation: Environmental Engineer
    Age: 28
    Christina has been training with us at our North Charleston studio for 3 months now and in this short amount of time, she has made some serious progress! She’s down 7.8lbs and 11.75 inches (5.5 inches are from her waist alone!), bringing her body fat percentage down by 5.44%! She kicks serious butt in all of her workouts and we’re so proud of her. Read more below to learn more about her journey with us... What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I felt like I was in a slump. I had just moved to ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - reFORM Studios Personal Training celebrates Ribbon Cutting

    reFORM Studios Personal Training celebrates Ribbon Cutting

    Expansion is in support of reFORM Studios' mission to help 300 locals live healthier every month
    For Immediate Release Summerville, SC October 20, 2015 Katrina Cobb left a 10 year career in architecture 5 years ago to move cross country and support a younger sister who married into the military, and take the opportunity to reinvent herself and try out a new career path, becoming a personal trainer while working on her own goals of shedding 30 unwanted pounds. In the years since, she has built a thriving personal training practice and found her passion helping others reach their fitness goals and achieve a better quality of life. She founded reFORM Studio Personal Training in ....

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  • Request A Free Consultation

    Ready to make a commitment to yourself and get in the best shape of your life? Request a Free Consultation with a friendly and professional fitness coach! We guarantee you see results with any of our Personal Training Programs.
    .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .footer, #mainContent { text-align: left; } .beta-base .preheader, .beta-base .header, .beta-base .body, .beta-base .sidebar, .beta-base .leftSidebar, .beta-base .rightSidebar, .beta-base .footer { margin: 0; padding: 0; border: none; white-space: normal; line-height: normal; } .beta-base .title, .beta-base .subtitle, .beta-base .text, .beta-base img { margin: 0; ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - September Client of the Month is Amanda!

    September Client of the Month is Amanda!

    Name: Amanda Baker Age: 27 Occupation: Store Manager at Starbucks Amanda first joined reFORM Studios as a Challenger in the May 2015 TakeDown Challenge. In the 4 weeks of the TakeDown Challenge, she lost 17lbs and 6 inches, crowning her our "biggest loser"! She won a 28 day Kickstart Semi-Private Personal Training program as well as a membership into the TakeDown Lifestyle nutrition program. She knew that she was in it for the long-haul and upgraded her training membership to a 6 month package and is now down over 27 lbs and 17.5 inches in just 5 months! Amanda continues to kick butt in all her workouts and even signed up for another TakeDown Challenge with her sister to try to claim ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - August ClientS of the Month - Chris and Amy

    August ClientS of the Month - Chris and Amy

    Chris & Amy Cox Relationship:
    Happily Married ;) Ages:
    39 & 38 Occupations:
    SAIC Contractor and HR at South State Bank You may recognize Amy as our November client of the month but she and her husband (who joined in March 2015) have been crushing their workouts both in and outside of our studio that we had to crown them the August ClientS of the Month! This power couple has lost an amazing total of 63.4 lbs and 50.25 inches together--that's INCREDIBLE! And they did it by working out two times a week with Maggie in the studio, participating in our weekly Saturday reBOOT Workouts and also creating workouts for themselves at home.. they are a true inspiration and ....

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  • reFORM Trainers show off their Funk!

    Per request of our reFORMERS, our trainers put together a fun, heart-pumping workout to the hit, "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars! CLICK HERE to view the workout video!
    (Follow us on YouTube for more fun workout videos) Workout Breakdown:
    High Knees Touchdown with Two Hops Jumping Jacks Skaters Burpees Squat with punches Knee Chop Standing Bicycle Shoulder Taps Cross Climbers Burpees Squat with Punches Knee Chop Standing Bicycle Shoulder Taps Up-Downs Push-ups Knee Chop Standing Bicycle Jumping jacks Skaters Jumping jacks Skaters Be sure to follow Christy on the left for the modified options of the workout, otherwise, follow Heather and Kirsten for the the regular version! Enjoy :-) ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - July Client of the Month - Teresa

    July Client of the Month - Teresa

    The July Client of the Month is Teresa K! Name: Teresa Kizer Age: Occupation: Financial Management Specialist at Department of State Teresa came to reFORM Studios in December with the purchase of one of our 12 Days of Christmas specials and since then has been chipping away pounds and inches every month! in the 7 months she's been training with Maggie, she's lost a total of 30lbs, 27.25 inches and 12.17% body fat! She kicks butt in all of her workouts and we're so proud of the progress she's made, but mostly excited to hear that she is now officially off of her blood pressure medications and is now running! Way to go, Teresa! Read more below for her story: What made you decide ....

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  • New Website for Reform Studios

    Check out our new website for Reform Studios!
    We proudly serve the Charleston, Summerville, Goose Creek and Hanahan areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal training, Nutrition, Corporate Wellness and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Twitter Instagram ....

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  • When Working Out Is Too Much Work Pt2

    When did movement stop being fun? A personal trainer's perspective
    When did exercise and moving our wonderful, amazing bodies become such a chore to be dreaded? When did it stop being play, being sport, being fun? I wanted to follow up my previous post about working out being too much work with a different link of thinking. I believe some of the apprehensions adults have with joining an exercise program has to do with the culture we’ve created about doing everything as aggressively as possible. The mantras of ‘No Pain, No Gain’ and ‘Still Sore & Back For More’ have painted fitness with the image that if it is to be effective, it must be sweat-pouring, nauseating, deblitatingly ....

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  • When Working Out Is Too Much Work

    When Working Out Is Too Much Work : A Personal Trainer's Perspective
    I happened to be attending a local employer’s health fair last week, to meet with the employees and discuss their health and fitness goals, answer their burning workout questions, and even do a giveaway for a free month of personal training. And while I had some great conversations with some of the people I met, I have to confess the day made me a little sad. So many of the people passing by my table where I was offering a few month of training took one look at the banner and then, in an embarrassed or defensive kind of way, proclaimed that what I was offering was ‘too much work.’ That fitness is too much work. That ....

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  • Our Mission

    We built this studio with the specific goal of improving health and quality of life for people in the lowcountry, and our core values and our mission are the driving forces behind everything that we do. It's what gets us up out of bed every morning.
    Target Market
    Women 30-55 years old who want to lose 15-50+ pounds and learn how to finally keep it off, and are frustrated feeling like they don't know where to start to make lasting change.
    Company Positioning Statement
    For women 30-55 years old who want to lose 15-50+ pounds and keep it off, reFORM Studios has been voted Charleston's Best Exercise Studio two years in a row for providing a fun fitness community that supports you every step of ....

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  • The reFORM Difference

    reFORM Studios is a different kind of personal training and fitness studio. We aim to make a difference not only for our clients through training, coaching and support, but also to the local community that we are a part of. Among the things that set us apart:
    No big fancy equipment.
    At reFORM Studios, we start by using your own body weight to train you, and focus on core stability, strength, and coordination. We have small equipment we add into your program, but everything you learn here you can use on your own for the rest of your life.
    We are committed to your results,
    and what’s best for you as an individual. We personalize every program for the individual, no cookie-cutter ....

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  • June Client of the Month - Sherri

    The June Client of the Month is Sherri Holden!
    Name: Sherri Holden Age: 45 Occupation: in Weapons Station at SPAWAR Sherri joined the reFORM Studios family in October last year when she hit a plateau in her weightloss journey. Since joining, her body composition has shifted, to say the least, bringing her down THREE pants sizes. She's also improved her strength and endurance while training with us! It's because she continues to kick butt during her workouts and making better, healthier choices when it comes to nutrition (and maybe it's also that she's quite the fitness fashionista--she's got an award to prove it, too!) that we're proud to name her our June Client of the Month! ....

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  • May Client of the Month - Laura

    The May Client of the Month is Laura Shaffer!!

    Laura Shaffer Age:
    30 Occupation:
    Paralegal at Charleston Attorney: Savage Law Firm Laura came to reFORM Studios in October last year, looking for more guidance in her fitness journey. Since joining us, Laura has made some amazing progress! She has lost a total of 23lbs and 13 inches.. her success photos are AMAZING. Read on to find out more about her fitness journey with us! What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    Nothing that I was currently doing on my own was working. I wanted to try something different and I needed the accountability. What results have you achieved since starting your ....

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  • Introducing the 1st Takedown Challenge of Charleston

    reFORM Studios Launches The TakeDown™ Challenge
    Nutrition Program

    For Immediate Release North Charleston, SC.
    – On May 15th, 2015, reFORM Studios, voted Top 5 Best Exercise Studio & Best Personal Trainer consecutively two years, will begin its nationally known weight loss challenge called “The TakeDown™ Challenge.” When people register for their TDC program they will receive menus, a grocery list, easy to follow recipes, free boot camp, and weekly semi-private personal training sessions. The TakeDown Challenge weight loss program is the “new wave” in nutrition. The program is growing across America for two synergistic reasons:
    Participants report getting better results faster

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  • April Client of the Month - Tanisha

    Meet Tanisha Ingram, reFORM Studios April of the Month!
    Tanisha Ingram Age:
    21 Occupation:
    College of Charleston Undergrad Student Tanisha came to reFORM Studios at the end of 2014, looking to live a better lifestyle and change her family tree by being healthier. Since the start of the new year, she has dropped 14lbs and 12 inches total! She's even dropped 6.2% of her body fat! Every month she is constantly improving, pushing herself harder each workout and losing inches! It's because of her amazing results and insane dedication that she is our April Client of the Month! What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I wanted to make a healthy change in my ....

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  • Adopting a Gold Medal Mindset

    Adopting a Gold Medal Mindset

    Lessons learned from Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Pottharst
    Yep, that's me holding an Olympic medal and listening to Aussie Kerri Pottharst talk about developing a Gold Medal Mindset after taking the Bronze in the Atlanta games for beach volleyball. She shared a pretty amazing story with us, from experiencing a catastrophic knee injury playing international indoor volleyball for Australia, to rehabbing her knee slowly and discovering sand volleyball, and then going on to win first a Bronze medal in Atlanta and then a Gold medal in Sydney. Along the way she had a lot of challenges, many of which had to do with her confidence and mindset and that of her teammate ....

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  • The meaning behind reFORM Studios name

    Founder Katrina explains the meaning behind reFORM Studios personal training business name.
    What's in a name? We could call our private personal training studio here in North Charleston any number of things, so why reFORM Studios? And why the 're' in the name? The answer is best explained in a short video clip from Katrina herself! We're nearly celebrating 3 years in business, and have a big goal of helping 300 people in the lowcountry #GetreFORMED in the next 2 years! If you know someone who is ready to reAssess, reBuild, reCreate, or reFORM their health or fitness, tell them to request a private consultation with reFORM Studios! ;) reFORM Studios Personal Training, 1081-B East ....

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  • March Client of the Month - Sara M

    Meet Sara Marion, reFORM Studios February Client of the Month!
    Sara Marion Age:
    29 Sara joined us in July of 2014 in hopes of getting in better shape for her upcoming wedding. Since joining us, she trimmed off 12 inches from her entire body--you can definitely see the difference in her photos! Read more about her journey with us: What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I decided to start a program because I had a little less than a year until my wedding and it was time to get serious. I needed the accountability that a trainer provides. As well as the support and knowledge that comes with that trainer. What results have you achieved since stating ....

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  • The Number One Reason to Commit to a Fitness Program - It is NOT Weight Loss

    #1 is Personal Empowerment!
    Making a commitment to self-care is empowering and affirming
    I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback lately from our personal training clients, and as it happens NONE of the comments have to do with weight loss! "I know I just started, but I already feel so much better." "My family commented that I seem happier." "I look forward to this time, just for me, even if its only 30 minutes. It feels good just to show up." "This is my main source of stress relief and stress management." That's not to say that clients don't come to us for help with losing weight or getting healthier, but I think it's important to note that one of the most immediate and beneficial ....

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  • Personal Training in North Charleston - reFORM Studios - Choose Stress or Choose Gratitude

    Choose Stress or Choose Gratitude

    You have a choice to make: Choose Stress or Choose Gratitude
    I had an interesting conversation with a number of busy professionals last week at a local conference. We were discussing various way to improve their health and fitness, everything from quick bursts of exercise to better nutrition on the go. One woman brought up the fact that she has a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, and asked if I had any tips because she felt that her sleep habits were holding her back from reaching other fitness goals. This is actually a very common challenge for many of the personal training clients we work with, but one not often discussed. Trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing about ....

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  • My Sweaty Valentine Recap

    My Sweaty Valentine Workout was a hit!
    If you missed the My Sweaty Valentine Partners Workout on Saturday, you missed a really good one! We had 34 participants, so 17 pairs of couples, friends, coworkers or new acquaintances, getting their sweat on! Every single exercise that the lovely Heather Bohl and Christy MacKellar put together for the day required a partner and trus t . For example, one partner held a wall-sit while the other partner did tricep dips on the wall-sitter's knees! Another one of the fun partner exercises was the push-up squats: one partner was in push-up position with their feet held up wheel-barrel style by the other partner who did squats as the other did ....

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  • February Client of the Month - Jennifer F

    Meet Jennifer Ferrell, reFORM Studios February Client of the Month!
    Jennifer Ferrell Age:
    31 Occupation:
    The Family Circle Cup Stadium Box Office Jennifer came to reFORM Studios as an avid runner, wanting to beat her personal records. So far she has completed 5 half marathons, 2 10K's and far too many 5K's to count! Her goal for 2015 is to complete a half marathon each month! While with us, Jen gained muscle, lost 3lbs, 5.5" and reduced her body fat percentage by 6.5%! She's also recently beat her personal record for half marathons by 24 minutes!! What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I was looking for a supplement to my running schedule. My race times ....

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  • Be Our Sweaty Valentine

    Join our Free Partner Workout Saturday Feb 14th at 10am and Be Our Sweaty Valentine!
    Share the LOVE of fitness and health with whoever is an important part of your life, and invite them to Be Your Valentine/GALentine by joining our fun FREE partner exercise group workout Saturday, February 14th at 10AM at ReFORM Studios Personal Training! If you don't have a friend/neighbor/family member/spouse to bring, we can pair you up with some of our fabulous singles for the exercises--no problem! Skip the typical breakfast in bed (but not breakfast!) and head over to reFORM Studios for a fun workout to kick your weekend off right. Every exercise we do will be designed to work with a partner for ....

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  • 5 Keys to Success in Fitness - and Life

    Here are 5 Keys to Success for both Fitness and Life goals
    Yikes- it's February already! What happened to the new year and all the excitement to make change in 2015? Many people set out with grand ambitions every new year, only to realize that by February they have slipped back into old ways and old habits. So what gives? What separates the small few who actually succeed when they set new goals or undertake new challenges, from those who seem destined to start and stop every time they make a resolution? While reasons vary, one thread is common- CHANGE is HARD! We are human, we are creatures of habit, and with change comes fear- fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown. In ....

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  • January Client of the Month - Ashley

    Meet Ashley Boyd, reFORM Studios Client of the Month for January!
    Ashley Boyd Age:
    30 Occupation:
    Office Manager, Title Clerk, and Floorplan Manager at Coliseum Motor Cars, and Mom In the 9 months that Ashley has been training with us, she dropped 16 pounds, 15 inches and decreased her body fat percentage by 7.11%
    Continue reading to find out more about Ashley's story and progress with reFORM Studios Personal Training. What made you decide you wanted/needed to start a program?
    I had starting walking on my own after my second child’s birth but I hit a plateau after losing 30 lbs and I still wanted to lose at least another 30 pounds! My sister-in-law was having amazing ....

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  • Get into the right Mindset for 2015

    Harness the power of mindset to achieve your goals in 2015!
    The mind is a powerful thing. From coaching practices to pop culture, the power of mindset and your personal belief systems is everywhere, from saying mantras and affirmations in the mirror to the more cerebral ideas like the movies Inception and the Matrix. "Your mind makes it real." -Morpheus, The Matrix Yes, your mindset can be either your greatest asset in achieving your goals, or your greatest handicap. A positive, open, resilient mindset happens when you tell yourself "You can, you will, you're capable, you're worth it." and so on. A negative, closed, or limiting mindset happens when the thoughts in your head are telling ....

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  • A Look Back at 2014

    We reflect on the past year with a video to Look Back on 2014!
    Wow... inches lost, pounds lost, challenges reached, feats accomplished, celebrations had... 2014 was pretty amazing! Thanks to everyone who helped to make 2014 so amazing for our studio and our clients! It's been awesome, and we can't wait to see what the future holds! :D Want to be a part of this awesome community?
    Request a free consultation today to learn how we can help you reach your goals! reFORM Studios Personal Training, 1081-B East Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC, 29405 // 843-284-3340 ....

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  • December Client of the Month - Kristin

    Meet Kristin Martinez, reFORM Studios Client of the Month for December! Name:
    Kristin Martinez Age:
    32 Occupation:
    Civilian Pay Technician at US Dept of State, and Mom Kristin has lost 9lbs and an incredible 24 inches (you can see just from looking at her comparison photos!) since beginning training at reFORM Studios Personal Training in North Charleston. She's quietly chipping away at some major progress, shows up regularly to our Saturday morning community workouts on top of her training sessions, and that's why she's our December Client of the Month! Check out her interview and hear from her on her progress. Why did you decide to start a personal training program?
    I've ....

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  • Announcing 6 Week Healthy Basics Cooking and Nutrition Course

    reFORM Studios is hosting chef Ken Immer of Graw Foods for a 6 Week Healthy Basics Cooking & Nutrition course New this January, reFORM Studios has teamed up with professional chef Ken Immer of Graw Foods to offer a seminar and demonstration course to make healthy eating a breeze. For so many people, finding simple ways to eat healthy is the biggest road block to success when wanting to change their health or fitness. From mis-information, to lack of time, to lack of knowledge or ideas in the kitchen, challenges abound in our modern lifestyle. reFORM Studios in North Charleston and local Chef Ken Immer want to change that and make healthy eating simple by starting with the basics! ....

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  • Why Personal Trainers Recommend My Fitness Pal

    Top Reasons Why Personal Trainers Recommend My Fitness Pal Food Journal
    Anyone who has ever considered or researched weightloss or ways to improve your health or fitness has probably come across recommendations to use a food journal of some variety. With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, apps like My Fitness Pal have quickly risen to the top of the recommendation list. So you probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that keeping a food journal, preferably an electronic version on My Fitness Pal, is a requirement for every client of reFORM Studios Personal Training in North Charleston, at least if they want the 100% guarantee of results we offer to apply to their training program. ....

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  • November Client of the Month - Amy

    Congratulations to AmyBryant Cox for being reFORM Studios Client of the Month for November!

    Introducing Amy, our Client of the Month
    Amy Bryant Cox Age:
    38 Occupation:
    HR Business Partner Amy joined reFORM Studiosafter feeling lazy, weak, and her clothes were just a little too tight. She knew that she wanted someone to help her through the journey to a healthier lifestyle. In 12 weeks since starting with reFORM Studios Personal Training, Amy has lost 24.5 inches and 20.8 pounds!
    She dropped a pants size and has gone from barely doing 3 push ups on her toes to doing 15. (which was 5 past her goal she set for herself) While Amy has never had trouble getting good sleep, waking up ....

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  • Food is Not the Enemy

    For weight loss and healthy living, food is not the enemy!
    "Don't eat fat! You are what you eat!" "Only eat gluten free, gluten is making you sick/fat." "Always choose the low calorie option when you want to lose weight." "All natural means its healthy." "Paleo is the way we are supposed to eat, eat like a caveman!" " Eat foods marked as low sugar and no high fructose corn syrup!" "Only eat low carb, carbs make you gain weight." "Don't eat meat, it's too harsh to process." "Juice cleanses are a great weight loss strategy." Are you as tired as I am of ridiculous marketing and media claims about food and how to eat to be at a healthy weight and have a healthy body? Seriously, if you listened ....

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  • Nov 21st is World Hello Day

    Come Say Hello on World Hello Day and earn 1 Week of Personal Training Paid In Full!

    For Immediate Release: reFORM Studios, in recognition of World Hello Day, encourages the community to join in a powerful “Hello” experiment

    Recognized in 180 countries around the globe, World Hello Day, which falls on November 21 st , is a reminder of the power and universality of the word "hello." In celebration reFORM Studios is extending a very special offer in exchange for a gentle request to use the power of the word "hello ."
    World Hello Day was created in 1973 in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in an attempt to promote peace. reFORM Studios is asking ....

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  • October Client of the Month - Rhonda

    Meet Rhonda McKnight, our October Client of the Month!

    Rhonda is an amazing success story and transformation in progress!
    Meet Rhonda McKnight of Charleston! Age:
    43 Occupation:
    Surgery Scheduler/Tech at Eye Center of Charleston
    Rhonda's Transformation Began in Late 2013
    We first met Rhonda when she joined our Saturday morning free group workouts in the fall of 2013. She quickly became a regular at our workouts every Saturday, and continued to slowly make progress on her own towards her health and fitness. She lost an amazing 40lbs on her own during those months!!! Then in July, Rhonda was the lucky winner of our Facebook giveaway for 3 months of personal training! Since then ....

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  • 5 Time Saving Ways to Eat Healthy

    We share 5 time saving ways to eat healthy
    In speaking with both our clients and groups of professionals and community members, the biggest hurdle we hear from people who want to live and eat healthier is TIME! Our society prides itself on being BUSY BUSY BUSY and filling in every possible moment, but in all this hubbub sometimes the simple things like eating healthy get pushed to the wayside. It's not that people don't admit they need to eat healthier, they just feel like they don't have time. We hear this all the time at reFORM Studios Personal Training.
    "I don't have time to cook."
    "I don't have time to grocery shop."
    "I don't have time to get in a real lunch."
    "By the time I get home ....

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  • Get Better Seep - Part 2

    We continue to discuss ways to get better sleep, this time addressing the potential sleep-robber of Caffeine
    A week or so ago we started the discussion on how to get better sleep. We talked about how your phone, tablet, or computer or electronic devices may be affecting your sleep. If you missed that post, check it out here - Tips To Sleep Better Part 1. This week I want to talk about how caffeine affects your sleep.
    How Does Caffeine Affect Your Sleep?
    We as a nation tend to drink a lot of caffeine, whether it be in tea, coffee, soda, or in energy drinks. The US specifically consumes approximately 3x as much caffeine per person as the average in the world. Caffeine is a stimulant and ....

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  • Walking Across Broken Glass

    That Time I Walked Across Broken Glass

    A Lesson In Overcoming Your Fears
    Fear. It affects us all. It holds us back, prevents us from moving forward, from reaching goals, from living up to our potential. It rears its ugly head before moments big and small, whispering discouragement and convincing us not to do that thing we are being asked to do, that we know we should do or we want to do to move on in life or business. Fear used to hold me back too– fear of failure, fear of success, fear of letting go, fear of losing something, just so much fear. I’ve been working for the past few years on letting go of fear in order to live my best, most powerful, and most productive life, and I FINALLY feel ....

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  • Tips to Sleep Better

    A Few Quick and Easy Tips to Sleep Better Every Night -Part 1
    A hot topic among clients at the studio, and even in my personal life, has been the problem of not getting enough sleep nightly. We all KNOW sleep is important, not just for weight loss (it's one of the keys!)but also for your health, productivity, and quality of life! We all know someone in our personal lives who is a totally different person when they have sleep versus when they have not gotten enough. Signs of not getting the rest you need include moodiness or the grumps, having the munchies, brain fogginess, low energy, and a hard time recovering from workouts and every day life. Sound like you? This sounds like most of us! ....

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  • How To Have A Fit Pregnancy

    Tips for staying fit and active during pregnancy
    Congratulations, you just heard the news- you're expecting! But what does this mean for the new fitness habit you've been working on? Can you workout during pregnancy? Should you workout during pregnancy? Yes! In most cases, barring a medical condition, physical activity is recommended during pregnancy, and can even be beneficial to you and your baby. But there are definitely some factors to take into consideration. Here are reFORM Studios, we just celebrated new arrivals to 3 of our fabulous clients in the past couple weeks! We've worked with a number of expecting moms and know there's a lot of questions our there, so here'sa short ....

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  • 30 Day Challenge to Empower Women

    reFORM Studios is issuing a 30 Day Challenge to Charleston are women, to empower them to get the fitness habit, and also empower others in the fight against domestic violence.

    Fitness Expert’s “Biggest Loser” Challenge
    Raises Money For My Sister’s House

    North Charleston, SC
    – Katrina Cobb, owner of reFORM Studios, is challenging the women of the Charleston area to reclaim their bodies, and help raise money for My Sister’s House, a Charleston non-profit that serves victims of domestic violence, by exercising for 30 minutes per day for 30 days with instruction, support, and personal training from her team of fitness experts. The popularity of shows like “The Biggest Loser” has spawned ....

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  • August Client of the Month - Belinda O

    reFORM Studios Client of the Month forAugust 2014 is Belinda Oliver!

    Belindadropped 8.8 lbs and 10 inches since training at reFORM!!!
    We’re happy to introduce reFORM Studios Client of the Month for August, Belinda! Name:
    Belinda Age:
    45 Occupation:
    Resource Teacher Belindastarted training at reFORM Studios inMay of this year. Belinda joined reFORM as part of our Mother's Day Drop a Dress Size in 28 Days Program. She had great results from her first 28 days so she decided to sign up fora three month program. Within the four months training at reFORM,Belinda has lost 8.8 lbs and 10 inches. She is sticking with reFORM and signed up for a 6 month program. We cannot wait to see ....

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  • Reach Your Fitness Goals with the Fitbit Activity Tracker

    Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker
    If you haven’t heard ofFitbit before you may be wondering just what on earth is it. You may have even seen people walking around with funny looking bands on and wondered what they are. Well they are not just a fashion accessory(although fashionistas are getting in on the action! More on that later...)They are actually a reallygreat toolaimed at helping you be more active and achieve your health and fitness goals. So the idea behind them fits right in withour way of thinking here at reFORM Studios. Before you ask, no theFitbit Flex band (shown above, and what I use) does NOT give you electric shocks or anything like that when you are about to eat something ....

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  • The Practice of Gratitude

    Some Thoughts On The Practice of Daily Gratitude As Part of A Healthy Lifestyle
    Normally, I post this about something workout related this time of the month. But today I want to take a break from talking about all the effort you are putting in, and instead focus on gratitude. For most of us, healthy lifestyle is a journey and not a destination, and we won't be to our goals in just a week. But if we make the journey all about the work we're doing, work work work... and never stop to smell the roses and appreciate where we've come, then we're missing out! Icoach oncultivating a positivemindset regularly with allof my clients, and I want to take it one step further and talk about gratitude. ....

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  • The No Excuses 4 Minute Workout- Tabata

    If You Have 4 Minutes, You Can GetA Great Workout in with Tabata HIIT Training!
    Pressed for time? Too busy to workout? Get too bored during your long cardio on the treadmill or elliptical? Well you can throw your excuses out the window because we're sharing a training method with you today that only takes 4 minutes! Yes, 4 minutes! Let us introduce you to a specific type of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) called the Tabata method, named after a Japanese researched by the name of Tabata. Originally created to work with elite speed skaters, this method has been hitting fitness centers and personal training sessions in the past few years with increasing popularity. If you've trained ....

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  • Meet our July Client of the Month - Katherine

    Katherine is an expecting mom and personal training Client of the Month for July!
    Our Client of the Month for July is Katherine S of Hanahan, SC! Katherine has been training at reFORM Studios with Heather since the summer of 2013. She came in because she was planning on expanding her family, and wanted to feel better this time around. She is a great example of how to have a fit pregnancy, and one of a growing handful of expecting clients training with us at reFORM Studios! Here's her perspective on the process of personal training through a pregnancy and her experience at the studio over the past year: Name:
    Katherine S Age:
    39 Occupation:
    Respiratory Therapist, Mother of 2 (soon ....

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  • 7 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy People

    Some Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy People who still want to start their day off on the right foot
    You’ve heard the old adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but your mornings consist of snooze buttons, hurried showers, perhaps getting the kids fed, dressed and off to school, walking the dogs, packing a lunch and a gym bag (if you’re lucky) and hoping your socks match and that you didn’t miss a button on your shirt. With the mad rush that makes up many of our mornings, getting in a healthy breakfast can be a challenge. But starting off your day on a good foot, nutritionally and metabolically speaking, can be a major difference maker in both your energy levels and your ....

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  • Personal Trainer Favorite Fitness Apps

    YourPersonal Trainer's Favorite Fitness Apps
    Learn what fitness apps personal trainer's like to use!
    Fitness- there's an app for that! These days there's an application for your smartphone or tablet for everything from alarm clocks to personal banking, so it's no surprise that there are a lot of apps designed to help you with your health and fitness. But with so many options, which ones are actually really useful and user-friendly for the average person? Here at reFORM Studios Personal Training in North Charleston, we asked our personal trainers which apps they like best, so we can pass the list on to you!
    Here are the current top 6 personal training favorite fitness apps from the crew at ....

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  • June Client of the Month is Stacy P!

    reFORM Studios Client of the Month for June 2014 is Stacy Passailaigue!

    Stacy dropped 9 lbs and 9.5 inches in her first 8 weeks of personal training!
    We're happy to introduce reFORM Studios Client of the Month for June, Stacy! Name:
    Stacy Passailaigue Age:
    54 Occupation:
    Executive Assistant at East Cooper Community Outreach. Stacy started training at reFORM Studios in March of this year. She is three months into her initial 6 month program and is making great progress! Stacy trains with Heather 2x per week. In her first 2 months of personal training,  Stacy dropped 9 lbs and 9.5 inches in 8 weeks!
    She also increased her plank hold from 1:50 to over 4:50. Here's what Stacy had ....

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  • 7 Ways to Stay Motivated

    7 Ways To Stay Motivated On Your Fitness Journey
    Simple tricks for the tough days
    Regardless of if you're just getting started, or you've been following a fitness routine or working towards a health goal for a while, the odds are you've had at least one challenging day in the last week and a half. So today I want to discuss mindset and motivation for a minute. Let's start with a quote from Zig Ziglar: "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily." It's a slightly humorous perspective on the issue of motivation, but absolutely true. The surest way to succeed at any goal is to find a way to stay motivated to reach it, and ....

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  • Are You Using My Fitness Pal Correctly?

    My Fitness Pal is a great free tool for health and fitness tracking, but are you using it correctly?
    The beauty of the digital age we live in is that there are now so many tools available to us on our phones, tablets, or computers to take advantage of as part of a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Journaling your food intake and activity can exponentially increase your odds of reaching a fitness or health goal, and one of our favorite tools for tracking, My Fitness Pal , is free and easy to use. Nevertheless, free tools are only as useful as how well you use them, and there is a correct way to make My Fitness Pal's tracking and calorie recommendations work for you instead of ....

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  • 5 Quick Nutrition Fixes Your Personal Trainer Uses

    5 Easy and Quick Nutrition Fixes for Your Kitchen from a Personal Trainer
    As a personal trainer, we get asked a lot: "Well, what do YOU eat?" A better question is probably "What do you keep in your fridge?" While our answers vary, at reFORM Studios we generally believe in all things in moderation, and that having a plan and being prepared is the best way to achieve success and stay on track when you get busy, distracted, or stressed. It's not always about 'Right or Wrong' foods, but usually about making it easier to choose the best option in any given situation. Even so, there are a handful of 'go-to' quick fixes to keep stocked in your kitchen that make eating healthy as a busy ....

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  • New Running Group Training- YOrun Accelerator

    YOrun Accelerator Running Group Training
    Get on the Fast Track to Fitness!
    Are you feeling Slow, Heavy and Out of Shape? Escape the GRAVITY of Your Couch, and Remember What It Feels Like To Be An ATHLETE! Join the YOrun Accelerator Group Training
    and get on the Fast Track to Fitness again! With the YOrun Accelerator Running Group Training program, which begins June 9th, 2014, you can:
    Make Running Feel Easier Again
    Improve Your Endurance & Health
    Shed A Few Extra Pounds
    Intervals Are NOT Your Everyday Group Run
    Enjoy The Group Support & Have FUN! This special running group training is only available during the summer so call now to reserve your space at ....

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  • Meet Our May Clients of the Month, Todd and Kathy

    May Client Of The Month Duo, Todd and Kathy
    This May, we've selected this dynamic duo to share our Client Of The Month honors! Todd G and Kathy S train together, race together, and now are running faster than ever in their lives, having achieved PRs in a recent 5k together! Todd and Kathy both work fulltime in the healthcare profession here in Charleston, and have been training twice a week with Bubba here at the studio for the past 3 months. Though they were both active before training, Todd and Kathy felt their training was one-dimensional, and they wanted to improve their sports performance. Todd is an active soccer player, and wanted to be more in shape to improve his soccer ....

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  • Free Obstacle Course Fun Run/Walk on Saturday May 17th

    Join us for our version of an obstacle course fun run/walk around Park Circle!
    Our regular free group workout at 10am will be replaced Saturday, May 17, 2013 with an obstacle course workout! We’ll be guiding you over 12+ obstacles/exercises over 2 miles (2.5-3 for advanced) for a fun traveling workout! We’ve got 3 different difficulty levels for every obstacle, for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, that you can choose from. And walking between obstacles is fine for non runners, as we’ve got plenty of time to finish the course during our normal hour workout. RSVP on Facebook  so we can station our trainers around the course and plan for numbers. As always, eat a good breakfast, ....

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  • The Best Mother's Day Present

    Give mom the best Mothers Day Present this year

    Quality Time while you Drop A dress Size With Mom in 28 Days!
    I think you’ll agree that our mothers are some of the greatest, if not THE greatest people in the world. They have been there for us since day we were born and have continued to support us to this very day. Do you struggle to think of a mother’s day gift each year? Looking for something a little more meaningful than that nice box of chocolates and indulgent meal that you seem to treat her to every year? Would you like to give your mom a gift that will help her look and feel better than she has in years? How about a gift that allowed you to spend more quality bonding time ....

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  • Meet Dianne, our April Client of the Month!

    Capt. Dianne Hanley is reFORM Studios Client of the Month for April!
    Dianne is a Captain in the US Air Force, and just completed her first 3 months of training at reFORM Studios, and her results were so fantastic, we had to make her the Client of the Month for April! We wanted to wait until the end of the month to share with you, so we could include her most recent PT test results, and we're so glad we did! [caption id="attachment_1855" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Dianne before and after 3 months of training[/caption] What she accomplished in 3 short months training 2x per week with Heather:
    Her 3 min step test for cardiovascular health when from the Poor category to Above ....

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  • Improve Sleep for Better Health

    Sleep Your Way to Better Health!
    Did you know that sleep contributes to weight loss? It’s true! When you don't get enough sleep, leptin (the hormone that regulates feeling full) decreases, and grehlin  (the hormone that regulates hunger) increases. Additionally, your basal metabolic rate (energy expenditure) decreases, meaning your body conserves energy and saves calories to help you function. Improve your sleep with these 8 tips:
    Establish a routine. Try to find relaxing habits before bed.
    Keep a regular schedule. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
    Cool off- keeping the room temperature low enhances melatonin production.
    Avoid eating right before sleep. Aim ....

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  • The Best Workout in Charleston!

    reFORM Studios Free Saturday Bootcamp voted the Best Workout in Charleston!
    So the votes are tallied, and the Best of Charleston 2014 by the Charleston City Paper is now on newsstands, so we can share that we made the top 5 but didn't take home the top honors for Best Exercise Studio or Best Personal Trainer. (But we feel confident with your support we'll be at the top of the ranks next year!) We did however win this Critics Choice Honor: Best Workout to Tell Yourself You're Going to Try Next Week for our FREE Saturday Morning Bootcamp!
    SO we hope you'll follow the advice of the Critics at the City Paper, and come try us out the best workout in Charleston for FREE on Saturdays at 10am! ....

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  • Meet Our March Client of the Month

    Marie Mixson is our March Client of the Month
    This month we want to share Marie's journey! If she looks familiar, it's because she is already a member of our Wall of Fame, having made great progress in the Fall of 2012 as part of our reFORM School 12 Week Transformation program. We've had the pleasure of working with Marie as she wanted to improve her health to start a family and also run her first 5k, and then just two days after her race she found out she was pregnant! Marie continued to train at reFORM Studios through the first months of pregnancy, and now she's back after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl to focus on getting fit again.  Check out her pictures from her first race ....

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  • Win $1170 in Free Personal Training!

    Enter our Facebook Contest and you could win $1170 in Free Personal Training with reFORM Studios!
    You've been thinking about getting into shape.
    You know summer is right around the corner, and that means shorts, tank tops, and the dreaded swimsuit! But you're not sure where to start, or what's possible in a few short months. This could be your lucky day! From Mar 7th-Mar 21st, reFORM Studios is running a  Facebook contest and giving one lucky winner a 3 Month Personal Training Package worth over $1170! Yes, $1170 in Free Personal Training!
    Entering is simple
    : Just visit the reFORM Studios Facebook Contest tab , and then:
    Like us!
    Enter your email so we can contact you if you win ....

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  • Meet our February Client of the Month

    Our Client of the Month for February 2014 is.... Susan White
    Susan White Age: 35 Occupation: Pharmaceutical Product Development Susan discovered reFORM Studios in the summer of 2013, after finding us online and attending one of our weekly free Saturday bootcamp workouts. She was planning on running her first half marathon at the time, and wanted to work on improving her running as well as building her general strength. She began training with Heather in June twice a week, and has maintained a steady training schedule ever since. [caption id="attachment_1814" align="alignleft" width="300"] Look at the gun show in her half marathon pic on the right![/caption] Since beginning ....

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  • Meet our newest fitness expert!

    Meet our newest fitness expert and personal trainer, Christi Torrio reFORM Studios is excited to introduce you to Christi Torrio, Certified Personal Trainer and the newest fitness expert to join reFORM Studios! Christi is not only a personal trainer, but she has, like the rest of our staff, gone through her own fitness journey. Check her transformation out! Christi has experienced the challenges and the triumphs of both weight loss and fitness competitions, and the whole spectrum in between. We're excited to have her joining our team of fitness experts who know exactly what you're dealing with and can relate as we coach you through your own fitness journey. To find out more about ....

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  • Tabata Bootcamp comes to Charleston

    Join us for a special Tabata Bootcamp (TM) with guest master trainer Natalie Hagler

    Natalie is bringing Tabata Bootcamp to reFORM Studios on Saturday Feb 8th.
    We have a special guest joining us for our regular Saturday morning bootcamps, and bringing her own area of expertise! Please plan to attend this fun free workout, bring a friend, plenty of H20, and a great attitude to try out the Tabata Bootcamp with us! 10am at reform Studios, 1081-B East Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405. And it's FREE! We hope you can join us for this special event! Natalie is a master trainer, and the Tabata Bootcamps is a trademarked workout format that we're excited to offer to you. See you on Saturday ....

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  • 10 reasons reFORM Studios should win Best of Charleston 2014

    Why you should vote for reFORM Studios as Best of Charleston 2014 As you may have noticed, and some of you may have even contributed by nominating us, we are officially named as one of the Top 5 in Charleston
    for both Best Exercise Studio
    and Best Personal Trainer (Katrina Cobb)
    in the 2014 balloting by the Charleston City Paper! But we know how new we are, so for those of you just discovering us, we thought we'd share 10 reasons why we think you should not only vote for us , but we should actually win the Best of Charleston title for 2014!
    We're Home-Grown
    . We started this business with community support through a crowd-funding campaign, grew with community support by word of ....

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  • Introducing reFORM Studios Client of the Month for January 2014!

    reFORM Studios Client of the Month for January 2013 is Maggie Sewell!

    January Honors go to Maggie- and you'll see why she's our Client of the Month!
    Maggie just wrapped up her first 3 months of training, and is starting on another 3 month program to keep it going! She's 28 yrs old, married and works full time as an Office Manager for a local construction company. She trains 3 days a week with Katrina for 30 minute sessions.
    Hear from our Client of the Month for January 2014- Maggie!
    [caption id="attachment_1766" align="alignleft" width="138"] "I've always been overweight" -Maggie[/caption] “I started training because I just wanted to be a healthy weight, and I’ve never been able to ....

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  • reFORM your lifestyle with help from Fitbit!

    reFORM Studios is pleased to announce a new relationship with Fitbit
    At reFORM Studios, we know that you're more likely to stay active and reach your goals if you're having fun, and also achieving small milestones along the way to feel accomplished. This is why in 2014 we've decided to partner with Fitbit wireless activity trackers!
     What is Fitbit?
    Fitbit is a company that makes a variety of personal technology tools and trackers to help you work towards optimal health. Their tools give you an easy way to track your daily movement, steps, sleep, food, weight, and body composition. Their philosophy matches eFORM Studios, in that they believe a lot of little steps add up to a big picture of ....

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  • Great Successes in 2013!

    Celebrating all of YOUR successes with us this past year
    With so many success stories here at reFORM Studios in the past year, we thought the best way to recap the year was by sharing all YOU accomplished! Starting with our Success Board, which has quite a few wonderful successes from you: All of these note were wonderfully added to the white board in our middle studio, but we know there were many more notes of triumph! How about these success stories which we received in a survey from clients of reFORM Studios: I passed my PT test!!! - Sarah S I'm still training, but my biggest success YET is getting into the 130's by losing 14 lbs!  -Maggie S I lost 20 inches all over my body! ....

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  • Free Jungle Bell Fun Run Dec 14th

    Come Jingle with reFORM Studios at our Jingle Bell Fun Run in Park Circle on Dec 14th!
    'Tis the Season! Join us for a FREE 2 Mile Jingle Bell Fun Run
    to see the lights of Park Circle, North Charleston and take in the spirit of the season! Join us Saturday, December 14th at 5:30pm at reFORM Studios in Park Circle,
    1081-B East Montague Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405 Let's meet at sunset at the studio, don our jingle bells and santa hats, and run/walk/jog as a group down to Park Circle to see the lights! We'll make 2 complete circles and then run/walk/jog back to reFORM Studios for some hot cider and cocoa! Funky Xmas socks and ugly sweaters are optional, but we do plan on having ....

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  • Free Turkey Burner Bootcamp Friday

    Free Turkey Burner Bootcamp Friday Nov 29th at 10am

    Come work off that pie and stuffing with us!
    Yes, that's right- we're doing our free reBOOT group workout on Friday after Thanksgiving this week to help you get moving and work off some of the seasonal treats we know you can't resist. Join us this week on Friday, Nov 29th at 10am at reFORM Studios
    for a fun, hour long free workout! Even if you get up early to shop Black Friday, you can join us at 10am for the workout and recharge for another round of shopping that afternoon! Free for all ages and abilities, this is an outdoor workout if the weather holds, so come prepared for fun with water, layered clothing, and a friend! ....

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  • Change IS Possible in a few short weeks!

    Client Success Story Snapshot

    See what Maggie accomplished in her first 5 weeks of personal training at reFORM Studios
    We know change is hard. We know change is scary. And we know that sometimes we want results YESTERDAY and get impatient with the process necessary to change our health and fitness. Today we want to share a success story of encouragement, hope, and triumph with you! Changing your body and health for the better can be a reality, and can happen sooner that you probably think with a little commitment and some guidance from us. Maggie is a great example- she began training 3 days a week for 30 minutes with us in October, eating better on her own and focusing mindfully on her ....

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  • Tis The Season for Special events!

    Stay Healthy this Holiday Season with our free Special Events
    We know the holidays are a hectic time of year for most of us. The rushing around, the decadent food and celebrations, and for most of us adults, the alcoholic beverages and parties that go with them. While reports vary as to the average weight gained from Thanksgiving through New Years, people self-report at an average of 5lbs, and most studies show that weight gained this time of year typically sticks around. Combine the food with the stress of the season, and its easy to understand that many of us are not at our best health right now! We want to help you keep the focus on your health this season, and are offering a whole ....

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  • Holiday Recipes made Healthy!

    Some seasonal recipes for a healthy holiday!
    We always get questions this time of year for how to enjoy seasonal or holiday food without sabotaging your health or overindulging. The healthy eating specialists at Precision Nutrition shared a couple tips and some great healthy holiday recipes that we thought we should pass along!
    Tips to stay healthy and sane during the holidays:

    It's ok to have a little
    of Grandma's pumpkin pie or Santa's cookies. Sane eaters stay relaxed and flexible.
    Let go of the all-or-nothing mentality!
    You don't need to deprive yourself but also don't overindulge and just throw in the towel all together.
    One way to make sure you stick to your goals and plans- ....

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  • Great Health Discussion Topics!

    Some great health topics were covered at our first In Good Health Discussion!
    We had a handful of people join us at The Orange Spot Coffeehouse in Park Circle for our first free discussion of our In Good Health Discussion Series! Here's an example of some of the topics we discussed:
    Should you eat before or after a workout? And what is best to eat when?
    What's the deal with Dr.Oz's latest recommendation? This week was White Mulberry fyi.
    Is there a best time of day to workout? Is there an optimal workout?
    When should you stop eating at night?
    How do you deal with the habit of snacking while watching TV at night?
    Caffeine- good or bad for you? How about energy drinks?
    Are ....

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  • BOO Camp Pumpkin Workout reCAP

    BOO Camp - Pumpkin Workout was a blast
    BOO Camp on Oct 26th was a smashing success! We had Minions leading the workout, and in attendance we had cheerleaders, 80s fitness queens, a witch, Harry Potter with his owl Hedwig, a law enforcement officer, and a couple others cleverly disguised as bootcampers! ;) Everyone had a pumpkin which we used for the ENTIRE workout! Those who brought really small pumpkins had the honor of sharing with the Minions :) Here are a few more fun photo montages of the event- we'll definitely be bringing the pumpkin workout back in 2014! In the meantime, enjoy and be sure to join us for our other upcoming seasonal workout events- Turkey Burner Bootcamp ....

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  • Holiday Shape Up Classes begin!

    Shape up before the Holidays with 2 different small group training classes at reFORM  Studios
    If you managed to survive the pumpkins and the candy, but are dreading the pies and cookies and inlaws (oh my!) in the weeks ahead, never fear! reFORM Studios has 2 different small group training class options beginning the week of Nov 5th! Back on the calendar is reBURN: The Aftermath
    , our HIIT total body blast at 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    . This class is interval-based to get maximum calorie burn while mixing it up and always doing different exercises so you never get bored. You'll be in the capable hands of Heather for 5 weeks, twice a week for 45 minutes! Class is $120 for the ....

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  • In Good Health - Free Discussion Series

    Ask the Fitness Experts at our first In Good Health lunch discussion

    reFORM Studios is teaming up with local meeting spot The Orange Spot Coffeehouse for a healthy living discussion series!
    Date: Wednesday, Oct 30th Time: 12:30pm-1:30pm (ish) Location: The Orange Spot Coffeehouse, 4824 Chateau Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405 Join us for our first event, an In Good Health Discussion
    using a brown bag lunch format (we will not judge what you put in your bag, promise!) and have the opportunity to ask one of our certified personal trainers any health and fitness related questions you may have in an open forum. You can bring your own lunch or purchase something from The Orange Spot . ....

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  • BOO Camp - Scary Fun Free Workout

    Weekly free workout takes a Halloween Turn

    Costumes, Pumpkins, and Prizes, Oh My!
    Muah ah ah ah ah! *ominous laugh* Join us Saturday, October 26th at 10am
    as we transform our regular free reBOOT group workout into... BOO Camp!
    This hour long free group workout will be so SCARY fun you'll forget it's all about fitness! We'll have a COSTUME CONTEST as well with some prizes, so get creative! (PS- costumes should be family friendly and workout-functional) Katrina and Heather will be cooking up some Halloween-themed exercises sure the THRILL- Bring your OWN PUMPKIN to use in the workout! Also, bring a friend, bring the family, ghouls and goblins alike, and join us for BOO Camp! We ....

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  • Health Tip of the Week: Water Intake

    Hydration and Water Intake: How much do you really need?
    Most of us have heard about the importance of drinking water, not only for fitness but for general health. But how much is enough? How much is too much? And how to make drinking it less boring so you can get enough in? We wanted to tackle those issues today in our Health Tip of the week to help you stay properly hydrated!
    How much water is enough?
    The truth is water intake is not one size fits all, and can vary from person to person. Most of us are likely not getting in enough. There's the old advice of "drink 8 glasses of 8oz each per day," but how accurate is it? According to the Mayo Clinic, it's not too far off, but a little ....

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  • Free Obstacle Course Fun Run/Walk

    Obstacle Course Fun Run/Walk on Saturday Sept 28th
    We're taking our regular Free Saturday group workouts on the move this weekend for an obstacle course run/walk!
    Join us for our version of an obstacle course fun run/walk around Park Circle!
    Our regular free group workout at 10am will be replaced this Saturday, Sept 28th, 2013 with an obstacle course workout! We'll be guiding you over 12+ obstacles/exercises over 2 miles (2.5-3 for advanced) for a fun traveling workout! We've got 3 different difficulty levels for every obstacle, for beginners, intermediate, and advanced, that you can choose from. And walking between obstacles is fine for non runners, as we've got plenty of time to ....

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  • 3 Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle

    3 Tips To A Healthier Lifestyle

    A guest blog post from Virginia Cunningham of Bellezza
    When you reach your thirties, it seems like life can so easily get away from you. You know who you are. Your kids have demanding schedules that require a lot of chauffeuring, and it seems like work is asking for more of your time than ever. It is in these times more than any others that you need to take care of yourself
    , keeping your body and mind healthy and able to respond quickly in demanding circumstances. But what can you do that won’t take hours out of your schedule? Luckily, there are several options out there. 1. Get flexible
    Yoga is the perfect place to start for mental clarity and ....

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  • Be our biggest loser this fall

    Charleston weight loss challenge, reFORM and WIN, begins week of Sept 16th!
    Locals can compete to lose weight and win cash prizes with help from reFORM Studios
    Charleston, have you been watching weight loss challenges and reality shows from the comfort of your couch and wishing you were a participant? Now is your chance! [caption id="attachment_922" align="alignleft" width="240"] reFORM and Win weightloss challenge at reFORM Studios[/caption] Join reFORM Studios fall Charleston weight loss challenge to reFORM and WIN!
    This is a biggest loser style contest at our local scale. The challenge is 12 weeks
    long, and just $100 to enter
    , with a cash grand prize
    equal to half of all the ....

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  • Run faster or bike stronger in September

    Run faster, Reduce injuries, Race more efficiently with a consultation from YOrun in September. Looking for help to improve your running or biking?
    September is your perfect opportunity, and will also be the last month of 2013 that our technical exercise specialist, Ben Yocum of YOrun , will be easily available for consultations. The weather is cooling down and races are heating up! Even if you are just a weekend warrior who wants to make runs easier or make sure your bike is fine tuned for your body, a one-time meeting with one of the professionals we've brought into the studio to offer this level of service may be just what you need to make some easy fixes and improvements in your ....

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  • A little health-focused rambling...

    Health-focused Ramblings from Laura

    Our reFORM School Guest Blogger shares tidbits, thoughts and entertaining stories from the past week.
    Is it okay if I give you some of my thought rambles for the week? It’s all health-related, but there’s no cohesive structure. Maybe you won’t be as concerned about this as my inner English major is... 1. I am a peanut butter hoarder. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, but I recently moved into a different office. This necessitated some cleaning and organization, during which time I discovered multiple stashes of peanut butter. I don’t even EAT that much peanut butter, much less while I’m at work because I’d probably get it all over myself. I think ....

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  • I went on a run and lost my brain somewhere on the streets.

    This is your brain on exercise... Just Kidding

    Laura shares funny tales from week 8 of reFORM School Personal Training
    Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person? I’m not. Sadly, pathetically NOT. And yet I’ve found it necessary on occasion to do some morning exercising because, otherwise, no exercise will happen because of my schedule. When I’m running at 7:15 in the morning, things always feel a little surreal, like I can’t believe I’ve actually motivated myself to get out of bed, get dressed, and get moving. And I think, very literally, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Needless to say, my performance isn’t the best during these early morning forays into healthy land. My pace is a ....

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  • Why should YOU hire a Personal Trainer?!

    Why hire a personal trainer? Let us count the ways!
    A very good morning reFORMers! [caption id="attachment_1473" align="alignright" width="194"] Your Personal Trainer will help, motivate & guide you![/caption] We have a fabulous blog post waiting to be read - Why you should hire a Personal Trainer!? We found this excellent post & decided to share with you - 10 reasons why you should work out with a Personal Trainer. Below are a few of our favorite reasons- 1. They are patient and always ready to teach you new things. 
    [caption id="attachment_1474" align="alignleft" width="243"] They will give you their undivided attention with proper guidance so you can get the most out ....

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  • Things I have learned this week...

    Personal Training Program Revelations
    Laura shares her observations in week 7 of her reFORM School Personal Training Program.
    1. I have biceps and triceps! I mean, clearly they’ve always been there.  They’ve just been hiding. I picked up something heavy-ish in the office the other day, looked at my arm, and did a double-take. Definition! Whoop whoop! 2. Apparently, I’m a salty sweater (“sweater” as in “person who perspires,” not the article of clothing). I assumed all people, like me, sweat a lot when they exercise and that it was salty, often causing eyes to burn during a heavy workout. Yesterday, after a 30-minute reForm workout, I did a bike ride in the “balmy” Charleston weather. ....

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  • No diets. Just life.

    No More Diets: A Public Service Plea
    Laura reflects on her early years and the 'Diet mentality' in week 6 of reFORM School
    More traveling this week, although, this time, with way better food and a lot more exercise. I also had different traveling companions, one of whom was a 9-year-old girl. Confession: I struggled as I watched her eat. Her daily diet is horrific, and I wasn’t in a position to help her make better choices. She equates vegetables and healthy eating with “dieting,” snacks constantly on processed foods, and can’t finish a meal without dessert. She is very overweight, and though her family is bothered by this, nothing is being done to put her on a better path. In short, ....

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  • Need a lil' help deciphering those nutritional labels...!?

    Need help deciphering nutritional labels?

    Learn why its important, and what to look for
    Recently, I came across an excellent blog post on how to decipher those seemingly cryptic nutritional labels. Personally, I went from being absolutely clueless to actually understanding and valuing the information I gained. Before I consciously educated myself on understanding the panels, I used to stare at them and wander off into a world of unicorns and sugary edible rainbows! On a serious note though, as I became more aware about minute things like the ill-effects of refined sugar, excessive sodium intake etc, I started growing more nutrition conscious. Being able to decipher nutritional labels ....

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  • Well, that was a disaster...

    Work conference proves disaster for healthy plans

    Laura shares challenges in week 5 of reFORM School
    Quick—I have 20 free minutes! I’m attending a conference this week and came here with the best of intentions. I was confident of being able to find reasonable vegetarian options, since the conference organizers had the foresight to ask us about dietary preferences. Katrina assigned me an easy workout that’s great for small spaces, and I intended to get out and do some running. All of these plans fell apart as soon as I was handed my itinerary. Without going into ridiculous detail about the conference, let me say that this one is not typical. I do not get to choose sessions. I’m assigned ....

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  • The Whole Picture

    Looking at the whole picture on measurement day
    Laura shares results from week 4 of reFORM School
    I despise weighing myself. I mean, I positively loathe it. I have a system, though. It must be first thing in the morning before I’ve had coffee or breakfast. Preferably after I’ve used the bathroom and preferably naked. Yes, people, I’m letting my freak flag fly for you this week. I realize how utterly ridiculous this process is. I realize the multitude of things that can make someone’s weight fluctuate from day to day, but I’ve conducted this ritual for an absurd number of years and it’s a little hard to break the habit now. I was taught to be a slave to the scale from a very young age. ....

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  • reBURN: Get Fired Up for The Aftermath Workout!

    New Small Group Training: The Aftermath Workouts

    reFORM Studios offering shorter, more intense small group classes
    Looking for a way to heat up your workouts but pressed for time? reFORM Studios is changing up the format of it's Tuesday/Thursday small group bootcamp workouts to bring you reBURN: The Aftermath!
    Join professional trainer Joey Mailley for this new class, beginning Tuesday, July 23rd at either 6:30am or 6pm for this new workout designed to maximize fat loss.
    The Aftermath: What it is

    30-45 minutes small group class, 5-8 people
    workouts fueled with speed and intensity, a fast track to weight loss
    featuring exciting, fast movements, functional training, and ....

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  • Tyson has nothing on me.

    Finding an exercise enjoyable: Boxing
    Laura discovers boxing in week 3 of reFORM School training
    Attention, people! I have discovered that I like boxing. I'm not sure how good I am (after all, I almost knocked my own self down a couple times), but you should be aware of this discovery should you choose to mug me in a dark, downtown Charleston alley. That's assuming you recognize me based on these blog posts. Which you won't. But I digress... I always rolled my eyes at people when they said that one of the secrets to exercise is finding something you enjoy. I tried yoga. It's supposed to be soothing and stuff, but all I ever did was fall over during Warrior III. Oh yeah...I also thought ....

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  • Be A Track Star for a Day!

    Join the Charleston Track Challenge and race in a real track meet on July 9th
    Calling all runners or aspiring runners!
    You've watched track and field stars during the Olympics, now you have a chance to test your own speed. Please join us for the first annual Charleston Track Challenge
    , an open track meet for anyone who wants to line up and race! The meets take place at Park West Recreational Complex in Mt. Pleasant. 1251 Park West Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 All ages and abilities are welcome, and you can choose your own events. $15 per participant per meet.
    Registration begins at 6:30pm, and the racing starts at 7pm. Date: Tuesday July 9th
    Long Jump
    200m Dash
    Mile ....

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  • Rain, rain, go away...

    Laura shares lessons from Rainy Days in week 2 of reFORM School
    I initially signed on with reFORM because I wanted a little more structure and accountability when it comes to exercise. After all, I do better when I plan my meals and schedule blocks of time for exercise. So last week, when the heavens opened up during high tide, I thought, “Self, you should probably leave early.” I thought an hour would be sufficient, maybe even overkill. An hour-and-a-half later, I dragged myself, wet and muddy, back to my office to wait out the water and traffic. Those of you who have ever been caught in a torrential Charleston rain will probably not be surprised that I never made it further than ....

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  • Groupon Personal Fitness Program Details

    Details of our current Groupon offer for Personal Fitness Program
    Yes, reFORM Studios currently has a Groupon offer available! The deal is $54 for $120 of Personal Fitness Program.  This deal is great for anyone NEW to reFORM Studios, and can be used for the following:
    redeem for 3 Private Personal Training Sessions, 30min long each
    redeem and apply towards a larger training program (for example, $120 off a 3 times/week for 12 weeks plan)
    redeem for 12 weekday bootcamp sessions It's up to you, and you can choose at your initial consultation which option you'd like to apply it towards. Valid for all trainers, based on availability. Must call to set initial appointments at 843-284 ....

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  • The Aftermath

    Guest blogger Laura recaps Week 1 of reFORM School Personal Training program
    Once upon a time, a young twenty-something spent three days each week in the gym. She was heavily outnumbered by men who made themselves look absolutely ridiculous by trying to bench press far too much weight, causing them to grunt and carry-on, but it made them feel macho. The young twenty-something…okay….we’re talking about me…was particularly thrilled when the macho guys offered to pick up something heavy for her, and she could politely say “no, thank you” while quickly sliding weights on and off the weight bar all by herself. Cut to now. I cannot lie: my first real workout with Katrina was painful. We ....

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  • Celebrate reFORM Studios' 1st Birthday on July 12th!

    reFORM Studios celebrates it 1st Birthday in Business on July 12th, 2013 They say time flies when you're having fun- we can't believe we've been a part of Park Circle for a year already! Please join us on Friday, July 12th at 6pm
    as we celebrate our 1st Birthday in Business! We'll have some snacks and nibbles, red and white wine, and fresh fruit-infused water for you. We're also planning on some fun raffle and door prize giveaways, as well as a Trainer Trivia game! (We know you're dying to learn some fun facts about our team of trainers!) There will also be live music by Mark Jackson , and some other fun is in the works too. :D Earn more raffle tickets for the prizes by : ....

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  • Life, Decisions, and Getting Back on Track (with a little chocolate on the side)

    reFORM School Summer Session 2013- Guest Post from Laura
    Considering it can take 30 years to pay off a mortgage, 30+ years of working to reach retirement, and 16+ years of schooling to graduate with a bachelor’s degree, it is somewhat baffling to know that I derailed years of healthy eating and exercise habits in less than four years’ time. Yet, I can pinpoint its cause to one thing: LIFE. Seriously-- I know you’re familiar with it. It’s that thing that sneaks in and steals your hours away so that you can dedicate your time to work and family. It’s the thing that, despite your best intentions, throws the occasional curveball, leaving you scrambling to acclimate yourself to a new setting, ....

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  • Pain Management Seminar June 26th

    Minor Injury and Pain Management Seminar
    YOrun/reFORM Studios are offering a pain management seminar to discuss common exercise-related aches and pains, prevention and treatment.
    Are you a weekend warrior that suffers from overuse aches and pains? Not sure if a nagging pain you experience when working out is normal, treatable, or preventable? Join us for a Minor Injury and Pain Management Seminar, hosted by reFORM Studios and presented by Coach Yocum of YOrun, on Wednesday, June 26th at 6:30pm.
    This learn by doing session will teach some basic techniques for managing those nagging aches and pains we all experience from over use, going just a little too hard, moments of clumsiness, ....

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  • Heather joins reFORM Studios Personal Training

    Heather Coffman joins the reFORM Studios team of Certified Personal Trainers
    reFORM Studios would like to introduce the newest member of our professional team of personal trainers, Heather Coffman. Heather is married to an active duty Air Force member, and recently was the intern at the fitness center on Joint Base Charleston as part of her undergraduate education in the fitness industry. With the completion of her internship she graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelors of Science degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology specializing in fitness/wellness. She continues to stay physically active herself and enjoys researching the latest on fitness in order to ....

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  • Local Weight Loss Challenge Winner!

    Celebrating Losing Weight and Winning Big!
    Introducing Scott, winner of the reFORM and WIN weight loss challenge at the local Piggly Wiggly
    Congratulations to Scott Sauls of the North Charleston Piggly Wiggly for winning the Piggly Wiggly reFORM and Win challenge! Scott lost 12.7% of his body weight in just 12 weeks, reached his goal for the challenge, AND won $1450 in the process as part of the reFORM and WIN Contest!
    How did he do it?

    When we asked Scott how he succeeded in the contest, he said these key points were critical to his success. Scott's tips for success:
    Mind Over Matter.
    Keeping a positive mindset and making conscious choices helped him daily.
    Do something ....

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  • reIGNITE 15- 15 Minute Workouts Offered

    reIGNITE 15 Minute Workouts Now Offered at reFORM Studios
    Quick, intense and effective training option for busy people on the go
    Are you on the go? Have no time to work out? Your answer has up your workout with reFORM Studios reIGNITE 15,
    a 15 minute workout option!
    reIGNITE 15
    This 15 minute calorie torching all over body blazing workout is perfect for those who are short on time, but are looking to jump to that "next level" of fitness. Don't let lack of time prevent you from getting to your goals- we know that "any excuse is good when you're looking for one." If time has been holding you back, ask about out reIGNITE 15 option. You'll still work one on one with a ....

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  • Learn to reACT with Self Defense

    Learn to reACT to dangerous situations in our interactive Self Defense Workshop
    Back by popular demand, reFORM Studios is offering another workshop to instruct you in simple methods of self defense. Make plans to join us Thursday May 9th at 6:30pm
    for an educational and practical Self Defense Workshop. Workshop costs $20 for 1.5 hours of interactive instruction. This workshop/workout is designed to give a basic overview of how to properly defend yourself in self defense situations. The goal of these sessions is to instill confidence, to prepare physically and mentally for different types of confrontations by showing and learning practical effective tactics. You will learn:
    Basic ....

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  • Local site offering Sweepstakes

    Local 'In The Know' site running sweepstakes for personal training package
    reFORM Studios has partnered up with for a sweepstakes this week
    If' you're one of our fans on Facebook, you've hopefully seen the posts this week but if not, you have until Sunday night April 28th to enter to win a $400 Personal Training Package!
    Charleston locals are still discovering as the page to check out for all happenings in the area. As they say at, they are all about being 'In The Know on Where to Go." They are a great resource for community events, deals and discounts, special offers, and local happenings, and in support of promoting health and fitness ....

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  • reZOOMED- Aspiring to Run?

    reZOOMED- Do You Aspire to Run?
    Some hints and tips for the aspiring runner
    If the image on the bottom left is you... we want to offer some helpful hints and ideas to either improve your running, or pick up running in the first place this spring. With the weather heating up, many people have been asking us about training for 5ks, 10ks, half and full marathons, mud runs and obstacle runs, or even triathlons. Running can be a great way to get outside and exercise with minimal equipment or investment, but for the novice there are many things to consider.
    Invest in proper running shoes
    If you're just getting up off the couch, you don't want to be running in the random gym shoes from half ....

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  • Eat Local with Us!

    Eat Local with us at our Fields to Families Healthy Eating Potluck
    reFORM Studios is hosting a healthy eating potluck dinner Friday, April 19th at 7pm
    LowCountry Local First has declared April as “Eat Local Month”! What better way to celebrate that than a potluck using local ingredients from the farmer’s markets or your CSA? Below is a list of local spring produce. Get your thinking caps on, search the web or ask your favorite local farmer for and easy and delicious local recipe! A donation towards Fields to Families of $5 is appreciated, but not required. Join us Friday, April 19th at 7pm at reFORM Studios!
    Fields to Families empowers the Lowcountry’s hungry by providing ....

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  • reVAMPED Bootcamp Series Begins

    Bootcamp has been reFORMED
    The weather is heating up, and beach season is nearly upon us! To make getting fit easier and more fun but still help you achieve results for summer, we've revised our weekday bootcamp offerings at the studio. A new 8 week Bootcamp Series starts this week,
    Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm
    . You still get a great hour long workout with one of our trainers, but we're adding in before and after photos,
    as well as measurements every 4 weeks
    and some general nutritional guidance
    as well. We want you to pick a  goal to works towards in 8 weeks and let us help you get there as a group! This new bootcamp will run as an 8week class with 2 sessions per week ....

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  • Join us for Self Defense!

    Self Defense Workshop April 9th
    Join us for an interactive Self Defense Seminar and Workshop
    Make plans to join us Tuesday April 9th at 6:30pm
    for an educational and practical Self Defense Workshop. Workshop costs $10 for 1.5 hours of interactive instruction. This workshop/workout is designed to give a basic overview of how to properly defend yourself in self defense situations. The goal of these sessions is to instill confidence, to prepare physically and mentally for different types of confrontations by showing and learning practical effective tactics. You will learn:
    Basic Self Defense techniques
    How to perceive and recognize danger
    Best ways to deal with dangerous ....

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  • reFORM Says Farewell to Madalyn

    Personal Trainer Madalyn Turner is departing the reFORM Studios team

    We wish Madalyn well as she heads off to Chiropractic School to continue her career in health and fitness!
    Yes, bittersweet news to all of our reFORM Family: Madalyn's last day is today, and we are sending her off to bigger things and a future in holistic healthcare as a chiropractic physician! Madalyn was an instrumental part in the opening and growth of reFORM Studios in Park Circle, as well as a leader among the Young Professionals of Charleston, a Food Ambassador for Food Revolution Day, and of course a fearless bootcamp instructor and trainer. Her passion for healthy foods and healthy living will serve her well in ....

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  • Park Circle in New York Times!

    Park Circle featured as revitalized neighborhood to visit in New York Times

    Our neighbors Cork Bistro, EVO Craft Bakery, DIG in the Park and the Sparrow all got a shoutout.
    Check it out fans- reFORM Studios, even though we're still the new kids on the block, are officially in great company on a block featured by the New York Times! The New York Times just featured North Charleston, specifically Park Circle and the businesses along East Montague in a slideshow. In addition to the revitalization the city has been recognized for, and the historic homes around the circle, now the new restaurants and businesses are making a name for themselves. Check out the feature here! And congrats to ....

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  • Local Community Raises $2100 for Children's Program

    Thank you for supporting our fund raiser for My Sister's House Children's Program

    reFORM Studios and the Charleston Community raised over $2100 at a recent wine tasting and silent auction fundraiser.
    Charleston, we are overwhelmed by your support! Our wine tasting and silent auction last Friday night was an amazing event- more than 75 of you joined us for wine and the delicious food pairings provided by Stratford High Culinary Arts, and bid on the 30+ auction items! We ended up raising over $2100 specifically earmarked for the Children's Program of My Sister's House and some of the projects they want to offer this summer. We can't thank you enough for your support of My Sister's House ....

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  • Benefit, Bootcamp and Block Party this weekend!

    Benefits, Bootcamps, and a Block party- Oh My!

    March 15 and 16 offer a host of fun events at reFORM Studios, including a charity benefit, free bootcamp and St.Paddy's parade and block party!
    reFORM Studios is the place to be this weekend! Join us all weekend long for a series of great community and fitness events! First up: Friday night, March 15th 2013
    we are hosting a Wine Tasting and Silent Auction
    to benefit local domestic violence relief shelter and service provider My Sister's House, Inc. Join us from 6:30-8pm
    , $10 gets you in the door for sips of 4 handcrafted Napa Valley wines, tasty treats from a local culinary school, and a chance to bid on 30 different silent auction items ....

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  • Silent Auction March 15th Update

    Silent Auction Items for My Sisters House updated

    We have received so many generous donations for our wine tasting and silent auction to benefit My Sister's House on March 15th
    Wow Charleston! We asked, and you have answered us in a big way! We have teamed up to host a wine tasting and silent auction to benefit My Sister's House and their Children's Program
    , helping kids who been impacted by domestic violence locally. To date we have received an amazing number of items donated to the silent auction, and the list continues to grow! Look at everything that will be up for auction next Friday night:
    A Hardback Book Safe
    Gift Card to Madra Rua in Park Circle
    Gift Card for Orange Spot ....

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  • New Combat Fitness series starting!

    Combat Specific Instruction begins 6 week course

    New small group training class blends combat styles, including boxing, kick boxing and self defense
    Looking for a new group workout that has a little more intensity? Check out Combat Specific Instruction offered by reFORM Studios in Park Circle, North Charleston! Classes series begins in March, 6 week series offered on either Tuesdays at 5pm or Thursdays at 6:30pm
    . $120 for the entire 6 weeks of hour-long workouts, but space is limited to 5-6 participants, so RSVP or come by the studio today to snag a spot! ....

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  • Wine Tasting Benefit in March

    Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Fundraiser to Benefit My Sisters House

    Join us to raise funds for local domestic violence shelter
    reFORM Studios is hosting an evening of wine tasting, appetizers, and a silent auction to benefit local charity My Sister's House. Join Us! Friday March 15th from 6:30pm-8pm
    It's going to be a great event featuring 4 hand crafted Napa Valley wines to both taste and purchase, complimentary appetizers, and a silent auction of all sorts of amazing goods and services from local business people! See our event page for more details, and to order tickets ! Tickets will be $10
    and include the wine and appetizers, all proceeds go to My Sisters House Childrens' ....

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  • Weekend Events in Review- Potluck and Bootcamp

    We recap the events of the past weekend- our Potluck and Bootcamp

    The events of this past weekend, our Healthy Potluck Dinner and our famous Saturday Morning bootcamp workout, were fun for many!
    Our Healthy Potluck had healthy fare for all aspects of the body! Guests brought a number of amazing dishes, from an almond pate over sliced cucumbers, to a fresh potato salad to sauteed greens. Delicious and nutritious! In addition to the great food, there were also free chair massages from our friend Kat of Massages by Kat . Nothing like great food, fellowship and massages to relax and have a great time on a Friday evening! The following day, the reFORM team treated 25 bootcampers to a great ....

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  • Healthy Potluck Friday Night

    Join a healthy potluck dinner in North Charleston

    reFORM Studios is hosting a Healthy Potluck and Recipe Exchange Dinner on Friday February 8th
    Who says healthy food doesn't taste good? Scratching your head thinking up healthy ideas for dinner? Join us at reFORM Studios as trainers, clients, and members of the community each prepare a healthy dish and share the recipe with everyone at our potluck dinner! Yes, back by popular demand, we are hosting another in our series of healthy Potluck Dinners and Recipe Exchange Events!
    We ate some AMAZING dishes at our events in 2012, so in 2013 we'd like to keep up the tradition and build upon all the different recipes everyone is sharing. This ....

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  • Join our FREE bootcamp Saturday at 10am!

    Free Bootcamp Workout Saturday at 10am at reFORM Studios

    Join a fun group workout, burn some calories, and get some fitness tips for free!
    Need to kick off your weekend
    with a little fun and some motivation to get moving? Join us on Saturday morning at reFORM Studios, a private fitness studio in historic North Charleston/Park Circle, for a free, fun, hour long workout session! Our bootcamp is great for all ages and ability levels,
    from athlete to recovering couch potato; our trainers tailor instruction to your needs to ensure that you get the best workout you
    are capable of when you join us.
    Bootcamp is a fun, hour long total body workout.
    We mix in body weight resistance ....

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  • Charleston Marathon in our backyard!

    The Charleston Marathon finish line is next to the reFORM Studios!
    Calling all runners, reFORMers, and racing fans-
    the Charleston marathon weekend for 2013 is this coming weekend, Jan 18th-20th, and this year the race course ends right next to the studio at North Charleston High School! The 3rd annual marathon features a 5k, Half Marathon, and Full Marathon on Saturday morning the 19th! The 5k starts by Dig in the Park and runs right past the studio on the way to Park Circle. The Half Marathon and Full Marathon start in Charleston and work their way up to East Montague, finishing a block away at the High School, and all the texts and expo will be across the street at the football ....

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  • Healthy Basics Cooking Classes

    Join us for Healthy Basics Cooking with Holistic Chef Ken Immer

    Kick off 2013 by learning some new techniques in the kitchen for a healthier, better lifestyle this year.
    We've invited in Holistic Chef Ken Immer, founder of gRAWnola, to teach a Healthy Basics series at the studio in January. Wednesdays January 16, 23, & 30 6:30pm - 8:00pm **********Pre-Registration is Required********** $20 per class or $50 if you sign up for all 3! With a focus on understanding fundamentals, Chef Ken will explore a different topic each week talking about ingredients, tips and tricks, demonstrating some easy techniques and of course having tasty bites for participants! Chef Ken likes to focus on ....

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  • reNEW and reFORM

    reNEW and reFORM in 2013!

    Our January Calendar is Packed with Opportunities
    The New Year is the chance for so many to hit the reSTART button, and the team at reFORM Studios has a lot of offerings this year to help you reNEW, reFORM and reVIVE your health, fitness and lifestyle! We are excited for fresh starts, for new goals, for a changed perspective, and for new commitments. Whether you are looking to turn over a new leaf, or simply continue on your path to a better, healthier life, we have so many events and opportunities planned! January at a glance:
    Bootcamps 5 days a week! M-Th + Sat
    reFORM and WIN- Biggest Loser contest  
    Combat Specific Instruction sample class  Tues ....

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  • Happy Holidays from reFORM Studios!

    reFORM Studios wishes everyone Health and Happiness this Holiday Season! We are going to be Closed on December 25th to spend time with our friends and family, but wanted to wish you a joyous season, much merriment, good health, and happiness with your loved ones! Please enjoy the spirit of the season, and we'll be back on Wednesday, December 26th! Gift cards for you late shoppers are still available, and our New Years Special is also still running, so come and see us after holiday festivities wrap up! Happy Holidays from Madalyn, Tina, Eugene and Katrina at reFORM Studios Personal Training! ....

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  • New Years Special Offer!

    New Years reSOLUTION Offer
    Let reFORM Studios be your Solution!
    2013 is just around the corner!
    We know many of you may be considering a fitness or health goal for your New Years Resolution in 2013, and we also know just how tough some of those resolutions can be to stick to without a little help. The team at reFORM Studios wants to help you stick to your health resolutions this year, and so we're offering a special for those of you ready to commit to reaching your goals, with our help!
    Get your 13th week of personal training FREE in 2013!
    Commit to a 12 week training plan
    with one of us here at the studio by January 4th, and we'll add your 13th week for FREE ,
    plus give you a ....

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  • Holiday Tips from reFORM Studios

    Happy Holidays from the reFORM Studios Personal Training team

    We offer a few healthy holiday tips for you this busy season.
    'Tis the season... for rushing around, crowded shopping trips, lines at the post office, and an endless list of holiday parties, socials and events added to your already chock-full calendar! For many of us, as much as we enjoy the holidays and time with friends and family, its a very stressful time of year. The reFORM studios team of personal trainers wanted to offer a few healthy holiday tips
    for maintaining your health (and sanity!) this busy holiday season.
    Take 5-10 minutes to yourself every day for quiet time. Just breathe, relax, sip a cup of hot tea or ....

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  • reFORM and WIN Weight Loss Challenge

    reFORM and WIN

    12 Week Weight loss Contest and Wellness Program
    Are you ready to Lose It in 2013
    and reFORM and WIN
    ?! reFORM Studios is offering a special weight loss challenge and contest to the Charleston area. If you've been wishing you had the motivation or opportunity to compete in a Biggest Loser-style challenge to finally get some weight off, reFORM and WIN is your chance, and 2013 is your year! If your employer is not participating in our program, we invite you to join as an individual and challenge yourself to drop some extra weight in our 12 week contest! Here's how it works:
    reFORM and Win begins the week of January 14th

    The contest costs $100 to participate
    for the ....

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  • Combat Specific Instruction coming soon!

    New small group training begins soon- Combat Specific Instruction
    Mixed Martial Arts 6 week course planned
    Join us for an exciting new small group training offering at reFORM Studios personal training! Our newest resident fitness expert and certified kickboxing instructor, Eugene Lloyd, has an extensive background in different styles of combative training, including boxing, kickboxing, and self-defense.
    Join us for a preview of this new class on Friday, December 14th!
    Reserve a space in a half hour preview class at either 5pm or 5:30pm.
    Email us today to reserve your space- participation is limited! The Combat Specific Instruction (C.S.I.) Series
    will run as a 6 week course, with ....

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  • Shop Small- Small Business Saturday!

    Support Small Business Saturday!
    reFORM Studios has a number of ways you can support small business
    We encourage you to support local small businesses, like us, on Small Business Saturday, November 24th! As you know, we are a small, privately owned fitness studio, home grown at our very first location in Park Circle, North Charleston. The owner is one of the trainers, and the entire team is dedicated to making our studio a positive, encouraging environment to reform your fitness and health. And 100% of the money we earn stays right here in our community! So how can you support us on Small Business Saturday?
    Join us for bootcamp, bring a friend and help share the reFORM Experience
    If ....

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  • Rebecca - ReFORM School Week 4

    Rebecca recaps week 4 of reFORM School
    After getting back on track after my stomach bug, I got attacked with seasonal allergies this week! I never get sick and I'm so frustrated that this keeps happening during my ReFORM School!  I think everyone is catching a cold or allergies, so at least I'm not alone and sweating out some of the toxins will hopefully help release some sort of sickness from my body.  It makes me feel better anyway. Since we're heading into the holiday season, I have a lot of travel coming up to NC to see my husband's family.  His sister suggested we sign up for a 5k she's running in a few weeks.  I am not a runner.  I have never been a runner. My husband and his ....

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  • Eugene joins reFORM Studios team

    reFORM Studios Personal Training welcomes Eugene
    There's a new face around our Park Circle studio- everyone come over and meet Eugene Lloyd! Eugene, who also answers to 'Bubba', has been in the fitness industry for many years, predominantly in New York and the Maryland/DC area. His career began, not surprisingly, when he hired a personal trainer 20 years ago to help him change his lifestyle and fitness! That experience, and the major life change that came with it, led him to a career in fitness that includes many group fitness certifications, certification as a Master Trainer, and martial arts. He brings a lot of knowledge and energy to the reFORM Studios Personal Training team, and we ....

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  • Come run in your pajamas!

    Run with us in your pajamas!

    Join a group from reFORM Studios in the Pajama Run Dec 8th!
    We're inviting any reFORMers and other friends to join us for the Pajama Run 5k in Charleston on December 8th, 2012!
    Marie, who recently completed reFORM School and started the Couch to 5k program, is inviting friends and locals to join her in her first 5k. The Pajama Run is a fun 5k where you are invited to run in your pjs, and the funds raised support research for cancers below the waist. The group from reFORM Studios plans to run in our reFORMED t-shirts and pajama pants, and we'd love for you to join us! The Charleston Pajama Run raises money specifically for the MUSC Hollings Cancer ....

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  • Success looks pretty good!

    Success looks good at reFORM Studios!

    Shelley shows off the success from her personal training program in reFORM School
    [caption id="attachment_852" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Shelley 'after' in her 'before' jeans! Photos by Samantha Stone[/caption] Our first reFORM School participants were treated to some great photo shoots after the completion of their 12 week personal training programs, to showcase how far they've come and as a fun reward! Photographer Samantha Stone captured some great shots of Shelley at the studio, including this one where she is wearing the jeans from before she began the program. When she showed us how many inches she had extra in those old jeans, she ....

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  • November events at the Studio!

    November calendar of events is posted

    Zumba, running, and Bootcamps, oh my!
    Check out what's in store for November at reFORM Studios Personal Training in Park Circle! Some great additions, and some repeats by popular request:
    Zumba fitness classes begin Weds, Nov 7th at 6:30pm
    Running Mechanics Clinic , Tues Nov 13th at 7pm
    How to Survive the Holidays seminar, Mon Nov 19th at 6pm
    Bootcamps M-Th at 6pm
    FREE bootcamp Saturdays at 10am
    Additional Zumba fitness on Nov 12th, 14th, and 26th at 6:30pm
    Cocktails, Clutches and Couture shopping and fashion event, Friday Nov 30th We're also organizing a group to participate in The Pajama Run , a 5k in Charleston on December 8th. ....

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  • Running Mechanics Clinic Nov 13th

    YOrun brings another Running Mechanics Clinic to reFORM Studios

    Learn to increase speed, improve efficiency, and reduce injuries when running
    Back by popular demand, YOrun and reFORM Studios bring you a Running Mechanics Clinic, designed to instruct on proper running form and mechanics. Join us Tuesday, Nov 13th at 7pm
    at the studio. This is a great introductory running clinic and seminar! We will answer your questions about everything from training plans to proper shoes, briefly observe your running form, and give you the personalized tips and advice you need to become a better runner. Whether you just decided to get off the couch and get moving but aren't sure where to start or how ....

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  • New at reFORM- Zumba Fitness!

    Zumba fitness classes now at reFORM Studios Personal Training!

    Classes start on select Monday and Wednesday nights at 6:30pm
    With the weather getting cooler, its time to heat things up
    with some great cardio dance fitness classes! We are introducing Zumba fitness classes
    at the studio, beginning in November! If you've never tried Zumba come experience the craze that blends latin and hip hop dance styles with fun music and lots of energy, for a great cardio and calorie burning session! Classes are an hour long, and are $5 to attend.
    We have classes scheduled the following days in November:
    Wednesday, Nov 7th, 6:30pm
    Monday, Nov 12th, 6:30pm
    Wednesday, Nov 14th, 6:30pm ....

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  • Rebecca - ReFORM School Week 3

    My workout with Tina on Wednesday wasn't my best. In fact, she just had me lifting weights and I had to keep breaking because I felt really nauseous during the entire workout. I thought for sure it was my Crohn's Disease acting up, but instead, it ended up being a horrible stomach bug. I lost 4 and a half pounds of water weight in one day from being sick, which was not fun at all! Luckily, I had a day of rest before I had to train with Tina again. I was still feeling icky, but went to work out anyway and was so glad I went and I don't feel like I wasted the week! As I was leaving, I saw all of the past ReFORM School participants celebrating the end of their 12 week programs. It was so ....

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  • Rebecca reFORM - week 2

    Rebecca recaps Week 2 of her reFORM School 12 Week training program
    When week 2 started, I was motivated because at the end of the week, my husband and I were going on vacation to the mountains!  I can tell that I am getting better than I was last week. During the first week, Tina had me try a plank, mountain climbers and a move where you "swing your feet" and I couldn't even do it!  This week? I did it!!! I was so surprised and proud of myself! Diet has still been a challenge for me.  I have a major sweet tooth, especially at night while I'm watching tv.  I've really tried to write everything down and that is helping.  A friend of mine does little mini exercises during the commercial ....

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  • Shelley completes reFORM School

    Shelley completes her 12 Week reFORM School Transformation

    She shares her reflections on the program and her experience
    "It feels amazing to finish out strong after 12 weeks of hard work. Who knew that working out 3 times a week versus twice a week would make such a difference. Katrina has really taught me how to push my body and challenge myself. With my strenuous workouts on top of training for a half marathon, I have really been working hard! At the same time, I have made sure to take care of my body through stretching after exercises, taking breaks from running when needed, and getting the alignment in my back checked out. Taking care of my body through this transformation has been ....

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  • Marie's reFORM School Reflections

    Marie's 12 week reFORM School Transformation is complete

    Marie reflects on the past 12 weeks
    "As my 12-week program came to an end I began to think about my exercise journey that started back in January. I have never made a New Year’s resolution before this year. I figured if I wasn’t going to follow through with it then why bother. This year was very different. When I rang in 2012 I had a New Year’s resolution in mind. I knew I wanted to get rid of my 3-year span of doing nothing. My weight was the worst of my life and I didn’t want to make excuses any longer. I made that New Year’s resolution and I kept it. I started with 30 straight days of exercise. I had to go to the gym, walk in the ....

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  • Rebecca reFORM - Week 1

    Rebecca recaps Week 1 of her reFORM School Program
    "I was so ready to get started with my first week at reFORM school with my personal trainer, Tina Arnold.  I officially started on Thursday, October 4th and I found my first week to be challenging and exciting. My first day was just an assessment of what I can already do, so Tina knew how in or out of shape I am. I have to say, when she told me to do a push up (no girlie push ups here), I nearly collapsed on the floor after doing about 7 "half" push ups.  I gave it all I had and didn't give up, but I had to keep reminding myself you have to start somewhere! The next morning, my arms, legs, abs, and butt were so sore, but I had to go in for ....

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  • Shelley completes Week 11 of reFORM School

    Shelley Completes Week 11, Heads for the HomeStretch
    "Lots of good things happened this week.  I got my dress back from the seamstress and it looks great! The pockets are gone and now there is just a smooth seam where there used to be bulge. I look so different in the dress now than when I started! I am down about 9 pounds and I definitely feel great. So great in fact that I went for my long run this week. It went very well! I did have a little soreness in my knee, but nothing some ice can’t fix! It’s so much better than my hip joint and knee pain that would last for days! I’m going to continue to work on my exercises and stretches to help my body adjust to long runs. I’m working my way ....

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  • This Week- The Myths of Female Hormones

    Join this week's seminar on the Myths of Female Hormones
    This Friday, October 19th at 6pm at the studio,
    local doctor and clinical nutritionist, Dr Stephanie Latter, will be providing us with an entertaining and informative class. This workshop will focus on educating you on the most common myths about female hormones and health ranging from menopause, to pregnancy, fibroids, and endometriosis as well as steps to ensure your female health and longevity. Great for women of any age, please join the seminar and discussion, and learn about female health on a variety of different topics. Your questions are also welcome. Seminar is FREE to attend
    , and will last approximately 1 hour. RSVP ....

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  • reFORM School - Meet Rebecca

    Meet Rebecca, reFORM School Participant
    Age: 30 Occupation:  Esthetician & Event Planner at Simply Smitten Events & Beauty Bar Goal:  To tone up all over, lose about 5lbs and look great in my bikini Goal Date:  December 22, 2012 I have always loved reading fitness and nutrition magazines, watching  shows about exercise and ordering the dvds you see on infomercials, but would never follow through with any of it.  I eat pretty well most of the time, but my motivation for exercising was seriously lacking.  I have been doing pilates one day a week for almost a year, but I knew that wouldn't be enough to get me in shape.  With a winter vacation looming in January, I knew I had ....

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  • Don't Miss Improv Friday Night!

    Improv Workshop Friday at 7pm

    Did you mark your calendars?
    This awesome fun event is tomorrow night, Friday October 12th! Have you ever wanted to try improv?
    Then come on out for an on-your-feet Friday night improv workshop! Elizabeth Beasley of DuMore Improv will teach you the 3 key rules of improvisation and show you fun, fresh ways to live in the moment, take risks and communicate better with everyone around you. Plus, it’s a heckuva good time! Cost is $10 to attend
    , everyone is welcome! RSVP on Facebook , or just show up!

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  • Marie looks beyond completing reFORM School

    Reaching a goal doesn't mean you have to quit

    Marie reassesses her progress and goals as her reFORM School program wraps up
    "As I’ve gotten closer to the end of the 12-week program I’ve realized I’m not done. So this past week I spent time thinking about my next goal, my next move, and what else I can do to further my progress. I would like to lose more inches and 11 pounds in the months leading up to 2013. As I see the numbers on the scale go down it makes me feel like I can go even further. My current goal of wearing my size 10 pants is just around the corner. I tried them on and the button works. My butt looks great in them. I need to lose about a quarter inch to half inch in the waist ....

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  • Shelley's Week 9 Recap

    Shelley progresses in spite of setbacks

    Shelley recounts week 9 of reFORM School
    "This week I have mentally really wanted to work out hard core, but my body had other plans. Last week after my long run I noticed that I was sore in my right hip joint for almost two days. I tried to rest it, work on some exercises/stretches to help, and wait a while before running again. I was able to do a couple short runs during the week, but on Saturday my body said "enough!" While attempting to run a 10 mile run on Saturday morning, I started having some pain in my hip joint that just kept getting worse. Since the pain prevented me from running, I decided that I should not go to the boot camp later ....

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  • Recipe of the Week- Pork with Cherry Chutney

    Try this great healthy recipe!
    We found this recipe courtesy of Fitness Magazine, and just tried it out- really delicious! Add a side of fresh asparagus or green beans, and its an amazing balanced meal.
    Pork with Cherry Chutney and Spiced Sweet Potatoes
    Preheat the broiler. Place one 3-ounce boneless pork chop on a foil-lined baking sheet and broil 12 minutes. Meanwhile, heat 2 teaspoons olive oil in a medium skillet over medium heat. Sauté 1 1/2 cups diced sweet potato, 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/8 teaspoon chili powder, and dash of salt 8 minutes. In a small saucepan, heat 1/2 cup frozen unsweetened tart cherries, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar, and 1/2 teaspoon grated ....

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  • October Referral-palooza!

    October Referral Perks offered
    Yes, its true, referrals are a business's best friend! So in preparation for the coming holiday season, we're getting a head start by giving thanks (and a whole bunch of perks and free sessions) to you and your friends! In October, we're giving everyone who you refer to us 1 Free Session
    with no strings attached. This is our way to give thanks for your trust in us, and give you props for being so generous that you'd like us to treat your friends to a free workout :) No sense keeping a good thing secret, right? For you- If you refer 10 friends to us this month, regardless of whether or not they come visit us, we'll thank you with a free e-book
    of some of ....

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  • October Events Calendar posted

    Our October Events Calendar is Booked!

    Check out our upcoming October Events
    So much going on! We hope you can join us for one of the following events:
    Weekday Bootcamps at 6pm (M,W in Mt.P and T,Th in N.Chas)
    FREE Saturday Bootcamps at 10am at the studio
    Monday, October 8th- reFORM School Winter Program launches
    Wednesday, October 10- Shop for Your Shape at 6:30pm
    Friday, October 12th- Improv Workshop at 7pm
    Friday, October 19th- Hormone Talk at 6pm
    Wednesday, October 24th- Healthy Potluck at 6:30pm
    Thursday, October 25th- Mixonian Institute Lunch and Learn, 11:30am
    Friday, October 26th- reFORM School Celebration for Shelley and Marie, 6:30pm
    Saturday October 27th- ....

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  • Now enrolling- Fall reFORM School Participants!

    Enroll in Fall Session of reFORM School

    our 12 week transformation personal training program
    For our reFORM Faithful, many of you have been following Shelley and Marie as they progress towards their goals these past few months. We all know time flies when you're having fun, and they are each nearing the completing of their programs! Not to spoil the results, but we wager each will have some amazing after photos to share in a few weeks wearing their goal clothing items! :D We will be celebrating their progress and successes in late October, but in the meantime... we're looking for a few people to start their own reFORM School transformations for Fall! Do you have a health or fitness ....

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  • Come join us for Improv!

    Join us for an Improv Night at the Studio!

    DuMore Improve is presenting an Improv for Everyday Life Workshop in October
    Have you ever wanted to try improv?
    Then come on out for an on-your-feet Friday night improv workshop! Elizabeth Beasley of DuMore Improv will teach you the 3 key rules of improvisation and show you fun, fresh ways to live in the moment, take risks and communicate better with everyone around you. Plus, it’s a heckuva good time! Cost is $10 to attend
    , everyone is welcome! The Improv Event is Friday, October 12th at 7pm
    here at the studio. Check out our Facebook event page to RSVP and ask any questions you may have! We'll see you here from some laughs! :D ....

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  • Shelley's Perpective on 1500 Calories

    Shelley Burns 15oo Calories in 1 day

    Shelley recounts the past week of reFORM School with some thoughts on perspective.
    [caption id="attachment_641" align="alignleft" width="150"] 1500 Calories this way...[/caption] "This past Saturday I conquered an 8 mile run! It feels so good knowing I have the energy to run 8 miles and still be able to physically move. Of course I was a little sore the next day, but that also could have been from the Hip Hop workout that I did later that day. That's right... two major workouts in one day! I must say it felt so good to burn over 1500 calories. That's about the same amount of calories in a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich with a medium fries, drink, and ....

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  • No fear of the mirror!

    No more fear of the mirror

    Marie recounts a new milestone in her reFORM School program.
    When it’s time to step on the scale I’m always thinking about the food changes I have made and how they better be worth it. I know deep down the changes have been worth it on many levels. I really have enjoyed some of the new foods I’ve tried, but I certainly miss some of my old favorites. I’ve had to move many foods from my ‘regular’ list to the ‘once in a blue moon’ list. I search for new recipes every Sunday for the following week. When I stepped on the scale at the end of week 9 I experienced a positive outcome. It read out 153.4. I haven’t seen that number in years! So far I have lost 15.6 pounds. ....

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  • Shelley gets close to her reFORM goal

    Shelley enters the last 4 weeks of reFORM School

    She reports on her goal progress towards week8
    [caption id="attachment_628" align="alignleft" width="166"] The Goal Dress[/caption] "This week was the first time I actually tried on my dress that I'm trying to fit into by the end of this challenge. I did not want to try it on too soon after starting my "workout makeover" because I didn't want to get discouraged. But I'm two months down and one more month to go, so I thought it would be worth a try. It looks great on me... ALMOST! It fits so well around my chest and waist. I can zip it up with no problem. The only area that I need to work on is the hip region because it's a little tight ....

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  • Healthy Potluck this Friday

    This Friday- Healthy Potluck and Recipe Exchange!

    Don't miss the next Healthy Eating Potluck at the studio
    Our resident Food Ambassador Madalyn is hosting another great Healthy Potluck and Recipe Exchange evening on Friday September 21st at 7pm!
    What: Healthy Eating/Farmers Market Potluck Where: reFORM Studios, 1081 East Montague, N. Charleston When: Friday, Sept 21st at 7pm Who: Everyone and anyone is welcome! Here's your chance to do a little research, prepare a great dish, and come with the printed recipe to share with everyone at the potluck! We encourage experimentation and use of any local produce or locally sourced food to be healthier and more sustainable, but this ....

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  • reFORM School Checks in with Marie

    Check in on Marie's reFORM School Progress!

    Marie makes some changes heading into the final 4 weeks
    "After looking at my dinner menu choices for week 8 I didn’t feel I would have any good leftovers for lunch. Some dinners make better leftovers than others. Seafood, mushrooms, and stuffed peppers don’t sound appealing reheated. I decided my new lunch could be a serious salad. I needed to consume less bread carbs. I needed a serious salad without all the bad stuff (cheese, fatty dressings, or more cheese). I ended up with mixed greens, cucumber, diced bell pepper, radishes, broccoli, red onion, carrots, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, and a homemade dressing. The freshness can’t be beat. ....

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  • Ladies, Shop for your Shape!

    Flatter Your Figure event

    Learn how to Shop for your Shape and discover your best styles
    Ladies, join us for a fun girls night in tonight, September 12th  at 6:30pm to learn how to Flatter your Figure and Shop for your Shape!
    Whether you have reached your goal or are just getting started, learning how to dress in a way that brings out the best aspects of your figure and makes you feel confident and comfortable is important! We’ll be using a designer sample clothing line to try on different silhouettes and discuss different body types and style strategies. There will be clothing items for sale, but we encourage you to leave your wallets at home and come to learn what to wear now and ....

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  • Marie bounces back in Week 5 of reFORM School

    In week 4 , Marie faced some tough challenges as her schedule completely changed when school started back up. We checked back in to see how she managed to combat some of these challenges in week 5 of her reFORM School transformation training program.
    Marie bounced back from the challenges of week 4 with a great week 5 of training
    "During week 5 I made it to the gym for cardio once, saw Katrina 4 times, and went for 2 long walks in my neighborhood. I was less grumpy, made sure to drink lots of water, and went to bed on time. The second week of being back to work was much more bearable. However, I did ask Katrina to ignore my exterior appearance because I was in fact very happy to be at the ....

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  • Shelley celebrates several wins in week 4

    Shelley celebrates small victories in Week 4 of reFORM School training
    "I have had some major wins this week!! I got two of my closest friends involved in the healthy potluck at reFORM Studios this past Friday. It was awesome to see how excited they were to come up with healthy dishes to bring to the potluck. They really enjoyed trying new and different foods that they probably never would have fixed themselves. I was a little hesitant to ask them at first just because it’s a big change to what we normally do when we get together. It just goes to show you that when you ask people to step out of their comfort zone to support you and your commitment to a healthy life, they will surprise ....

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  • Shelley celebrates several wins in week 4

    Shelley celebrates small victories in Week 4 of reFORM School training
    "I have had some major wins this week!! I got two of my closest friends involved in the healthy potluck at reFORM Studios this past Friday. It was awesome to see how excited they were to come up with healthy dishes to bring to the potluck. They really enjoyed trying new and different foods that they probably never would have fixed themselves. I was a little hesitant to ask them at first just because it’s a big change to what we normally do when we get together. It just goes to show you that when you ask people to step out of their comfort zone to support you and your commitment to a healthy life, they will surprise ....

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  • Share your Favorite Healthy Recipe!

    Bring a healthy dish to our Potluck this Friday
    Here's a chance for you to showcase your culinary inventiveness! Or if you're a novice but would love to experience new, healthy foods, bring something fresh and simple and take advantage of the recipe exchange! Our resident Food Ambassador Madalyn is hosting another great Healthy Potluck and Recipe Exchange evening on Friday August 24th at 7pm at the Studio!
    The big idea is to hit up your local farmers market or CSA, do a little research, prepare a great dish, and come with the printed recipe to share with everyone at the potluck! We encourage experimentation and use of any local produce or locally sourced food to be healthier and more ....

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  • reFORM checks in with Shelley

    Shelley comments on healthy lifestyle challenges of reFORMing in week 3
    This coming week will sum up the 4 week mark from when I started this transformation process. So far so good! Now that I am accustom to working out 3 days a week, I don't know what I would do without it. It's almost like "me" time that I don't get otherwise. I've started realizing that since I'm investing so much time and money into "me" and my body, even when I'm not working out I want to do healthy things. So before, I used to want to go out to eat a lot and go out for happy hour with the girls. These things were fun and enjoyable, but now I'm not so sure. I want to have control over what I'm putting in my body since ....

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  • reFORM checks in with Shelley

    Shelley comments on healthy lifestyle challenges of reFORMing in week 3
    This coming week will sum up the 4 week mark from when I started this transformation process. So far so good! Now that I am accustom to working out 3 days a week, I don't know what I would do without it. It's almost like "me" time that I don't get otherwise. I've started realizing that since I'm investing so much time and money into "me" and my body, even when I'm not working out I want to do healthy things. So before, I used to want to go out to eat a lot and go out for happy hour with the girls. These things were fun and enjoyable, but now I'm not so sure. I want to have control over what I'm putting in my body since ....

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  • Join us for a free Health Talk

    Join our Health Talk Saturday August 18th
    What: Health Talk and Informational Seminar When: Saturday August 18th, 11am Where: reFORM Studios in Park Circle, 1081 East Montague, Ste B, North Charleston, SC 29405 Come learn about the importance of the Human Nervous System and how a fully functional nervous system, free of interference, can make a difference in the health and wellness of you or anyone in your family. Come with an open mind to learn about a fundamentally different outlook on TRUE HEALTH. Feel free to bring family or friends who are suffering from pain or dysfunction, or anyone who is searching for more information on how to maintain the function, health, and wellness of ....

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  • Join us for a free Health Talk

    Join our Health Talk Saturday August 18th
    What: Health Talk and Informational Seminar When: Saturday August 18th, 11am Where: reFORM Studios in Park Circle, 1081 East Montague, Ste B, North Charleston, SC 29405 Come learn about the importance of the Human Nervous System and how a fully functional nervous system, free of interference, can make a difference in the health and wellness of you or anyone in your family. Come with an open mind to learn about a fundamentally different outlook on TRUE HEALTH. Feel free to bring family or friends who are suffering from pain or dysfunction, or anyone who is searching for more information on how to maintain the function, health, and wellness of ....

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  • reFORM School Update- Shelley's second week

    reFORM School Update from Shelley

    Shelley shares as she continues her progress in week 2 of reFORM School
    "Easy does it is my motto this week. Slowly but surely I am sticking with it! I have lost another pound this week and I'm so glad to be going in the right direction. It may not be a huge dramatic change, but it's a change no less. So many people want what the commercials offer... the "10 pounds in 2 weeks" promise. But everyone knows that those are not typical results. On top of that, it can create a rebound effect later down the road and actually make people gain more weight back. I am not completely satisfied with my body, but I am definitely doing something about it. I set small-term  ....

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  • reFORM School Update- Shelley's second week

    reFORM School Update from Shelley

    Shelley shares as she continues her progress in week 2 of reFORM School
    "Easy does it is my motto this week. Slowly but surely I am sticking with it! I have lost another pound this week and I'm so glad to be going in the right direction. It may not be a huge dramatic change, but it's a change no less. So many people want what the commercials offer... the "10 pounds in 2 weeks" promise. But everyone knows that those are not typical results. On top of that, it can create a rebound effect later down the road and actually make people gain more weight back. I am not completely satisfied with my body, but I am definitely doing something about it. I set small-term  ....

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  • Local Vendor Specials

    Take Advantage of these Local Business Deals
    If you missed out on the great Vendor Event last Friday night, have no fear- all the vendors who joined us are extending their offers to you this week through our website and Facebook!

     ShoreSmiles Teeth Whitening - Elizabeth Newman
    843.847.1442 The DEAL:
    Half Off Whitening Treatment! $150  
    Independent lia sophia Advisor & Unit Manager- Heike Burleigh
    843-822-9512 Facebook~ Heike's Pixie Bling & Zumba Fitness with Pixie Pinterest ~ Heike ....

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  • Local Vendor Specials

    Take Advantage of these Local Business Deals
    If you missed out on the great Vendor Event last Friday night, have no fear- all the vendors who joined us are extending their offers to you this week through our website and Facebook!

     ShoreSmiles Teeth Whitening - Elizabeth Newman
    843.847.1442 The DEAL:
    Half Off Whitening Treatment! $150  
    Independent lia sophia Advisor & Unit Manager- Heike Burleigh
    843-822-9512 Facebook~ Heike's Pixie Bling & Zumba Fitness with Pixie Pinterest ~ Heike ....

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  • reFORM School progress report

    reFORM School progress report

    Marie reports on progress noted in week 3 of reFORM School training
    "Week 3 went by fast.  I lost another inch around the hips and ¾ inch in the waist. Guess who can fit into her size 12 capri jeans today? That’s right, me! I can actually wear them in public now. I’m not sad to see my size 14 capri jeans disappear. I started to see the number on the scale go down more this past week. I haven’t seen 156 since… I don’t really know the answer to that. Katrina suggested I add green peppers, mushrooms, and onions to my eggs in the morning. It’s more like an omelet even though it’s certainly not shaped like one. I am in need of new work pants every school term so ....

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  • reFORM School progress report

    reFORM School progress report

    Marie reports on progress noted in week 3 of reFORM School training
    "Week 3 went by fast.  I lost another inch around the hips and ¾ inch in the waist. Guess who can fit into her size 12 capri jeans today? That’s right, me! I can actually wear them in public now. I’m not sad to see my size 14 capri jeans disappear. I started to see the number on the scale go down more this past week. I haven’t seen 156 since… I don’t really know the answer to that. Katrina suggested I add green peppers, mushrooms, and onions to my eggs in the morning. It’s more like an omelet even though it’s certainly not shaped like one. I am in need of new work pants every school term so ....

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  • New Bootcamp Workout Times!

    We're adding weekday bootcamp workouts at the studio!
    Yes fans, it's true- Bootcamps are starting up on weekdays at the studio this week! Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm
    for a great hour long bootcamp as part of our bootcamp training option! Our group bootcamp workouts are the best way to meet other people who are part of our reFORM Studios fitness community and form your own support network as you work towards your goals. Bootcamps are a total body workout designed for all fitness levels
    in a group setting. Many times these workouts will be outdoors, so you’ll always want to be prepared with a water bottle, hand towel, possibly a yoga mat, and a friend to share the experience ....

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  • Come on out to our Vendor Fair tonight!

    Vendor Fair featuring wellness products and fashion accessories in Park Circle
    We hope you're planning on joining us for a great event with 20 amazing vendors Friday from 5:30-8pm! Check out who's joining us:
    Jewelry and accessories: Lia Sophia, Stella & Dot, Park Lane, Jamberry Nails and Thirty-one
    Clothing: CAbi
    Wellness: Visalus, Juice Plus, Xocia healthy chocolate, Nature's Pearl, Avocare, It Works body wraps, Wildtree, Dr Randell Chiropractor, Maria Luisa Reiki Master, Snack Healthy, Healthy Home Foods, Bellies Babies & Beyond, SwissJust, ShoreSmiles Teeth Whitening
    and Just for Fun: Flip Flix Party Favors Plus we have free snacks and wine, and goodies and specials ....

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  • Come on out to our Vendor Fair tonight!

    Vendor Fair featuring wellness products and fashion accessories in Park Circle
    We hope you're planning on joining us for a great event with 20 amazing vendors Friday from 5:30-8pm! Check out who's joining us:
    Jewelry and accessories: Lia Sophia, Stella & Dot, Park Lane, Jamberry Nails and Thirty-one
    Clothing: CAbi
    Wellness: Visalus, Juice Plus, Xocia healthy chocolate, Nature's Pearl, Avocare, It Works body wraps, Wildtree, Dr Randell Chiropractor, Maria Luisa Reiki Master, Snack Healthy, Healthy Home Foods, Bellies Babies & Beyond, SwissJust, ShoreSmiles Teeth Whitening
    and Just for Fun: Flip Flix Party Favors Plus we have free snacks and wine, and goodies and specials ....

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  • Rachel reports on her reFORM School challenges

    For those who think the transformation achieved through personal training is easy or just for the super-human, check out what Rachel has to say about her real-world challenges and successes when trying to get active and change her lifestyle as part of reFORM School.
    Rachel give feedback on week 2 of her reFORM School program
    "I am thoroughly enjoying my workouts with Katrina. My memories of having a trainer in college while on the equestrian team are flooding back. I was in great shape in makes me know that I CAN be in good shape again. It may be harder now because I'm older and I've had children, but I loved having a trainer then and I am loving it now.  I am so happy to be ....

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  • Snag our GoCharleston Daily Deal!

    reFORM Studios is running a GoCharleston Deal!

    Special offer- Get 2 sessions for just $25!
    Here's your change to Get reFORMED with this personal training introductory offer! Come try us out for a few sessions with this great deal- no big commitments, no stress, no more excuses- just the chance you've been waiting for to jumpstart your own transformation! What have you got to lose?! Visit GoCharleston NOW to snag this deal before it expires! Then tell your friends! ....

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  • More reFORM School feedback- Shelley begins

    We wanted to share some more feedback on reFORM School participants who are just getting started on their 12 week transformation program. Read on to see what Shelley had to say about her first week of training!
    Shelley recaps Week 1 of reFORM School training
    "After my first week in the reFORM school challenge, the main word that comes to mind is SORE!
    My lats are sore, my abs are sore, my quads and hamstrings are sore, my arms are sore… and even my neck is sore! Who knew so many muscles could get such a wake up call in such little time? As annoying as it is to be sore with every move, it serves as a CONSTANT reminder of the hard work I have done thus far and the goal I have in mind. It’s ....

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  • Local Business Spotlight Today in Charleston!

    Katrina Cobb, Owner of reFORM Studios,  is featured locally
    Our very own Katrina is featured on a local blog from Go Charleston that spotlights local businesses and business owners. reFORM Studios is her brainchild, the result of her personal training experiences and adventures since moving to Charleston 2 years ago, and in collaboration with some of the lowcountry's best personal trainers, Tina and Madalyn. The studio opened its doors in June of 2012 and has been growing quickly ever since! Read more about Katrina and the new studio on the GoCharleston blog ! Go Charleston features daily deals and coupons as well, and will be running a special for reFORM Studios later this week.
    Be ....

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  • Local Business Spotlight Today in Charleston!

    Katrina Cobb, Owner of reFORM Studios,  is featured locally
    Our very own Katrina is featured on a local blog from Go Charleston that spotlights local businesses and business owners. reFORM Studios is her brainchild, the result of her personal training experiences and adventures since moving to Charleston 2 years ago, and in collaboration with some of the lowcountry's best personal trainers, Tina and Madalyn. The studio opened its doors in June of 2012 and has been growing quickly ever since! Read more about Katrina and the new studio on the GoCharleston blog ! Go Charleston features daily deals and coupons as well, and will be running a special for reFORM Studios later this week.
    Be ....

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  • reFORM School Check in- Marie Week 2

    Curious how some of the participants in our reFORM School 12 week training program are doing? Check our Marie's Week 2 recap!
    Marie's Week 2 Training Recap
    "Katrina and I briefly discussed the benefit of being self-aware during week two.  We were discussing why people might seek out a personal trainer. For me it has been a stubborn journey. I am the “I can do it myself” kind of gal in every aspect of life and if I need your help I’ll ask. I was raised with a sense of independence, but I think part of that so-called independence gets me in trouble sometimes. Once I decided to lose weight and joined a gym it took me six more months to realize I couldn’t do it on my own. I tried going to the ....

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  • August Vendor Fair

    Join us for our Vendor Fair!
    We're hosting the first of many great local business events at the studio! This Vendor Fair will feature businesses that offer products and services that make you look and feel fantastic, inside and out. Many of the vendors have a product designed to promote health, and a handful also have products designed to promote confidence- there you have it- benefits inside and out! Learn more about all our vendors by visiting the event page on Facebook. Come out and learn more about all these products and businesses at our Vendor Fair, Friday August 10th from 5:30pm- 8pm! Free to attend.

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  • Olympics at Bootcamp!

    The Olympics are Here!
    Well, actually the Olympics are technically in London, but this weekend the Olympics are here at the reFORM Studios BootCamp! Join us this Saturday August 4th, at 10am
    for a fun twist on our regular bootcamp Saturday morning group workouts! We are running an Olympics themed bootcamp
    , to get in the spirit of this international competition and the amazing athletes that are competing right now. We won't spoil the surprise, but come ready for some fun and maybe a little competition. As always, this bootcamp workout is free to all, just make sure to bring water, a towel or yoga mat, a friend, and a smile! Olympic event costumes optional ;) Find out more teasers by ....

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  • August Event Calendar!

    August Events Calendar
    Our August is shaping up to be a busy and exciting month at the studio! Check out all the fun events we have planned so far:
    Join us in august for these great events
    Stay tuned on our Facebook page and sign up for our email newsletter to get the latest details on our events. We're already planning
    Introductory Running Clinic with YOrun on the 9th, presented by Ben Yocum
    Vendor Fair at the studio on the 10th. Open to the public, email Tina to participate.
    Femfessionals of Charleston event on the 15th
    "What is Health" Free Seminar and chat on the 18th after bootcamp, presented by Dr. Randall Lindstrom
    Healthy Potluck and Recipe Exchange on the 24th here ....

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  • reFORM School transformations begin!

    School is in session! Welcome to reFORM School, a special 12 week interactive training program designed to help participants achieve a measurable goal in that time-frame and share their experiences while working towards their goal. We'll introduce  you to each of the participants, and let you follow their progress and cheer them on! Each participant is training at the studio 3 days a week for half an hour, following a cardio workout plan on their own, and working on healthy eating, and will be journaling their experiences with the program here on the website. They have chosen a specific goal, and will be tracking progress towards that goal weekly and monthly, with photos, measurements, ....

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  • Grand Opening Fun!

    Our Grand Opening was a great event, so many people came out to join the celebration, new and old friends and clients and the local community! The refreshments were flowing, artwork was a big hit, and music and flip flix souvenirs kept the celebration entertaining. Here's a pic or two of the fun, the rest can be seen in our Facebook album . Our raffle was great fun too! So many people won- check out the list! Winners of: Personal training sessions with Katrina: Lacie Bryant, Ronni Nelson Personal training sessions with Tina: Mike Bills, Jim Gulick Personal training sessions with Madalyn: Rebecca Johnson Tyler, Jerri Stoll YOrun Running Consultation: Lisa Pass, Morgan Serreno East ....

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  • Grand Opening Celebration!

    Our Doors Are Open- Let's Celebrate!
    Make plans to join us on Friday evening, July 20th,
    starting at 5pm until 8:30pm (or whenever the celebration dies down!) reFORM Studios in Park Circle is open for business and ready to celebrate with you! We have a fun grand opening party planned, including:
    Happy hour refreshments courtesy of Charleston Ice
    Music by DJ Mike Bills
    Flip-Flix flipbook fun party favors
    Win free training sessions , a massage with DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage, designer jewelry from Stella & Dot, and so much more with our raffle Come out and see our awesome space, meet the reFORM family, enjoy a spiked treat and have fun! Can't ....

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  • Grand Opening Celebration!

    Our Doors Are Open- Let's Celebrate!
    Make plans to join us on Friday evening, July 20th,
    starting at 5pm until 8:30pm (or whenever the celebration dies down!) reFORM Studios in Park Circle is open for business and ready to celebrate with you! We have a fun grand opening party planned, including:
    Happy hour refreshments courtesy of Charleston Ice
    Music by DJ Mike Bills
    Flip-Flix flipbook fun party favors
    Win free training sessions , a massage with DEFINED: Therapeutic Massage, designer jewelry from Stella & Dot, and so much more with our raffle Come out and see our awesome space, meet the reFORM family, enjoy a spiked treat and have fun! Can't ....

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  • Recipe of the Week- Spinach Fritatta Muffins

    We've had a number of you asking for quick but healthy breakfast options that still pack a god amount of protein so you stay full, we we asked our family and got a couple good suggestions! This recipe comes from Shelley, who modified a Weight Watchers recipe into something she could grab and go. She makes these fritattas in foil wrappers in a muffin tin for easy on the go breakfast! Give them a try. Spinach Fritatta Muffins 1, 12 ounce can evaporated milk 1/3 cup low fat cottage cheese 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (optional) 2 large eggs 3 large egg whites 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1, 10 ounce package frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry 1. Preheat oven to ....

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  • Recipe of the Week- Spinach Fritatta Muffins

    We've had a number of you asking for quick but healthy breakfast options that still pack a god amount of protein so you stay full, we we asked our family and got a couple good suggestions! This recipe comes from Shelley, who modified a Weight Watchers recipe into something she could grab and go. She makes these fritattas in foil wrappers in a muffin tin for easy on the go breakfast! Give them a try. Spinach Fritatta Muffins 1, 12 ounce can evaporated milk 1/3 cup low fat cottage cheese 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese (optional) 2 large eggs 3 large egg whites 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon black pepper 1, 10 ounce package frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry 1. Preheat oven to ....

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  • Have a Happy and Healthy 4th!

    Wishing yo u a great celebration this week, and some tips for staying healthy in the process! First, it's a scorcher here in the lowcountry and many other areas of the US, so take precautions so that you don't get overheated or dehydrated.
    Drink plenty of H20, especially if you will be partaking in any celebratory adult beverages. Alcohol dehydrates you further.
    Look for shade or indoor breaks, and wear breathable clothing to keep cool.
    If outdoors, plan on sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect skin and eyes from the impact of all day rays beating down during cookouts or pooltime. For other tips on having a healthy celebration, think about food and recipes! Many grilled ....

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  • Studio improvements

    We wanted to illustrate what our fundraiser on Indiegogo is working towards- check out our plans for the studio! Check our Facebook Page for the individual pics of the rooms we want to upgrade :) Keep visiting our campaign - every dollar gets us one step closer to adding features and functions for the community! ....

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  • Why we're GREAT

    Wondering what makes reFORM Studios so popular and the best place to come to to reform your body or level of fitness and health?
    We don't lock you into long term contracts.
    We know life happens, and we expect that the results you are getting and your satisfaction with our service and the supportive environment we create will keep you coming back.
    We're small, local, and nimble.
    We can adapt to your schedule, your needs, and even small group offerings for local organizations, businesses or schools. We want to be involved, and we have the flexibility to do so.
    We're personal.
    We believe that personal training should be exactly that- personal! You can call, text, comment on our ....

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  • We Need YOU!

    Help spread the word about our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo!
    Every share, every like, every contribution, every comment get us one step closer to offering more opportunities out of our new studio space! Check it out!!!
    We have until July 8th
    to reach our goals. ....

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  • Recipe of the week: Garlic Toasted Quinoa

    Garlic Toasted Quinoa
    Use this crunch, savory topping in place of croutons on any of your favorite salads. 1 tbsp. (15 mL) butter ¼ tsp. (1 mL) garlic salt (*I used garlic powder) ½ cup (125 mL) quinoa (*rinse quinoa to remove bitter outer coating, soak for 2-4 hours to remove outer coating and to be easily digested) Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Melt the butter in a small frying pan on medium heat and add the garlic salt. Remove from the heat and add the quinoa, tossing slightly to coat with butter. Spread the quinoa on a large baking sheet. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until the quinoa is toasted and fragrant (*I had to bake a little longer since I soaked mine ....

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  • Support Our Studio Campaign!

    Help make our vision for the new studio a reality!
    We have big visions for this new studio space, of becoming more than just a workout space- of being a venue and hub for community events, social gatherings, and healthy lifestyle education. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!
    We have launched a fundraising campaign on indiegogo to help make the studio everything it has the potential to be. Please visit our campaign
    , there are so many ways to help- earn perks, contribute, share, tweet, bog, like, follow, or comment- it all helps! If enough people get behind us we'll hit our goal by July 8th
    . Thanks! With your help, this we can FORM a fit community here! ....

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  • Playing around

    Who says workouts have to feel like work? Look how much fun you missed at our last bootcamp workout on Saturday morning in Park Circle! [caption id="attachment_226" align="aligncenter" width="982" caption="Playground workout!"] [/caption] [caption id="attachment_227" align="aligncenter" width="1000" caption="Core work on the swings!"] [/caption] When was the last time you played on a playground? For those of you that missed this last workout, don't worry- we have another great group bootcamp workout every Saturday morning at 10am! Free for all to attend, just bring water, a yoga mat, and a friend, and come ready for some fun with the team from reFORM Studios! We'll see you next ....

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  • New Location!

    reFORM Studios has a new home in historic Olde North Charleston! We just picked up the keys to a fantastic space right on East Montague in the revitalized downtown area of Olde North Charleston, just off from Park Circle. [caption id="attachment_214" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Our beautiful entry space"] [/caption] We will be getting the space ready the next few weeks, but have big plans for this location! In addition to a great workout space in a fun community, we will also be using the studio to host a variety of events- educational seminars, potlucks and evening events, social gatherings, and more! Stay tuned for an update this week on a great campaign we are ....

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  • Recipe of the Week- Spaghetti Squash- Spaghetti!

    Looking for a fun and healthy alternative to a traditional pasta dinner? Check out this Spaghetti Squash recipe with Italian sausage and tomato sauce! We had the chance to try this at our recent Food Revolution Day Potluck- delicious! Spaghetti Squash with Italian sausage and tomato sauce
    2 - Spaghetti squash 2 - Vidalia onions 2/3 lb - Italian sausage 2 Jars - Bertolli Organic Olive Oil, Basil, & Garlic Spaghetti Sauce 1/2 Tbsp - Crushed red pepper 2 tsp - minced garlic Olive oil To Prepare:
    Poke several holes in squash on all sides with a knife. Heat on high in microwave for 5 minutes, flip and cook for another 5 minutes. Repeat individually for each squash until knife ....

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  • Running Clinic Rave Review

    You've seen on our calendar by now that we are helping organize a series of Running Clinics by guest educator Coach Ben Yocum of YOrun . Our next event is this Thursday at 6:30pm. Read about the clinic details here , but in the meantime check out what one of the attendees had to say about our first event! "I thought I knew how to run...until I went to a running clinic with Ben. He taught me all about the new science of running technique, how to improve my run time, and he answered all of my questions, no matter how silly I thought they were. He was able to break down every aspect of running so I could understand how my body was reacting to how I run. I would highly recommend this clinic ....

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  • Bootcamps are ON!

    Our FREE Saturday group bootcamp workouts begin this Saturday!
    Join us on Saturday June 2nd at 10am in Park Circle, North Charleston for our first studio bootcamp workout! We'll be running a total body workout using body weight, curbs, benches, and our own creativity for a fun and challenging group workout for all levels and abilities. The workout will be approximately an hour long. We will adapt the exercises to respect abilities and injuries or physical concerns, so no fear- you can workout with us! What to bring: friends, water, yoga mat, towel, and clothing layers for outdoor fun! Make sure to eat a little breakfast an hour + before coming to workout. We'll see you and your ....

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  • Introductory Running Clinic offerings

    For those of you who can relate to this image, we have the solution- attend an Introductory Running Clinic offered by local expert and reFORM guest educator Ben Yocum of YOrun . The next clinic is: Thursday, June 7th at 6:30pm
    At Hampton Park in Charleston, meeting at the gazebo near the Cleveland St/Rutledge Ave intersection. Cost to attend is $20 This is a great introductory running clinic and seminar series! We will answer your questions about everything from training plans to proper shoes, briefly observe your running form, and give you the personalized tips and advice you need to become a better runner. Whether you just decided to get off the couch and get moving but ....

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  • Healthy Potluck Success

    Our recent Food Revolution Day Potluck was so much fun, we're going to make this kind of event a regular occurrence at the studio! Stay tuned for future dates and details, but here's what you missed and what you can expect the next round! Everyone had a lot of fun raiding the local farmers markets leading up to the event, and selecting some fresh ingredients to use in their dishes. Some of us got to try things we hadn't had a chance to taste or cook ourselves before! So we decided to turn these events into a recipe share opportunity! We asked everyone who brought a dish to send us their recipes, and will be featuring them on our website as Recipes of the Week in the coming weeks. Future ....

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  • Recipe of the week- Black Bean Cakes

    We're starting our recipe sharing with you! We will begin to share recipes from our own personal favorites, client experiments, and potluck recipe exchanges with you here on our site weekly. Today we want share a recipe from Kelly, because she has been raving about these ever since she tried them. Black Bean Cake Recipe
    2 cans black beans 1 onion cayenne pepper green pepper red pepper minced jalapenos minced garlic pam spray balsamic vinegar salsa 1. Cook and drain black beans. Place in large mixing bowl and mash with fork. 2. Saute Garlic, peppers and onion (with Pam) - add to beans and mix together 3. Add in cayenne, jalapenos and any other ingredients that you may like in there. ....

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  • Small changes, BIG difference!

    Inspired by Bob's video and transformation photos, another client who has been working with Katrina since January wanted to share her before and after photos and see them side by side- and what a difference there is in a short time! Beth sought out some help when her Navy uniform started to fit a bit too snug, and she didn't want to give in a buy a bigger one. A few months later, after training twice a week with Katrina and attending bootcamps and doing additional workouts on her own, and making some changes to her eating habits, look at these results!!! Its true- only 15 lbs on the scale, but in a couple months of work and following a program, Beth has toned up and shed body fat, and ....

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  • Age is nothing but a number

    Want to be inspired?
    It's never too late to decide to do something to change your lifestyle and become healthier and more active. Just look what happened when Bob met Katrina last year! (Actually his wife bought him a introductory training package, so he didn't have a choice!) Pretty incredible right! These days Bob works out 6 days a week on his own, is still firming up, and carries his before and after photos around in his wallet to show everyone and anyone. They have a hard time believing he's the same man in the first picture! Amazing work Bob! So... what's your excuse? Are you ready to take the first step towards changing YOUR life? Call us and we'll talk about getting you ....

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  • Great upcoming events!

    reFORM Studios has a busy season ahead- a lot of great events are coming up! To try and keep up with all the activity, we have added an Events page to our regular menu- check back often, we'll keep you updated! Events in the works: May 19th: Food Revolution Day Potluck
    May 26th: Running Form Clinic and Seminar
    June 2nd: Saturday Bootcamp Series begins!
    More great news and details to come- there's more heating up besides the weather at reFORM Studios! ....

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  • Kettlebells, Vitamin D and Fresh Air!

    It's a great season to work out in the park! [caption id="attachment_112" align="aligncenter" width="584" caption="Lauren mid-kettlebell swing"] [/caption] The mild weather and beautiful days have made working out in the park and outdoors so enjoyable as we prepare to open doors to a studio location this summer. It's amazing how much you can accomplish with a few pieces of equipment and your own body weight to work on toning and trimming down- Lauren lost 2 inches in her waist in the first 5 weeks of training! We're looking forward to starting up group bootcamp workouts and keeping you in the loop as we find a new home. In the meantime, our very own Tina is running evening bootcamps ....

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  • Lets Take It Outdoors!

    Hello all! What an amazing March we're having here in the low country! It has been so beautiful outside, we've been taking to the parks and playgrounds to get our workouts in the great outdoors. Fresh air, vitamin D, and a lot of creative workout options make for some great cross training and switching up your routine. Some of our favorite spaces to train so far are Hampton Park in Charleston, the Waterfront Park and Pier at the base of the Ravenel Bridge in Mt.Pleasant, and the playgrounds and YMCA sports complex up in Summerville. Stay tuned- coming soon we'll have some BootCamps on Folly Beach and start exploring more of the great outdoor spaces here in the Charleston region! ....

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